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How can vegetto end merged zamasu?


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11-10-2016 12:20 AM
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The power levels are close, Zamasu is at first slightly less powerful, he has three souls whereas vegetto has 2 but Goku Black is a Xicor of sorts, the issue is Zamasu’s unlimited regen.

They can’t seal him, they can’t depend on xeno’s help because they don’t know him that well. They could add trunks to the fusion because black is a fusee with three different Ki forms. So how do they do it?

Well, even without fusing they could charge blasts strong enough to obliterate stars into condensate stellar objects like nuetron stars, black holes, or white dwarfs with enough gravity to keep him from achieving a full in tact physical form and escape these states, but those techniques lack the range to reach distant stellar objects, and for the sake preserving future trunks world they wouldn’t bust the sun...but they could send zamasu deep enough into the sun to trap him by gravity forever unable to regen into a solid state.

That’s how they end this.



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