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Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko


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04-06-2013 10:56 PM
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Both of these are very cool

Shingeki no Kyon

Seriously this opening fucking rules... It starts off very powerful and sorta reminds me of Gintama openings and then gets to the business with amazing animation and timing with the song, what makes it even better that the anime itself lives up to the Openings own animation?

Naruto Shippuden

I don’t even watch this shit, I only read the Manga but this Opening fucking rules too, that part with Madara is very well animated and it looks freaking great while the action is going on and really gets you hyped, it’s nothing like that stiff shit you see in Fairy Tail that tries to hype the Natsu&Gajeel vs Sting&Rogue, no that shit was terrible

Anyway Naruto Shippuden anime has terrible animation 95% of the time while some of the most important and hyped up fights get good, smooth animations. Doesn’t matter to me because I won’t be watching Kage vs Madara because it was boring the first time I saw it.

This Opening on the other hand definitely hypes me up if I wasn’t reading the manga already


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04-07-2013 12:36 AM

attack on titan

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04-07-2013 06:09 PM
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yeah, attack on titan had a bad ass opening


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04-07-2013 06:38 PM
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Attack on Titan.



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