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Does anyone have the pages for when War World blew up in Sinestro Corps wars?


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05-22-2018 06:08 AM
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observer dude
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Comic wank is at it again. This time due to the Superboy Prime respect thread over at reddit, the people there actually think that

a) the explosion of War World is actually galaxy busting due to some random lantern saying and

b) that Superboy Prime was in the explosion that killed all of the Anti-Monitor’s forces and badly injured AM himself

this is there only evidence

I try telling them that’s evidence he was actually knocked out of the air and why he wasn’t around when his team blew up. I even pointed out that War World was thrown a pretty far distance where Prime got hit, so he couldn’t have land where his teammates were.

The argument now being presented is that Prime apparently has magnetic sticky skin and that he was stuck on War World as it was being spun and thrown.

I point out how idiotic this line of thinking is and that Prime wasn’t even actually touching War World and actually touching the lantern chains. So by the current train of idiocy, Prime should be stuck on the lantern chains. I don’t even know what line of idiocy their going on about now. I guess Prime magnetic sticky skin is now somehow pulling him off the chains, through the air and attaching him to War World.

Okay you know what? Does anyone have the pics of the whole sequence when War World was thrown then exploded? I read Sinestro Corps Wars to know Prime wasn’t in that explosion, but don’t have it on my computer as it was a paper book copy.

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