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Supersaiyan Rose x 20 Kaio-ken Zamasu (In Goku's body Immortal Fused) Vs Superman Prime One Million

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08-01-2018 05:03 PM
Trolls are everywhere

BOZ Raditz wrote:

Crayons wrote: SP0M solo since he got hax to rekt all goku version

this is by far the dumbest thing i’ve seen you posted. 80 percent of the so called feats for smpo are nothing more than just rumors or taking an comic scan complete out of proportion.
SPOM wank be debunked years

Superman prime one million not even multi galaxy lvl

the only versions superman to rekt all versions of goku is strange vistor and cosmic armor (which is not even superman but has his consciousness )

He’s not wrong though, I see DCAU Superman killing Goku with ease. You can scale him from his weaker versions some of which are universal and beyond. DCAU and any version stronger than that would stomp Goku.

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