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Super Shenron Vs Elder God Demonbane

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05-31-2016 10:18 AM
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God Doom
God Doom
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Terumi wrote: Damn I retract then, Shenron wins.



Better MVC

Fuji_Ren_Z wrote: Demonbane,Lord of Nightmares,Kawahara Sakuya,Kami Tenchi,Marduk,Choushin,Azathoth,Nyarlathotep,Othinus,Aiwass,H.Priest,Sai Akuto,and others can solo Marvel/DC together.But thatís overkill. Any DBZ,VHD,Hellsing,or Saint Seiya character can solo the comic book omniverse.

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09-09-2016 01:47 PM

EGD Super Shenron +1 Blinks Super shenron out of existence

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10-20-2019 03:09 PM
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Elder God Demonbane can destroy multiple multiverses by simply moving and it can even beat omnipotent beings, so in other words, it is beyond the concept of infinite power. It can also summon infinite versions of itself from other timelines, including from timelines that don’t even exist, and they all are omnipotent. Even if you say that you have a character that’s omnipotent, Demonbane will still beat it because that’s simply how it works.

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