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Street Fighter Vs Tekken

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09-13-2010 03:00 PM
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Street Fighter

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09-13-2010 03:10 PM
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Graviton wrote: Street Fighter

LOL at signature

Nobody form street fight verse could survive 10-20 C4


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09-14-2010 06:27 AM
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Heaven or Hell
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That doesn’t explain how he’s beating someone who’s strongest attacks breaks Ayer’s Rock and demolishes an island: Akuma.

Or someone with the same durability as him (Hachi), but with devastating hadoukens and speed on par with Loz from FF7 (Evil Ryu); it is likely Akuma has this speed as well.

Bison’s durability is also comparable to Heihachi. Add flight, teleportation, and possibly telekinetic powers and you get someone who’s above Hachi for the most part.


To be honest I’m not sure what falls under canon abilities and what doesn’t in Street Fighter, but what I know already is Heihachi is not beating Akuma, and would be hard-pressed to beat Evil Ryu. Everyone else who’s a top-tier (Bison, Gill, Seth, and...think that’s it) is a possibility though, but not a good one.

I was thinking what some matches should be like and here’s what I got:

Jin Kazama/Devil Jin VS Ryu/Evil Ryu: Even in both scenarios it’s hard to decide a winner, but in the latter I give the edge to DJ for telekinesis. Namco also published a picture with both of them in it for Tekken X Street Fighter:

My avatar is also art from Deviant Art on the subject ^^ (click on the picture, then maximize it if it’s minimized), but it has Ryu fighting Kazuya...makes a little sense since they were the original protagonists, but that’s not the case anymore. Jin is so much more like Ryu now whereas Kazuya is similar to Akuma. Heck the Jin/Kazuya and Ryu/Akuma relations resemble.

Kazuya Mishima/Devil Kazuya VS Akuma/Shin Akuma: Akuma has considerably more feats. However I’m inclined to believe Kazuya’s highest showing (wiping out Mishima Compound area in T4 ending) is comparable to Akuma’s feats, specifically the island one.

Heihachi Mishima VS M. Bison: Durability, fighting skill should be the same IMO. Heihachi took the famous blast and Bison, in one ending, took a bomb from a plane that destroyed a base. I’m inclined to believe he has Heihachi’s toughness. Bison having the other mentioned abilities puts him above.

Jinpachi Mishima/Devil Jinpachi VS Gouken: Normal forms stalemate until Jinpachi goes devil and ends it.

Azazel VS Seth: Saw the SFIV canon (I believe) anime and Seth is one tough mother-fucker, but nothing Azazel shouldn’t be unable to handle. Azazel’s also bigger and can levitate earth material and throw it at his opponent, either telekinetically or with wind, whichever one. Laser beam also scorches you, and can fly and teleport. Seth also has the yin-yang absorbing mechanism but doing this to Azazel will be tough due to the teleportation and sheer size.

Gill VS Ogre/True Ogre/Final DW Ogre: Ogre will be getting pwned for being featless in his Ogre and even True Ogre form (True Ogre form just has a fucking snake hand, fire breath and teleportation) but Ogre in Devil Within (DW) is by far the largest creature in the Tekken verse so far. It is about...30 feet. Has strong whirlwinds and more dense flames, and everything True Ogre was in Tekken 3.

See him @ 1:00

Hwoarang VS Ken: Ken wins this with effort. Ken’s basically Hwoarang except he treats his arms just as important as his legs, plus he has better showings anyway. The only thing Hwoarang has is being Jin’s rival and in one instance kicking at Devil Jin, but that imo isn’t telling shit.

Paul VS Guile: I could have put Paul against Ken due to the similarities, but this is basically what Namco matched up since they made a prototype Tekken X SF box art and had Guile matched with Paul, not to mention it’s even in my avatar! Anyway Paul wins this, though not without effort.

Bryan VS.......Charlie? I don’t know. It seemed Guile was the best matchup for Guile (character-wise, not power-wise) but Paul took him. Either way Bryan would win even with Charlie backing up Guile. The guy has durability almost rivaling Heihachi and M. Bison, as he takes exploding planes, tank shells, machine gun fire etc. to the face, and Paul even managed to stalemate him in a punch battle. This is why I believe Paul beats Guile btw.

Sagat VS.....: Actually I thought Heihachi was a good match char-wise, but that’s a fight Heihachi would win. Since he’s out I can’t think of anyone besides Bruce Irvin...who even Namco matched up with Adon, not Sagat. Sagat is pretty much left with no one to fight who’s like him, LOL. Sagat btw should beat Bruce.

Adon VS Bruce: Don’t know exactly what they’ve done.

King VS El Fuerte: Positive King wins this.

Zangief VS Marduk: Both wrestles go up a hundred or so feet in the air (refer to Marduk’s Tekken 5 ending on youtube, King also does the same in this same ending which is why I believe King > El Fuerte), plus the muscles are the same size as well as height so I’m inclined to believe Gief and Marduk are hurting each other about the same.

Fuck...just thought of JACK in Tekken as he was actually almost PERFECT for Guile!....but Guile’s stuck between Bryan and Paul as it is (funny...actually, because Paul and Bryan are the same ones shown fighting each other in the Tekken 6 I’ve said above).

Screw this I’m not going further with it. Tekken and SF has 40+ characters anyway so this isn’t ending right now. Maybe I’ll continue later.

As for all the female matchups, it doesn’t matter who turns out the winner. The result in each is I get a hard-on and possibly orgasms. In those scenarios I win.


Karas is Ryu Hayabusa on steroids.

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02-20-2019 02:45 AM
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