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Metroids vs Flood vs Headcrabs

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10-19-2011 05:40 AM

Metroids would own, no doubt about it. Metroids have the ability to quite literaly eat any opposing force. Contrary to some beliefs, an infectious organism is digestable.

Headcrabs for the most part seam to be subject to the same enviromental laws as anyone who lives on earth so they’re really screwed.

The flood may be able to cause replication of a metroid or revive it and aprehend it’s power but are subject to a generational laps in strength. Without question the metroid hull will gain awairness and destroy any flood tissue in it.

For a flood to infect a headcrab is quite pointless and a head crab seams to only be able to reanimate a flood victim or flood generated being.

Metroids are quite disobediant to the laws of gravity makeing it one of the most deadly preditors. If one where to recover a successfull new metroid mutant that can not be frozen from the bottle ship, the game would go right to Hell. To win that fight would cost a powerful x virous. A successful parasitic fusion and only a parasitic fusion will aprehend and asume power over the mutant metroid. It wouldn’t be hard to get the x to fight a metroid seeing as how they are natural enemies. None of these where bio experamentation gone wrong.

For the flood to successfuly infect and controll a metroid would be just about impossible. Though possible, the metroid has a greater chance of eating the flood infection. Since every creature has it’s particular genetic code and every genetic code is written in a pattern of chemicals, it can be absorbed by digestion.

For those of you who think metroid is gay, we know you can’t handle the awesomeness so just confess it instead of acusing an awesome series of being gay.

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03-10-2019 04:32 AM
German        boy


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