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Darth rivan and darth malus vs darth revan and darth malak


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08-15-2018 05:48 PM

here is who darth rivan and darth malus are

Darth Rivan was a Zelosian male who was a Sith Lord during the time of the New Sith Wars, having taken his Sith name from a corrupted Sith manuscript which identified Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith who was redeemed during the Jedi Civil War, as “Rivan.“[8]

darth rivan is the guy who created the force storm ability sidious fanboys love so much you
know the blackhole thing he could only use the ability with the darkstaff doe

he used the dark staff to time travel to darth banes time 300 years into he future into darth banes time but the darkstaff stripped him of the force and was easily killed the 300 years i beleive is a clear reffrence on how vitiate imprisonned and torturd revan for 300 years while his buddy scourge was rendered immortal by vitiate

rivan used force bonds to elimenate sith infighting

Eliminating insubordination amongst the Sith ranks became a mission of Rivan’s, and his creation of the battlelord would serve to Force bond a commander to his troops—if a soldier attempted to harm his/her commander, the intended wound would instead be inflicted upon the soldier

this is what the darkstaff does

Darth Rivan was known for being the wielder of the powerful artifact known as the Darkstaff, a semi-sentient weapon capable of draining Force-essence from a living being.

he did this
Darth Rivan also created the kaluthin grass to modify the planet’s landscape and atmosphere, and make it breathable. Although the kaluthin terraformed Almas to a gardenlike place, it could not remove the noxious local gases and Almas’s atmosphere would never be exactly pure

Rivan is chronologically the last known Darth before Darth Bane. Initially, Bane was believed to be the inventor of the title, as at that point, no earlier Sith Lords used it. It was later revealed that the title “Darth” originates in the Mandalorian Wars,

sidious and the other rue of two sith beleived revan created the title darth lols

this is a reffrence on how in kotor revan is confronted by the spirit of the first ever ruleing darklord of the sith ajutipaul who had been sleeping for thousands of years in the choose ypur own adventure game you have 3 options redeam him and claim his sword destroy him and claim his sword let him guid you with what he remembers about his sword and claim his sword. he also talks about the dark place were all his power cam from and apparently revan when there before he was renered memoryless

darth rivan had an apprentus named darsin darsin died from darth rivan darkside experiment but before he died he planned on betraying his andclaiming the name darth malus darth rivan after he died turned him into a slave force ghost

this is probly how darth sidious came into knowledge of him

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08-15-2018 05:56 PM




please remove 7s and spaces

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08-15-2018 06:10 PM

i was banned off comic vine for my anticks and mostly he fact that i beleived valkorian /vitiate would annilute sidious in seconed i will admit that reposting a locked thread was a bit much but but sidious fanboys going around to my other valkorian threads and start claiming me to be a troll then bannding me is not cool

just go here if you dont beleive me and watch/read all these valkorian feats

remove all 8s and spaces

htt8ps:// /forums8/battles-7/it-exist-once-more-valkorian-vs- 1966356/

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08-15-2018 06:13 PM

the only people on this site is probly pedophiles looking to prey on teenage girls :[

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08-15-2018 08:00 PM

if somebody brings up the time portal things that the mortis family apparently had in rebels remember darth revan and darth bane blitched son of mortis in cw tv serious but was cutout because of george lucas sith cant force ghost thing

the first son. groans i habe done what you ask

darth revan why do you weep like a child

the first son. you told me i would be free you told me all would be rigt

darth revan. and it is

the first son then why do i feel such pain

darth revan because you have not embraced your resentment

the first son who are you you must answer me this time

darth revan we are those who have come before we are the weilder of the darkside

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08-15-2018 09:16 PM

how do you post videos


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