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New series: The 100

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01-22-2015 01:36 AM
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Unimaginably Heterosexual Gentleman
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Snap wrote: What, are they stuck in the woods or something?

How about trying the pilot, butt-slut?


Gran Autismo wrote: I would die for the sake of this site.

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01-22-2015 02:14 AM
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Ozymandias wrote: ...

That was bad wording on my part; I apologize. I never intended to exclude naming Bellamy under the role of savior; however, my salient point is that Clarke is somewhat the greater one despite appearing somewhat the lesser.

He hasn’t, though. lol

Actually, he has; if the number of such exchanges hasn’t been equal, it would be because Clarke’s been raised to politesse (attributing Bellamy for saving them all, which she herself [and, for that matter, Bellamy himself] doesn’t want to be thanked for and thus Bellamy doesn’t verbally thank her for). But this is a digression without much relevance. tounge

The point is that Clarke isn’t thanked because much of what she does is evident in the actions of others; however, that doesn’t mean that she’s not the one to “clean up others' messes," as it were. The two of them are the only reasons everyone who is alive has not embraced quietus, and Bellamy is not more prominent in that regard even if he has been more direct.

He respects Clarke’s counsel and all, but he has never called her a savior or anything of the sort. No-one has. Even Clarke’s friends, like Jasper, look up at Bellamy for that sort of thing.

Clarke is the leader who keeps people civil and in camaraderie; Bellamy is the leader who makes them warriors. Each requires the other.

She’s the co-leader. Furthermore, Bellamy being the savior is my whole point.

I elaborated on what I meant above. In itself, though, the “true” leader would be Clarke due to what she entails in general, and that’s why I called her the leader.

I also mentioned how they’re both the “saviors," so to speak. ^^

He’s the only reason they’ve survived thus far. Not Ms. or Mr. Moderation (Clarke and Finn, respectively).

I would discuss the latter, but that would be another conversation and something to have discourse regarding in spoilers anyways.

As for Clarke, if she doesn’t remain moderate, who will keep them in check? Bellamy has to push for survival regardless of life (almost always his own), as the “militant” side; Clarke has to ensure they all retain their morals even as she needs to worry about survival, as the “civil” side.

In general, though, both characters are objectively good, well-written, and likable; there is no reason to have an argument about this topic, especially when they’re so closely related and even entwined in this sense.


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01-24-2015 07:46 AM
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Need to catch up with season 2.
Overall decent sci-fi show.


Also Android Tablet Hardcore Player.

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07-20-2015 08:13 PM

liked this, some clever plots and story arcs happening

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08-11-2016 02:43 PM
I am not a robot

I’ve seen it on Netflix it’s a good show.

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