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Most powerful being in Supernatural


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10-31-2016 04:02 PM

The most powerful and perhaps dangerous being in the Supernatural series has to be none other than The Darkness. Because before God,Death,Light and the Arch Angels there wasn’t nothing. There was Darkness A.K.A Amara. She’s a primordial Deity predating everything. God felt she was to dangerous so he created the Arch Angels to help defeat her in what’s called “The Terrible War”. The Angels even with the help from God( Amara’s little brother) they could barely defeat her. They only managed to defeat her because they tricked her. But when they did God Decided not to kill her in her weakened state but instead locked her away using the Mark Of Cain as a lock and Key which he gave to his most important general LUCIFER. But the Mark began revealing itself eventually corrupting Lucifer, causing Gods favorite Angel to rebel. Do God cast Lucifer out of heaven. Lucifer gave the Key to Cain who would eventually give it to Dean years later.

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12-11-2016 03:55 AM
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