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Anyone else sick of Adventure Time?


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03-05-2015 06:29 PM
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Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
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I’ve been watching the show since around 2011, but recently I noticed my interest fade in the show. This isn’t an issue with it just being over exposed, but rather the show has changed (in a pretty bad way). Personally, I feel the show went downhill when it started to add far more serious elements to it. I’m sorry, but the novelty of having the entire show be post-apocalyptic has worn off a while ago. The show originally worked so well because it created this ludicrous world with relateable characters. That all was lovely, but when they started adding massive backstories (dealing with fairly heavy issues) a lot of what made the show entertaining (notably the comedy) got stripped away. Interestingly enough I actually feel that regular show has handled its mixture of seriously and lighthearted tones far better (while still being far more relateable).

Maybe this has half to do with the fact that the fanbase annoys me and the show is generally over-exposed (its getting a theatrical movie for gods sake) but it is pretty upsetting seeing a show you used to enjoy this much. I just hope its popularity fades sooner than later before it ends up burrowing deeper into this ditch.


mai animu liste

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03-05-2015 06:33 PM
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honestly, that show never did appeal to me.

simply annoying from day 1.....

my older sis thought otherwise though, which is how i viewed it in the 1st place considering i totally don’t watch cartoon network.....just no...


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08-14-2015 01:30 PM
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Reclaiming what's lost
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I haven’t seen it for almost a year now.

I’d probably still watch it if I bothered to watch any TV, though.

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