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Name: Julian Alpha Granova


Last seen: 09-18-2016

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 02-03-2014

Posts: 1,459

Age: 17

Location: Dragonia

About: im someone in a dead website.

Hobbies: figuring out how to save this hellhole

Reputation: 23thumbs-up

Previously known as

sonicmariolink until 09-03-2014
Fireheart until 08-29-2015
HeartSoul until 04-21-2016

02-23-2015 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "Wrong. You need to beat three dungeons for the master sword. Biggeron sword is easy."

02-06-2015 from Mitt Romney
thumbs-side "Please. I'm not THAT SMART #humblebrag"

01-28-2015 from owo
thumbs-up "Such subtle rep whoring is worth a rep."

01-19-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Videogame fan :D"

01-19-2015 from King bo the sheep

01-16-2015 from -Shard-

01-14-2015 from Ryan Burns

12-10-2014 from Vance Prime

12-05-2014 from -Fantom-

12-05-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up "#Trufax."

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for colors of any kind:

my other forum profile:

100th post:

sonicmariolink wrote: About Sora vs Link vs Sonic vs Cloud... Link could take out Cloud and i donít know much about Sora (except that she is in Kingdom Hearts) but i think that Sonic could take her out then he would dash at Link, mess up on his run, and accidentally get lopped off by Link. or, if he had Caliburn,he would have a match to the death with Link, with either Sonic winning for his speed, or Link winning for his great skill in predictability patterns (which he doesnít have a predictable fighting pattern, so he would have an advantage.)

1000th post:

Fireheart wrote:

Infinity Flux wrote:

Flame Saber wrote: No.

Scared to find people who are bigger experts on Pokemon than you?

And Cid was saying it’s good too.

Most likely due to nostalgia to the point where he can not see the flaws of the game. I have yet to see you guys try to refute my points as to why it’s not shit.

>Frame rate is jumpy throughout the game
>It lowers even more in battle
>It crashes to single digits when 3D is on.
>Same shitty models that clip through the floor.
>Being an even more bare bones game than XY.
>No Battle Frontier
>No new megas
>No postgame
>No trumpets
>No boopboopboop sound when battle starts
>No Normal, Super or Hyper Ribbons
>Eating shit

Hoennbabbies smh

HG and SS solos all games.

how crazy are trainers?

cats reaction to super mario 3d world

Mario found the Loch Ness Monster!!!!!!!!

your civil rights at the pokemon universe:

does link really have the triforce of courage?

who got this wrong?

your reply here:

sakuri’s revenge:

how duck hunt got in smash 4:

Lord Xehanort wrote:

YuNarukami wrote:

Lord Xehanort wrote:

YuNarukami wrote:

Lord Xehanort wrote: Microsoft >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sony >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You Nintendfags and Segastans enjoy your kiddy consoles.

Sony? Ah yes, the company that fucks you over and constantly reminds you that it hates you at the same time.

And Microsoft, creator of the biggest joke ever in console history.

Good shit Ziku.

Better than playing a game about some fatass plumber or a game with the poster boy of furfaggotry.



from a boy’s “threat” to make another kid dissapear with the one ring:

-Sheko- wrote: lmao commenters

Three rings for the Sporty-kids, under the sky,

Seven for the Dirty-kids, in their boxes of sand,

Nine for the Obese-kids, dining on their cherry pie,

One for Aiden Steward to wear upon his hand

In the Land of Texas where the cattle lie.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the classroom bind them.
In the Land of Texas where the cattle lie.

Pocket Rocket (when revealed that sonic boom was revealed to be worst sonic selling game) wrote: “Let’s give this unproven little company with no experience the rights to handle our biggest IP."

Fireheart wrote:

another guest wrote:

KankerHomo wrote:

-Sheko- wrote: I would kinda love to see them take their little sledge hammers and get to work. Good luck faggots. lol

Nice set.

That’s the best set on MvC atm.

Congress are too busy sucking Netanyahoohoo’s shriveled up child raping penis. They’re not gonna bother with guys like ISIS. Iran is - afterall - an oh so massive threat to human existence and have killed far more than ISIS, Israel, the US, China, Russia, the UK, Germany put together!

“Lets attack Iran guys! They’re gonna nuke the world!"

“Do you have evidence for that sir?"

“here’s a diagram Israeli scientists spent months analyzing”


“we have a red line."

“its on the bomb.“

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