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About: Likes to debate. DBZ enthusiast, weapons enthusiast, commie, coffee addict, etc.

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(temporary copy and paste).

>I was only 9 years old
>Loved F-Zero so much
>Owned all the games and merchandise
>Every night I pray to Captain Falcon, thanking him for the life I’ve been given
>Falcon is love, I say. Falcon is life.
>My dad hears me and calls me a Farquaad, while praising Shrek.
>He was just jealous of my devotion to Captain Falcon
>I call him a neckbeard
>He slaps me and sends me to my room
>My face hurts, but it doesn’t matter, I have my Nintendo 64
>I smell onions
>It’s Shrek
>He whispers into my ear
>'Don’t worry, laddeh. It’ll soon be ogre'
>He puts me on my hands and knees with his giant ogre hands
>For what should I dream, where should I turn?
>Shows his eshrektion while nearing it to my asshole,
>How much longer can I remain pure?
>I’m so scared, shivering in fear of The Green One
>Even if I’m confused and hurt, on the other side of this horizon
>There’s the answer I can’t see yet.
>I hear The Meaning Of Truth come out of my computer, very quietly
>Suddenly, I feel a tremor, and the sonic boom of a thousand keyboards in the distance
>I see a blue object coming through the distance
>It’s Captain Falcon
>I’m so happy
>The Meaning Of Truth is now on full blast, coming from The Blue Falcon
>I’m hiding a shadow on the other side of my smile.
>He crashes through my bedroom wall at 700 mph, crushing the still-erect penis of the monster to be vaporized straight off
>He destroys the roof of The Blue Falcon in midair, jumping and caving Shrek’s skull in with a amazing Falcon Kick
>'Show me your moves', he says
>Smash Mouth begins playing
>Shrek begins lobbing Onionades and ogre cum at Captain Falcon
>He Raptor Boosts straight towards him, dodging the desperate attacks of the hued pedophile
>The green rapist is power-knee’d, while the Captain shouts 'Come On!'
>He throws him in the air, successively juggling him, then Falcon Dives him onto my broken bed
>He rips his cracked hide out, and reaches into his beating heart
>History trembles with unbearable anger
>He tears Shrek’s heart out, puts it into his bleeding, ripped off dickhole, and ties it to his neck
>Under Shrek’s clothes, was a black jumpsuit
>Black Shadow is Shrek
>Captain Falcon cracks his fists, pulsing with rage at the heinous act that was nearly committed
>Flames come out of his back
>My near-rapist is obliterated by Captain Falcon, with this song playing from his cruiser
>He piledives the charred remains into my Shrekfag dad’s room, decimating him as well
>The amalgamation of blasphemy is buried into the earth’s core by the Eaglelord
>Even if we turn to ash, even if the end comes tomorrow, search for your fever now!
>Captain Falcon surges through the other side, and back again, with no sign of the former swamp owner and racer
>He steps on my floor, covered in dust
>I am ready for him
>I get on the floor and spread my asscheeks for his Falcon Fingering
>He tells me there is no need for that
>He gets me up off the floor, and passes his helmet to me
>'Only he who surpasses the Falcon, may become the Falcon.'
>'You strong and fleeting ones, lead these hands of mine
>If there’s a place that can be called truth
>I don’t want to know ego any more than this
>So that an episode of destruction isn’t engraved
>Even if the sun carries the contradiction that’s too great to ignore
>It still shines on the path to the future
>And on that day, I found out what The Meaning Of Truth was.
>Captain Falcon is Truth, Captain Falcon is life.

Lucky 7 wrote: We should just all gather up and hunt down this greedy little fucker (while we wear a mask)

Kidnap him, put blindfolds on (so he doesn’t know where we are going), take him to the woods in the middle of nowhere (or some remote area where screams can’t be heard), beat the shit out of this kid’s ass, and tell him to give most of his donations to us, and then say “If you tell anyone about what happened today, you’re fuckin dead” to give this guy a scare.

After giving this guy a huge beating, he goes back into his home, all silent and scared hoping he isn’t followed by others.
And whenever someone asks about what happened to his face/body/etc., he will say he was in some fighting competition and got his ass beat.

Everyone, let’s gather up and torture this fucker.

Shinji Ikari wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Shinji Ikari wrote: >3D Women
Choose one


3D is pig disgusting

Shinji Ikari wrote:

Duck Butter wrote: I like Proto but I would never hang with him in public.

I mean the nigga likes to fuck toads whats up with that man.


Rarity wrote:

King Smiley wrote:

Rarity wrote:

King Smiley wrote:

Rarity wrote: Joseph scared that I can bench more than he can.

I’m terrified, Princess Muu.

Princesses are above Kings.

Only in fairytales.

My life is a Fairy Tale.

Snap wrote:

6Faggotus6Maximus6 wrote:

Snap wrote:

Anime18 wrote: anime does rock my socks xD

You’re such a nerd, bro.


Duck Butter wrote: Gumi can you stab me plz with a knife with a nice electric current going through it for extra pleasure

Agent. wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Agent. wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Agent. wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Agent. wrote:

Flame Saber wrote:

Agent. wrote:

Is your couple name Han Saber or Flame Solo?

Is that supposed to be funny?

I’m always serious.

Not cool, man.

Because I’m hot? wink

More along the lines of...well...
Being serious means you aren’t being serious.
When you’re not being serious, you’re being funny, joking around, and kidding people.
All that is fun.
But when people are serious, it’s much less fun.
Don’t be serious. smiley

Everything I say is for fun and srs bs

You know what BS stands for?

Bullshit :P

Yes, I know he wasn’t srs. :3

Bidder damois wrote:

Kaka Carrot Cake wrote:

Bidder damois wrote:

Kaka Carrot Cake wrote: I had an earache when I was lifting those tons, honest!

Maybe you had butt cancer. Cancer in the buttocks severely hinders your ability to lift.

That’s disgusting...

Your right, it is.

You see, the butt cancer digs into your butt cheeks. Tumors grow inside the butt cheeks, inflating them. Eventually, a little bump is on your buttocks. Then it grows, and grows. Infesting your inner butt. Then it goes inside your butthole, clogging your poop hole! Then the pain comes as you’re forced to force the poop out with your super saiyan ki. Then, as the remains of the poop are flushed down the toilet, you wipe your ass to find that it’s covered in blood. When butt cancer becomes too great, you need surgery. But in order to save your life, your entire ass needs to be cut off. Then, you’ll never be able to sit down on a chair without feeling pain...ever again.

Nothing too special to see here folks, nothing but a DBZtard, PG-13, I mean.

6/14/2014: Posts: 14,206
6/15/2014: Posts: 14,526
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8/03/2014: Posts: 20,000

and Cell didn’t even lie once during Cell saga , he even kept his words and didn’t destroy earth before Cell games , and he didn’t make hyperbole when he told Vegeta that he’d beat him once he reaches his perfect form , in fact I don’t recall any instance when a DBZ villain made hyperbole except the “fastest in the universe” BS in Ginyu force arc which was obvious hyperbole cuz we already knew beforehand that there was someone much stronger than him , that’s the real meaning of hyperbole , not like when Cell made such a statement at such a crucial point in the manga , Toriyama isn’t that stupid.

The Smoking Mirror wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote: @Tez. Oh boy...Tez...brace yourself... terms of reaction speed, for Vegeta’s, and Goku’s base forms, how fast do you put them at? Combat speed (they seem to faster fighting, than travelling).
Not to mention, I heard that the Potara Ear rings multiplied one’s power level by another beings power level. So...I’m gonna need a scan of that.

No idea, somewhere in the high hypersonic range i guess. I mean when they fight they seem to be breaking the sound barrier with each clash so there’s that. If it was anywhere near lightsped though I believe they’d be fighting all over the planet and there would be nuclear explosions that appear all at once do to the fission that would occur moving at those speeds.

Anime18 wrote:

King Harkinians Pingas wrote: Going out with Anime18. thanks i’d rather die....

no offense...

HeterophobicKid wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

Sakura Of Death wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

HeterophobicKid wrote: Lets gangbang sunny dee ick.

No Problem

We’ll harvest the energy generated from his sky-father level orgasms and transmute them into intergalactic dildos that are blackhole level+++

So they stand a chance against his bullshit.

Leave room for 3 of my red thumbs, actually, considering how much bullshit he spews there should be plenty of room.
Though we must give him credit for respecting nature, despite what it did to him.

His ass will never withstand the pressure of your bad-assery, it’s too broken, it was jealous from seeing how much more shit can come out of his mouth than his own ass.

Gallavant123 wrote: For future reference to be used by lolvsposters. Scroll/skip to the bottom if you want to see the yields, I highly suggest only reading the bold:

Total continental crustal volume is 7581 × 10^6 km^3 (including the volume of continental sediments on the ocean floor 160 × 10^6 km^3)

7581 × 10^6 = 7581000000 km^3
Volume of the moon = 21990000000 km^3
21990000000 / 7581000000 = 2.9

The entire continental crust, all the continents, would fit into the moon almost three times over. Not only does the moon have almost three times more volume, but the fact that it is a sphere makes it harder to destroy, in order to legitly destroy it an attack must overcome the sheer gravity of the sphere itself that’s holding it together

Energy required to pulverize the entire continental crust:

7581000000 cubic kilometers of rock = 7581000000000000000000000 cubic centimeters times 214.35 joules per every cubic centimeter, basically equivalent of firing a low caliber pistol bullet to every single pebble in the continental crust that’s half the width of a penny: 1624987350000000000000000000 Joules, which when converted to megatons is 388,381,297,800 megatons, or 338.38 petatons

Energy required to moon bust, or separate the rock in the moon with enough energy to prevent it from pulling itself back together via gravity:

The gravitational constant, approximately 6.67×10^−11 N·(m/kg)2 and denoted by letter G, is an empirical physical constant involved in the calculation(s) of gravitational force between two bodies. It usually appears in Sir Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation, and in Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

The mass of the moon is 73476730900000000000000 kilograms, the radius is 1737.4 kilometers, or 1737400 meters.

3 * (6.67*10^−11) * (73476730900000000000000^2)
5 * 1737400

3 * 0.0000000000667 * 73476730900000000000000^2
5 * 1737400


124358915621042937723034419247.15 Joules

29,722,494,170,000 Megatons

This has been calculated before on multiple sites but the energy to destroy the moon is 29.72 exatons.

That’s 29,720 petatons, almost as powerful as destroying all the continents 90 times over.

The smallest legit planet in our solar system is Mercury, which has a radius of 2440000 meters.

3 * (6.67*10^−11) * (328500000000000000000000^2)
5 * 2440000

3 * 0.0000000000667 * 328500000000000000000000^2


1769937805327868852459016393442.62295 Joules

So small planet level is 423,025,288,100,000 megatons, or 423 exatons

Meteor impact that caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs (not a calc in this thread): 0.1 Petatons
Australian continent pulverization: 15-17 Petatons
(estimated here:
Pulverize all continents: 338.38 petatons
Tectonic plate buster: Around the same level as destroying all the continents (maybe slightly higher)

(estimated here:
Destroy the moon: 29,720 petatons, or 29.7 exatons
Small planet buster: 423 exatons, about 14 moon busters

Earth buster (not a calc in this thread): 57300 exatons, 57.3 zettatons

BleachIsForPlebeians wrote: Naruto can’t be a manly show.

It’s a show for autism, fangirls or gay people.

The autism stems from all the superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the jutsus, colorful clothes, the whole ninja genre and everything about the Naruto world is a giant mess of mary-sue drives. It’s basically a fantasy land for teenagers who want to self-insert themselves into it. The whole revenge theme accompanied by how much they preach bullshit only makes the show even worst off for kids, who eat it right up with their pseudo “intellect."

It interests the fangirls because everyone is paired with everyone. Look at fanfiction, Naruto has the most. Why? It’s a show that can get a following just by shitty romance that isn’t done well and fans can wish for characters to come together. The love triangles, the teasings, it’s a soap opera on nonsense.

It panders to the homo’s because that’s a sub plot. A confused boy is desperately wanting the attention of another boy who has no interest in women. They have kissed on multiple occasions and have stared into each other eyes when fighting or getting in close. It’s a bunch of yaio hoo-ha that is a terrible subplot.

DBZ however just panders to Pre-teen boys who want a testosterone boost. The muscles, the yelling, the fight scenes all drive a pre-teen boy to want to fight and become jacks as them.

Case and point, DBZ is geared towards manly, while Naruto is geared towards the girls/homosexuals.

/End thread.

It was a peaceful summer morning in the world of Vs. Everyone was talking, and going about happily. The discussion of characters, and who would be the victor over the other, was commonplace, and a generally fun activity.

However, there were a multitude of “Spoil sports” roaming the lands. Vs was serious business to them, and whoever dared oppose their the full power of their flame throwers.

But a member known as PG-13, would shatter that notion. Having crossed the lands of the internet, searching for sites to devour, he came across MvC.

He looked upon it with sadistic eyes. He smiled.

“Ha, I see I’ve found another site to devour...with my Vs Faggotry!"

PG-13 proceeded to charge a text blast, gathering his very essence into it. His body strained as he tried to contain his sheer Vs Faggotry that was overflowing throughout his whole body.

Finally, once his feelings told him the moment was right, he launched the blast. It was hurled through the forums at MFTL speeds, with Planet Vaporizing levels of stupidity.

As it spread around like a poison, everyone was infected. They all coughed and wheezed and countered. But alas, the warnings, and attacks did nothing to destroy him. He countered with fail wank, and they fell down like cockroaches enduring the full force of a meteor.

As they fell, his eyes gazed on his latest victims. Smiling, he walked slowly towards them, fully expecting them to get back up and take on more.

He dashed towards the one closest to him as he struggled to get up.


The full force of the statement struck the member, as he realized his favorite verse was soloed. The sheer audacity he had to ruin the fun, was overwhelming. He charged forth arms outstretched.

“Fluttershy uses stare."
“Broly uses ki blast."
“Discord surviving says hi."
“Only animals being affected says hi."

After a wrathful exchange, the last of them was obliterated. He fell to the ground, at the wrath of his blasts.

“Now you know why I am the best!"

But his power was soon to be challenged. Across the lands came many a knights, in shining armor. Cliche indeed.

But alas, their efforts were futile, as their goal to drive him out, was not working.

PG-13 however, was not on the good side of things. With his rustle level over 1,000, caused by many beings with a troll level of 200, and a level of 0, he had to be a little cautious.

He stared at the knights that slowly walked away from him. Slowly walking towards them, he proceeded to analyze his latest opponent with his troll scouter.

“Hmmm, level 1 troll detected. Insult level, 1,000. Name, Agent Orange. This should be easy. I have a mental barricade state over 9,000. "

Little did he know this troll was all bark, but no bite. But bark overshadowed all his reasoning, as PG-13 fell at the hands of TFS Vegeta level screaming from Agent Orange.

“Grrrrr...must...use, last resort!"

As he gathered his fail logic energy and used fai-logi-amp x3, he prepared to launch a Failehameha.

Agent Orange gathered his own troll energy, along with the flames of disaster.

He charged it up. And so did PG-13.

As the energy proceeded to blow everything else away, Agent Orange launched his Agent Orange grenade, and PG-13, launched his Failehameha.

The Failehameha struck the Agent Orange grenade, and the sheer energy of these two power houses, was enough to combine and explode, shaking the very foundations of Vs.

As PG-13 recovered from the troll shock he realized Agent Orange was no where to be seen. But he knew he would come back. With his Jimmie Rustle level over 9,000, he would need a sleep-kai. The ultimate mental recovery, and rejuvenation, along with some coffee.

The other knights, weary, and shaken, had not survived, along with their ally. But with PG-13’s rustle level over 9000, he should be easy to drive away. PG-13 knew he could not survive, and had to get away at all costs.

He would come back with a sleep-kai, and proceed to fag up Vs another day.

As he was driven out with his rustle level now over 18,000. He then met a stranger on his way back to Vs Fag land while traversing the net with his pod of god...Gremmy. Gremmy was a skilled jimmy rustler, and managed to cause massive jimmy rustling with the most harmless of text blasts. He knew this great being would be a useful ally to him.

As he got back to Vs Fag land he demanded his coffee be given to him, along with a bed to sleep in. As he recovered through sleep, a mastermind over saw his recovery.

“Ah, PG-13, you were always too cocky when it came to your Vs Faggotry, for you own good. Now the trolling you have endured has ultimately rustled your jimmies beyond belief."

The being in the chair turned around, it was stupidity.

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn to be a great Vs Fag Elite one day. It’ll just take a bit of time."

Stupidity was ultimately worried that PG-13 would unlike legendary autistic super fag. A form not meant to be seen by mortal eyes, and something capable of devastating ones jimmies with utter ease.

Until then, everything would work out.

AIDB wrote:

Wahwah wrote: Creating a moon <<<<<<<<<<<<< Destroying one.


That’s retarded. Creating something displays equal if not more power than destroying it.

Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star wrote: It was a hot Summer day. Tired of their constant flame wars on the internet, Raniero and Tezcatlipoca decided to settle their differences like men. By meeting at a junkyard and fighting to the death. Now, Raniero didn’t know it, but Tez was a master at Muay Thai and Boxing. So when Ran attacked, naturally, he got his ass handed to him.

Slowly, but surely, all of Tez’s attacks were blowing off pieces of Ran’s clothing, until finally, Ran’s virgin bootyhole was exposed. Tez grinned. “My, my. What is this?" It was at that moment when lightning from the sky struck Tez. Raniero couldn’t believe his eyes. Tez was now wearing a Thor costume, complete with all of Thor’s accessories. Tez then whipped out his 20 foot penis, covered in electricity. Tez then bent Ran over. “Are you ready?"

Tez then plundered into Ran’s anus. Each thrust made Tez feel like he was in Asgard. “By Odin’s might! I have never felt an anus so tight!" Each thrust also made Raniero feel good. The electricity surging through his prostate. He thought he couldn’t take it anymore. But then, he remembered about his favorite female Animu character, Revy. He remembered how Ravy got buttraped. He remembered how he promised his Revy love pillow that he wouldn’t suffer her fate. That promise was now broken. Raniero was pissed.

At that moment, some thing snapped inside of Raniero’s head. Before Tez could finish, Ran grabbed Tez by his 20 footer and slammed him into the ground, causing the universe to shake.

Raniero said, “For too long you’ve molested the anus' of men. No more. It ends now." At that moment, Raniero revealed his very own 20 foot penis. Covered in ki. “Let me tell you something about us DBZ Fans. We’re the greatest. None of you bitch-ass faggots can handle us. We’re gods." Raniero began to power up. “As you’ve seen, my penis is 20 feet in my Base Form. Well, this is how big it gets when I transform. AAAAARRRRRGGGG!!!" Tez couldn’t believe his eyes. Raniero’s cock grew 50x it’s normal size. It was now at 1000 feet. “This is a Super Dick Level 1. But that’s not all." He powered up again. “And I can go beyond even that.AAAAARRRRRGGGG!!!” Raniero’s penis now grew again. This time it was multiplied by 2. Giving him a 2000 foot penis. “This is a Super Dick Level 2. AND. THIS. IS. WHEN. I. GO. BEYOND. EVEN. THAAAT!!! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” As he powered up, the entire multiverse began to implode. The last transformation is finished. Ran’s penis size multiplied again. This time, by 4. Giving him an 8000 foot penis. “Sorry for the wait. I’ve never used this transformation before. Anyways, this is a Super Dick Level 3."

Tez was terrified. “Now, shall we begin?" Tez gulped. Raniero smirked and then lunged his 8000 foot Super Dick inside of Tez’s asshole. The anal pounding continued for days. Each time Tez got tired, Ran gave him some ki to keep going. Tez had multiple orgasms, but Raniero hadn’t had one. Oh no. He was saving. It.

Finally, Ran reached his breaking point. “Tez, I’m gonna cum!" Tez’s eyes widened. “Please don’t! Please, spare me!" Raniero’s penis began to power up.

Ran: “"

Tez: “No...."

Ran “"

Tez: “No, no, no."



Tez didn’t get to finish. Ran’s Kamehamecock sent Tez flying at MFTL++++++++ speeds. Out-speeding even the Flash and Sonic. Tez was then wounded, floating in space, when the Kamehamecock finally exploded. Destroying 1213523 quadrillion Omniverses.

Tez said in a raspy, weak voice, “I’ll be baaaaack."

Raniero looked up into the sky, smiling. “I’ll be waiting."

Raniero then walked off into the sunset.

Bad Man wrote:

SonGokuIsHere wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

SonGokuIsHere wrote: Simple really, I’m the strongest being in fiction!

You lie! Broly is! His power is fucking MAXIMUM!

B-but I beat him twice already!

You never beat broly even once.
The first time he was going through deprivation of oxygen to the brain due to a trauma caused by seeing how weak you are first hand leading him to get into a coma. You slightly pushed him into a nice sleeping spot with that last poke.

The second time (bio-broly)
he was just a little drunk and technically wasn’t there

The other time (gohan)
he was sleep-walking.

He speaks the truth.

lord bills wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

lord bills wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote: Say hello to this, just because:
Haha your mother almost died and could potentially never have a functioning brain again, let alone ever even walk! Hahahahaha!" Well, not once, but twice, you have dissed someone’s mother.
And let’s see how Pocket Rocket views what you said in the rep you gave him:
I’d be willing to bet that if your mother had come within an inch of dying, you wouldn’t have typed what you did. Have you ever experienced that? Hm? Have you seen your own mother laying in an emergency room bed, foaming at the mouth because she can’t even swallow? With the doctors trying to call for a helicopter to take her to a better hospital, but the weather preventing that? Have you spent 7 hours in a waiting room, wondering if your own mother is alive or dead in the same building?"
Clearly he had a worse experience than me, and you are just making a joke about it acting like it’s a standard yo mama joke. And for the record, if you think this is over exaggeration, or a lie, then you need to get your brain checked.

kiss my ass

LMAO! You’re so gay man! You want me to kiss your ass? ME to kiss your ass? Someone’s desperate for loving, LOL!

Gumi posted the real picture of Kagami:

It’s Kagami looking in horror at an image of his empty head. LOL!

that was the wrong one, here is the real one gumi posted:

Bad Man wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote: Scream your ass off, take a shit, explode in a ball of green energy, and become buff as hell. Then you can fight them all off.

Ok i tried to scream my ass off
it wouldn’t fall off...
but no matter how hard i screamed it wouldn’t budge... like... at all
It stayed on my body... I managed to take a green ball of shit though
but i accidently flushed.
I’m already buff as hell so how can i become even buffer?

My 50 inch b0ner is quaking straight

Dude 1: Hey dude? That pudding you have?

dude 2: No...itís not pudding!

dude 1: CAN I HAVE SOME!

dude 2: You will puke if you have it.

dude 1: Why?

dude 2: I donít know, I just have a feeling you will.

dude 1: You are just being retarded little ol you, give me that pudding!

dude 1: *Eats the pudding.*


dude 2: Nothing, retardo!

dude 1: What is this? Crap?

dude 2: Yes...itís crap. AND YOU JUST ATE IT!

dude 1: YOU SON OF A BI-

dude 2: *Pulls out snowball.*


dude 1: WHOA! Donít fire that thing!

dude 2: I wonít...IF YOU GIVE ME YOUR BUTT!

dude 1: Thatís so gay!

dude 2: I DONíT GIVE A CRAP! Either give me your ass...or Iíll throw this at your tv!


dude 2: ehehehe! Once Iím done messing with your ass, Iíll brand you as my gay fiancee!

dude 1: Thatís for ladies, idiot!


dude 1: No you wonít! *Pulls out Snowball machine gun.*

dude 2: AAAHHH! Where did you get that?

dude 1: From my freezer! Thatís where I keep my half slushie, half ice snowballs, which are inside this beautiful baby!

dude 2: Baby? Itís in a baby?

dude 1: NO! Thatís what I call this sweet little thing.

dude 2: What thing?

dude 1: The snowball launcher. Now...give me your Mario games, your Kirby games, and your cod games, or I will...use this on your ass!


dude 1: Then I will BITE it! Then cut it off, and throw it in my freezer!

dude 2: THATíS SO GAY!


*One butt raping later.*

dude 2: Owww dude! Donít go so hard on my butt! Okay man...this calls for algebraic equations.

dude 1: WTF!?


dude 1: DOUBLE WTF!?

dude 2: Now...letís see here: Hot sexy pony, plus hot sexy pony, equals hot sexy pony sex.

dude 1: That wasnít very algebraic you know. It was pretty gross too!

dude 2: SHUT UP! Iím gonna eat a burger now, and solve the problem of burning weenie bars for atheistic reasons.

dude 1: Weenie bars? And what are you talking about?

dude 2: Yeah, itís chocolate bars in the shape of a weenie. Iím talking about the problem of burning weenie bars for atheistic reasons.

dude 1: Iím not gonna touch on this so called problem. Is it sausage weenie, or...human weenie?

dude 2: Human weenie.

dude 1: EW!

dude 2: I KNOW! Wanna suck on it? Itís tasty!

dude 1: HELL NO!

dude 2: Well...wanna go kill polar bears?

dude 1: Sure fin-what?

dude 2: Polar bears.

dude 1: WHY!? Polar bears are my favorite animal!

dude 2: Swords are MY favorite.


Angel: repent of your sin-

*Angel getís shot in the balls with a slushie snowball.*


dude 2: Thatís what I wanted!

Angel: Why are you so mean to me?


Angel: Are you satanís son.

dude 2: HELL NO! IíM AN ATHEIST! Plus, I donít believe in religious bull!

Angel: Why?

dude 2: CAUSE ITíS BULL!

Angel: Whatís bull?

dude 2: You retarded?

Angel: No...I just donít get out often.

dude 2: Okay then...allow me to introduce you to bull crap.

*Shows angel a turd.*

Angel: What is that?

dude 2: Bull crap.

Angel: UGH! No wonder your bro fainted!

dude 2: YEAH! I kind of needed him to I can rape him in his sleep!

dude 1: OH NO YOU DONíT!

*Launches slush ball at manís balls.*


dude 1: Yup, have a nice day!


dude 1: Here, use this giant flame thrower, it will unfreeze your balls:

*Uses flame thrower.*


dude 1: Yup...cause Iím an evil man willing to hang dem balls on my wall, and declare them victims of my awesomeness!

dude 2: You are NOT awesome.

dude 1: Yes I am.

dude 2: No.

dude 1: Yes.

dude 2: No.

dude 1: YES.

dude 2: NO.

dude 1: YES.

dude 2: N-

Angel: SHUT UP ALREADY! Give me a break for crying out loud.

dude 1: Donít cry out loud.


*Proceeds to just that.*

dude 1: Oh my gosh! Shut up! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!

dude 2: Just put some leaves in em!

dude 1: NO!

dude 2: Why not?

dude 1: Last time I did that, I accidentally put a spider in my ear!

dude 2: EW!

dude 1: Yeah, itís disgusting.

dude 2: Can I put some pimple pus on your bed?

dude 1: Whatís pimple pus?

dude 2: Gross stuff.

dude 1: Then no, why would you ask me that?

dude 2: Cause I already did it!



*Some raping later.*

dude 2: Hey? That actually felt good.

dude 1: Good...cause now Iím gonna use something more painful.

dude 2: Wait...what are you doing with that Sword?

dude 1: Nothing! Just sit tight and everything will be fine! (Ha! Now I can get him back for all those times heís changed my computerís background picture!)

*Painful time later.*



dude 1: NOOOOOOOOOOO! Iím too awesome to be called out on!

dude 2: No your not! You only have 19 reps, butthead!

dude 1: But Iím epic!

dude 2: No your not! You resemble poopoo!

dude 1: ...Real mature of you.

dude 2: *hides in shame.*

dude 1: SEE! Iím epic!

*Crowd chases after dude 1.*

dude 1: WHAT DID I SAY!

*Some time later on the computer.*

Thread title: ďpost here if you are a brony."

dude 2: You talking to m-

*Crowd throws tomato&#146;s.*

*Runs away.*

*Breaths heavily.*

dude 2: Should I make a joke about Nightmare Moon, Some users name, or the title of this dudeís thread?

dude 1: Why not both?

dude 2: Okay...what I do.

dude 1: Something.

dude 2: Alright, nightmare moon sucks, and bronies are awesome.

dude 1: Thatís not a joke.

dude 2: I donít care. I got to say something, deal with it.

dude 1: I will not.

dude 2: Then go away.

dude 1: No! You go away!

dude 2: Okay.

dude 1: Thanks.

*Some time later.*

dude 1: Hey! Should I post here?

dude 2: Itís a trap, you will just get berated by gays!

dude 1: Donít straight people usually do that?

dude 2: Yeah...but they are just lying.

dude 1: Are you sure?

dude 2: No.

dude 1: Why did you say it then?

dude 2: Because I wanted to.

dude 1: Why is it that everything you do is ultimately pointless?

dude 2: Cause...Iím captain pointless.

dude 1: Why?

dude 2: Cause...

dude 1: That doesnít answer my question.

dude 2: It does, just not the answer you want.

dude 1: Okay? What I want is an actual explanation.

dude 2: Iím not giving it to you.

dude 1: Why?

dude 2: Cause Iím fapping right now! GO AWAY!

dude 1: EW! What are you fapping to?

dude 2: A picture of NM.

dude 1: WTF!?



dude 2: Not as gross as THIS:

*Shows scary picture.*

dude 1: *Faints.*

dude 2: Oops? Now what do I do?

Angel: Ask God for forgiveness!

dude 2: No, you look like you are made out of paper, and you donít look elegant at all! Plus, me and my bro are...ATHEISTS!? DUN, DUN, DUUUN!

Angel: Thatís not dramatic at all!

dude 2: I can make it out to be dramatic!

Angel: Why?


Angel: You are retarded.

dude 2: Yes, yes I am!


dude 2: Cause the mighty hands of a human being wanted to make a pointless post.

Crowd: You are stupid! Shut up already.

dude 2: Kay. *sad face.*

Crowd: You didnít shut up!


dude 1: No your not!

dude 2: Your back!

dude 1: I donít care about you! You made me faint, that picture is worse than you fapping to a picture of nm. Why did you fap to her anyways?

dude 2: Cause the OP of the topic is named Nightmare Moon.

dude 1: So that somehow reminded you she exists?

dude 2: She doesnít exist!

dude 1: I know, as in, her fanart.

dude 2: She has fanart?


dude 2: Oh? I thought those creepy pictures were my mom!

dude 1: Are you the annoying orange?

dude 2: YES!

dude 1: *Facepalm.*

dude 2: What? Iím just balls on the walls crazy retarded and random!

Crowd: WE KNOW!


*Crowd starts chasing the bros.*

dude 1 and dude 2: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

*Some time later in a hotel.*

dude 1: Okay? Hey dude! Wanna do an interview?

dude 2: Sure.

dude 1: Since someone said atheist, mister A-A-A-ATHEIST, Tell me, Why do you hate God?

dude 2: I donít hate God, okay, maybe I do, I just donít like the fact he has a giant butthole.

dude 1: You crapping me?

dude 2: YES! As if I wasnít?

dude 1: *Sigh.* You have some terrible jokes.

dude 2: They are not jokes, just products of retardation.

dude 1: straight to the point eh?

dude 2: I am too awesome not to act stupid, cause I am a fedoratheist!

dude 1: So you are bigoted moron who thinks he is morally superior?

dude 2: No, I just think the name is awesome!

dude 1: Yo man? Donít you think you are getting a little...too off topic?

dude 2: Fine. We think that Satan is just as mythological as god!

dude 1: No, thatís not what we are talking about.

dude 2: OOHH? You in is this actual, real, effective, laugh fuel?

dude 1: Yeah.

dude 2: IT IS! We rest our case!

dude 1: That wasnít a case, just opinion.

dude 2: Okay...we think this whole thing is just coincidental, and hilariously awesome cause of someones fat cake of awesomeness.

dude 1: Really?

*Dude 2 puts on M bison hat.* YES, YES!

dude 1: You are weird.

dude 2: I know!

dude 1: Why?

dude 2: Cause when I am an atheist...I am an atheist.

Dude 1: Donít you think you sound weird to the crowd?

dude 2: Yeah...I just donít care. Anyways, I am gonna laugh by butt off at the laugh fuel, that is, YOU:


dude 1: Oh god help me!


God Crusher wrote: umadbro

molestia is omnipotent

kirby can suck a dick

When God Crusher, became God Crapper!

PG13 wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote: I don’t have a game set.

Lemme come use yours.

Just buy a ps2, it has some of the best games out there, and plenty of humans to kill on them!

No come fuck me.

lmfao, I’m paging this

Lord Edgar.. wrote:


Knight 0f Steel wrote: All I know is I want to take a gal for a ride.

Nobody cares.

I’m only replying for the sake of shutting you up.


Renna wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote: True story bro.

Renna wrote:

Mu wrote: Give Badman a Kirby waifu.


Message from Bad Man (Sent to: Renna)

LOLStomp wrote: Bad Man asked me to PM you, he asks for you to give him a kirby waifu.

I want a kirby waifu (Sent to: Renna)

Bad Man wrote: Give me one pl0x

This is getting scary.

Quality Natsu wrote:

Leader of the Dark Side.
Has powerful hypnotism abilities; approach with caution.
Known to specifically target fans of the Anime/Manga series known as Dragon Ball.
Will attempt to escape when confronted, do not allow out of your sight.

Quality Natsu wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote: How to ruin a thread: Goku...

That’s not how you do it. You gotta:

Wut but that can not be true, according to the people here on MVC Goku is more famous than Mario, Pac Man, Batman, Spider Man, Superman, Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Harry Potter, Santa Claus, and Jesus H Christ combined!!!!! Surely he will be able to keep Funimation the richest company in the west forever and ever so that they can license all the anime they want and it does not matter if none of them make any profits since dbz is the most popular work of fiction ever!

Gay Lord wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Diable Jambe wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Gay Lord wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Gay Lord wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Gay Lord wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Gay Lord wrote:

The Ancient Apocalypse wrote: It’s not a disease by any stretch of the definition. It’s called a genetic dead end and one that doesn’t even technically fit that definition anymore because of recent advances in medical technology concerning procreation.

not geentic disease mental and spiratual one! corrupts society.

advances rike wat? gene therapu? croning? hahaha!

not even 1% sucessful

croning not work b/c terimors age alzo


ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Gay Lord wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Gay Lord wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Zeed wrote:

Gay Lord wrote: OP you’re righ.

god hates fag 4 a reasun.


Why doesn’t he use his super omni powers to fix them then? ¬¬

Because he is a legit retard. Fact.

Spiral Haki wrote:

Zeed wrote:

Gay Lord wrote: OP you’re righ.

god hates fag 4 a reasun.


Why doesn’t he use his super omni powers to fix them then? ¬¬

that’s a silly question fairy tale characters aren’t real.

i freel srry 4 buth of u. Hell is pretty hawt ya no?

Hell Hath No Fury.

nope rong! hell hav very much furry!

dnt be an r/atheist

Hell Hath No Fury. IIRC, you’re physical body does not follow you into heaven, aka, the afterlife(s). Pain is purely physical. So I wouldn’t feel very much in the afterlife. It’d just be me sitting around...bored.

your soul feel pain 2. uu rly dumb no be mean 2 b rude.
heil makes ur soul feel pain 4 ever ur physicar body is not needed bresides gawd cna just ressurect ur body burn it over and over again. ot a problem.

stop sinning and turn brack to the light b4 its 2 late.

Once you make grammatically correct sentences, I might be able to not only understand you, but you take your posts seriously as well.

Concession accepted.

I haven’t even made a concession. Say that when I don’t post in about...a few hours.

u made excruses to not respronding 2 mah ilegitimate post and try short change subject.

yeah 'concession accept' smiley

how aboot u answer my orignina prost.

My soul feels pain?

yes u haven’t read the gospel yet?
tsk tsk. wat u doin man get 2 it righ nao.

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote: Explain pain killers then. They eliminate pain. There is also things that can make people less depressed. To be precise, that means we can remedy negative emotions as well. Or, to be simple, we can control ones emotional behavior. Experiencing pain through loss is our emotions being in turmoil. So, we can manipulate those emotions, and probably get rid of them, even temporarily. So, both pains can be eliminated. Since pain killers get rid of pain, and we have a soul which can apparently feel pain, there is a multitude of conclusions.

tht is all aboot physical body. and u wnt have pain killers wit u wen ur dead silly. Only pain activators. god can make soul haver spiritual nervous system or sumthin far beyund our imagination. dunt be a sinner.

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote: 1. We don’t have a soul.
2. Your soul does not feel pain.
3. Your soul experiences physical pain.

1. we do hav a soul proof we dont?
2. then u r a very big sinner if ur soul not feel pain wen u look at naughty stuff wen no 1 else wit u. but god always wit u watching, staring, whispering, urging, etc. very dumb to post tht of u
3. spiritual pain. i siad tht furst time cant u forrow? but spiritual pain tht much worse than physical pain. gospels r onry expraining what the pain be similar 2.

simple metaphor but you r/atheist so u no understand.

btw profile updated.

Learn proper grammar please. Anyways, I will attempt to understand this alien, plunge into the shit bag I go.

Proof our soul doesn’t feel physical pain? Well, proof the soul even exists?

Proof the soul exists?

Proof the soul exists to experience emotional pain?

Proof God created or would create such a thing?

Proof god didn’t create such a thing cool

@ Gaylord. His trippin ass left Atalanta and went to Detroit.

The burden of proof lies on him. He made the claim.

no tht not how it work u made claim tht soul does not exist u made a negative pro claim u have to prove ur stance. my position is a double positive i dunt need to prove it especially wen it is backed by word of god, logi, science, and math.

He’s arguing about religion, yet can’t even spell a single proper sentence which is 5-10+ words long.

Quality Natsu wrote:

Bloodedge wrote: Can I ask why thread necroing is considered bad?

People don’t like to see how stupid their posts were back then.

Nena wrote:

Hell Hath No Fury wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote: What’s up with your attitude?

Dislikes casuals. Just like me.

Nena wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Hell Hath No Fury wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Dead weight.

What the fuck is up with this discrimination against “casuals”? People are treating them like Nazi’s or something. I’m dead serious!

Casuals are people who do not dedicate themselves to something.
So they have lower standards and have less knowledge about said hobby.
So when they infest a fanbase...say for video games, you get Call of Duty being one of the best selling games of all time, and then everything starts to get watered down and dumb, because casuals are such low standards they don’t need to try nearly as hard thus bring industry growth to a stand still or even going fucking bacwards.

Casuals are the worst thing to happen to any sort of hobby.
They’re usually opinionated and obnoxious as fuck, while knowing absolutely nothing.

Nena wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Hell Hath No Fury wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

People don’t need to dedicate themselves to a hobby.

This is why people hate casuals. reminds me of that scene in Robot and Monster. When Monster said he was an inventor because he made a stick with a fork. Robot accurately pointed out that he’s been inventing his whole life and Monster just comes with a stick on a fork.

People hate casuals...because they won’t dedicate themselves to a hobby they have adopted? Sounds similar to Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union...honestly.

As I said before, when you don’t do it, it lowers the quality of the products and stunts growth.
We were in such an amazing place before with video games, and now we hit the infamous “everything needs to be easily/simple and have multiplayer” Thanks to casuals

Nena wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

Hell Hath No Fury wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:
People hate casuals...because they won’t dedicate themselves to a hobby they have adopted? Sounds similar to Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union...honestly.

Godwins law, j-just cut it out kay.

Godwins law? Don’t bring that shit up, kay? You dislike casuals because they don’t adopt your hobby...right?

I dislike it cause they SORTA adopt my hobby, and do it half assed and poorly.

Nigga can you even fucking read?

Hell Hath No Fury wrote:

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:
Godwins law? Don’t bring that shit up, kay? You dislike casuals because they don’t adopt your hobby...right?

I hate poseurs because they reduce the quality of any sub-culture. Look what happened to rap when it became mainstream? Samething that’s happening to games.

Nena wrote: Casuals lack passion.
Casuals lack dedication.

If everyone was a casual we wouldn’t have advanced anywhere in medicine, science, or the arts.
“Lel u spend all that time studying the stars, get a life nerd :^)"

They accept lower quality products, and as a result increase the production rate of sub-par products.

Casuals offer absolutely nothing to the world in any shape or form, they’re too insecure in their obsession to be social and “have a life” or defend the fact that they have one.

But luckily, because of this they are no more than a passing trend, most will get bored of the hobby they’re ruining once it stops be in style and the cool thing.

Then the repairs can start to begin once again, and the people with passion, skill and knowledge of the hobby can change it for the better and we can advance in another aspect of our society.

This is only half of it...don’t get me started on the rest.

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