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Name: Deus Ex Nihilo


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The Smoking Mirror wrote:
Ophanim wrote:
The Smoking Mirror wrote:
Ophanim wrote:
The Smoking Mirror wrote:
Ophanim wrote:
The Smoking Mirror wrote:
Ophanim wrote:
The Smoking Mirror wrote:
Ophanim wrote:
Interesting, i knew that picture was bullshit. But i had seen people use it as proof so what the hell try the luck but it doesn’t matter. interview already seals the deal

Monji shut up, Go debate yourself
There was no interview. And the source material itself is more important than the guidebook.

Unless you think Vegeta is stronger than Gotenks.

What are you trying to get at little boy, be clear with your examples so i can correct the bullshit you are saying

The daizenshuu had Vegeta stronger than Gotenks, idiot. NEVER put the guidebooks over the source material itself, Bills was said to be able to quickly destroy a solar system and if you want to assume it’s “casual” then at best he is probably Multi-Solar to Star system.

Which Vegeta and Which gotenks from which Buu saga or BOG

And do not tell me how to Debate on DBZ cunt, When you have a clue on it you can start correcting people debating for it. otherwise shut up and explain the point further
It was obviously from the Buu saga idiot, they had Vegeta’s power level higher than Gotenks.

I wouldn’t if you would stop using non-canon sources like an idiot.

Non-Canon sources, What the fuck does non-canon sources got to do with a canon movie. What They only concentrate on Non-canon you would assume

Really good logic idiot. In Anime yes Vegeta > Gotenks in the fillers. Has nothing to do with BOG or the guides they give on it. Especially if the guide is from someone who was with AT when making the movie

Enjoy nitpicking moments to finds way to make your stupid point have a meaning
God you’re just too thick to get it don’t you?

It doesn’t matter, no actually Gotenks is WAY stronger than Vegeta and you can’t scale non-canon shit to the source material itself because it contradicts how strong they are ACTUALLY portried. It’s like “HURR DURR BULMA IS PLANET+ SINCE SHE CAN HURT GOKU WITH A SLAP." stop being an idiot.

The non-canon sources I’m talking about are the guidebooks which CONTRADICT shit actually shown and said in the movie, by your definition of canon if I drew Krillin destroying a megaverse an AT saw it and was like “hey man that looks cool” that would be canon.

Its non-canon, Its not meant to be Mixed with canon, hence the NON in it. Really and you are trying to correct me on DBZ and yet you are one stupid motherfucker to compare canon to non-canon.

Its not non-canon, Who says they are non-canon. Doesn’t mean it confirms fillers it only meant for non-canon. Really that looks cool -.- Yeah you need to stop posting right now.

Oh so you think your opinion > The guy who made the movie with AT

You are really something you know that
LMAO are you reading the shit you’re saying? I’m not the one comparing non-canon to canon YOU are you retard lol.

Like how you said since vegito was able to hurt Buuhan that his punch was universal+ scaling from the anime which you can’t do because in the actual continuity he is NOWHERE near that level of power.

By your logic if Buuhan was ran over by Bulma’s car and at least managed to stun him and in the filler he was crushing those dimensions then Bulma’s car would be Universe+ going by YOUR stupid ass criteria.

I am comparing canon to non-canon, And how am i comparing canon to non-canon genius please speak on this

Yeah, if Bulma Car somehow stopped Gohan-Buu dimension scream than she would be that level.

And what do you mean continuity, From what ?

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