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Name: Vance Prime


Last seen: 05-27-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-30-2013

Posts: 7,961

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Previously known as

Stark Industries until 02-16-2014
Superduperman until 11-30-2014

03-28-2015 from Thar
thumbs-side "I feel like a gladiator with that neutral rep"

03-07-2015 from Roelito
thumbs-up "You thought I forgot? Nope, I didn't!"

03-01-2015 from -Fantom-

02-15-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime
thumbs-up "Dragonball Z> Super heroes"

02-15-2015 from God Castiel
thumbs-up "rep back"

02-10-2015 from Beyonder
thumbs-up "Basically Mr.Mxy impersonation of Beyonder stay classy!"

02-10-2015 from Dragon Ball Zeed - Friendship Is Yaoi
thumbs-up "AAWW YEAH THEY DO! :D"

01-22-2015 from Luke Skywalker
thumbs-up ":)"

01-12-2015 from Nappa stomps

01-07-2015 from Gats

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Tez at full power

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Its a single galaxy one quadrant and he didnt destroy it in one shot, nor did he actually destroy any stars. The animators usually derp when it comes to shit like that, the guidebook only said he was planet level.

tomie wrote:

How do you destroy a galaxy without destroying any stars?

BL says tez is a downplayer but he just trolls for fun

Kurosaki wrote: Tez is the only downplayer. Han Solo and Crayons are trolls lol.

I myself used to be a DBZ wanker about 3-4 years ago when DBZ was my first anime, but later I started realising that downplaying it (with arguments/no trolling) is more fun...Especially on MvC smiley

The Living Tribunal wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

The Living Tribunal wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

The Living Tribunal wrote: IMO celestial, pride and superduper should be there

No, you, celestial, and pride shouldn’t be anywhere.

i never mentioned myself, and this is a consented list, so a bunch of names from different people will be accepted

There is a pretty strong indication that you’re superduper.

no, ia am not superduper i am Akshayb

The Sisko wrote:

Anti Monitor wrote: who will survive

based on blackbolt scream destroying a city and pushing back thanos, also knocks out terrax a herald of galactus

superbuu scream can rip holes in dimensions

based on that

1. Thor
2. Sentry (full power World War Hulk)
3. World War Hulk
4. Silver Surfer
5. Thanos

that’s not a super buu specific power, that’s just how the RoSAT works. He concentrates his ki and channels it into a scream that is able to temporarily re-open the dimensional rift that already existed between earth and the ROSAT.

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