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Name: Beholder


Last seen: 07-02-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-25-2013

Posts: 12,337

About: goku solos

Hobbies: sports, life in general.

Reputation: 101thumbs-up

Previously known as

Creeping Death until 04-11-2014
Beholder until 10-17-2014
Baldie The Brave until 11-01-2014

04-09-2018 from Origin.
thumbs-down "G"

04-09-2018 from Jet
thumbs-side "O"

04-09-2018 from Giga
thumbs-up "K"

04-09-2018 from Augustine Yuu
thumbs-side "U"

04-09-2018 from Saffron
thumbs-down "U"

10-30-2016 from Valaraukar
thumbs-side "At least you exist here"

04-10-2016 from Staz
thumbs-up "gay"

02-22-2016 from Hanbei
thumbs-up "He's politeish."

02-22-2016 from - FS -
thumbs-up "yessssssssssss"

03-28-2015 from Dixie Normous
thumbs-up ""

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04-09-2018 from Origin.
thumbs-down "G"

04-09-2018 from Jet
thumbs-side "O"

04-09-2018 from Giga
thumbs-up "K"

04-09-2018 from Augustine Yuu
thumbs-side "U"

04-09-2018 from Saffron
thumbs-down "U"

10-30-2016 from Valaraukar
thumbs-side "At least you exist here"

04-10-2016 from Staz
thumbs-up "gay"

02-22-2016 from Hanbei
thumbs-up "He's politeish."

02-22-2016 from - FS -
thumbs-up "yessssssssssss"

03-28-2015 from Dixie Normous
thumbs-up ""

03-27-2015 from Madoka
thumbs-up "Wut"

03-27-2015 from The Dual-Wielded Alchemist
thumbs-up "I came back to train with ya but u was sleepin, slacker"

03-24-2015 from Shu-ulath
thumbs-up ":>"

02-21-2015 from Blocky
thumbs-up "Did i Positive you yet?"

02-15-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime
thumbs-up "Vegetaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

02-15-2015 from Gats
thumbs-up "dweeb"

02-15-2015 from God Castiel
thumbs-up "rep back"

02-13-2015 from Tokusatsu
thumbs-up "Why not"

02-08-2015 from Sunny DEE_ICK
thumbs-up "I FOUND YO ASSSSS"

02-06-2015 from Mitt Romney
thumbs-down "You'll never bang 18"

02-02-2015 from Hell no
thumbs-down "Shittiest member"

02-02-2015 from Nappa stomps
thumbs-down "Nappa would trash Krillin, retard"

01-28-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "funny man"

01-25-2015 from Ruckas World
thumbs-up "Impeccable taste"

01-22-2015 from Luke Skywalker
thumbs-up ":)"

01-19-2015 from King bo the sheep

01-16-2015 from Phobetius
thumbs-up "Goodness."

01-09-2015 from Mucho
thumbs-down "And I'm negging niggas left and right if they ain't stepping right"

01-06-2015 from Anti Monitor

12-30-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-down "Huh? Wtf?"

12-29-2014 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up ":]"

12-19-2014 from True Havik
thumbs-up "thanks :)"

12-13-2014 from SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "fight the tyrans"

12-10-2014 from Fenrisle
thumbs-up "You flatter me, silly. ^^"

11-24-2014 from Dragon Ball Zeed - Friendship Is Yaoi
thumbs-up "You wish faggy boy"

11-19-2014 from The True Shinigami

11-19-2014 from Son Vegeta
thumbs-up "Trying to think of a comment"

11-16-2014 from znjfl
thumbs-up "For the galaxy statement"

11-03-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up "You're not funny, Magikarp."

11-03-2014 from Wynaut
thumbs-up "Progejimer!"

10-31-2014 from The Fantom Convoy

10-29-2014 from Yami Marik Sebastian Ishtar
thumbs-up "Positive man."

10-27-2014 from Bruce Wilson C.

10-27-2014 from Armstrong Justice
thumbs-up "A badass no, the epitome of sexiness yes."

10-24-2014 from GoodGamerSambo
thumbs-up "Indeed, Ride the Lightning is a great album"

10-22-2014 from Tactician
thumbs-up "Fight the mods"

10-21-2014 from Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Krillin soloz."

10-20-2014 from World Dictator
thumbs-up "66 metal is awesome."

10-17-2014 from PrinceMontana
thumbs-up "cooll user name"

10-14-2014 from Helios
thumbs-down "It's rare for a shit poster of this magnitude to exist."

10-03-2014 from Jurassic DIO
thumbs-up "Goten>>superman,preach it nigga"

09-30-2014 from Y-3
thumbs-up "Ghey"

09-29-2014 from Hazard
thumbs-up "Raditz's tail>>;>>>>>;>>>>>;>>>>>;>>>>>;krillin."

09-23-2014 from Roelito
thumbs-up "-.-"

09-21-2014 from Kyubey
thumbs-up "v Gay"

09-18-2014 from Trill King Enel

09-18-2014 from Gyarados
thumbs-up "Begged me for a rep in PM's"

09-15-2014 from Crismon123
thumbs-up "RIP 55 club"

09-15-2014 from The False Sonic Wind
thumbs-side "ha ha"

09-15-2014 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "Out.Of.Club. Luser"

09-15-2014 from Frenzy.
thumbs-side "You're out of the club."

09-15-2014 from Crimson.
thumbs-side "I'm kicking your ass out of the 55 club."

09-15-2014 from Alexander.
thumbs-up "Let there be more green"

09-13-2014 from Vampirelord

09-01-2014 from Byakko
thumbs-up "Ho Com Yo Don Lik Macaron?"

08-22-2014 from Read This If U Fap To Gay Porn

08-22-2014 from Super Kanzentai Cell
thumbs-up "I still luv u, bby."

08-20-2014 from Fistbeard Beardfist
thumbs-up "I wish I could change my name as well"

08-16-2014 from Negative Supremacy
thumbs-down "I neg who I please."

08-16-2014 from DJackalz
thumbs-up "I am your Emperor, faggit."

08-12-2014 from Steelo
thumbs-up "Probably already repped you, but still, a quality member of MvC"

08-10-2014 from monster lord member
thumbs-up "Rep4rep"

08-02-2014 from Wobbuffet
thumbs-up "The only one truly deserving of a rep from Wobbuffet"

08-02-2014 from The Millennium King
thumbs-side "Get a better set."

07-30-2014 from sergent colt
thumbs-up "goku"

07-29-2014 from Albert Weskerr
thumbs-up "apparently lol!"

07-18-2014 from Bidder damois

07-03-2014 from Insaiyan
thumbs-up "Ur so phat, ur blood type is Nutella"

07-03-2014 from Supa Hot Fire
thumbs-up "Ur so phat, you left the house in high-heels and came back with flip-flops"

07-01-2014 from The Monkey King
thumbs-up "One more time!"

06-08-2014 from SuperMegaUltraGigaDrillBreakBURST
thumbs-up "Rep4Rep, please?"

06-04-2014 from Kaka Carrot Cake
thumbs-up "Share your energy with me!"

06-01-2014 from SonGokuIsHere
thumbs-up "Fellow dragon ball fan!"

06-01-2014 from Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "Thanks man~.. I try I guess."

05-31-2014 from HeteroLord
thumbs-up "You just forced me to give you green ;)"

05-19-2014 from Redx

05-16-2014 from Ryan Burns

05-12-2014 from Ori

05-04-2014 from Kurosaki
thumbs-down "DBZ wanker"

05-02-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "Wow thanks for positive raeping me!!"

04-29-2014 from Snap
thumbs-up "qt 3.14"

04-17-2014 from Paris

04-14-2014 from Spector

04-12-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "Pops up once in awhile"

03-17-2014 from Vance Prime

02-07-2014 from The Dan Hibiki

02-06-2014 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-up "One of his many alts"

12-31-2013 from Ophanim
thumbs-up "Smart man"

12-12-2013 from The Ancient Apocalypse
thumbs-up "Because white looks good on you."

12-03-2013 from Eiyu O
thumbs-side "Tornado."

11-27-2013 from Gay Lord
thumbs-down "meh"

03-10-2016 to Crazy beats Sane
thumbs-up "Goku solos"

02-22-2016 to Hanbei
thumbs-up "ZEED Y U REP FS"

02-22-2016 to the internet rebel
thumbs-up "Good job hey"

02-21-2016 to TiggerLover
thumbs-up "aww <3"

02-21-2016 to - FS -
thumbs-up "MVCLIVES"

03-29-2015 to Nerise
thumbs-up "fagg100t"

03-29-2015 to Dixie Normous
thumbs-up "Lord Krillin approves"

03-29-2015 to Madoka
thumbs-up "Penisloverxxbigdick"

03-25-2015 to P408370R
thumbs-up "Lamesaber! IF you read this, you shall stop bullying now! Right now! Leave phobbie alone &lt;3"

03-23-2015 to Dr. Scientist
thumbs-up "Dat set lmao"

03-23-2015 to MasashiHideaki
thumbs-up "Nice set"

03-22-2015 to Kyubey
thumbs-up "Wont get banned"

03-21-2015 to Weaboo
thumbs-up "Love ur sig m8, sexy"

03-18-2015 to lolED..
thumbs-side "._________|_________."

03-18-2015 to BlurSwagYoloMLG
thumbs-up "WAIT wait.. wait"

03-17-2015 to Unimaginably Heterosexual Gentleman
thumbs-up "lolololofagglololololololollolol"

03-16-2015 to RAG
thumbs-up ";_;"

03-16-2015 to Son Vegeta

03-14-2015 to ohno

03-13-2015 to Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire

03-13-2015 to Sunny DEE_ICK
thumbs-up "cumback :("

03-13-2015 to Unimaginably Homosexual Gentleman
thumbs-down "Homosexual? More like homoshit"

03-11-2015 to Sacred Ancestor
thumbs-side "alt"

03-08-2015 to Hollow
thumbs-up "People be mad"

03-08-2015 to Galactus
thumbs-side "alt"

03-06-2015 to Krystopher Malus
thumbs-up "lol"

03-06-2015 to Average Intelligence Member
thumbs-up "magikarp is a repwhore"

03-04-2015 to Judgement Through Fear
thumbs-side "alt"

03-02-2015 to The Millennium King
thumbs-up "does this mean goodbye living tribunal?"

03-02-2015 to Raniero
thumbs-up "You dont know me, But I like some of your posts."

03-02-2015 to Alpha and Omega
thumbs-up "Stop banning opha, he is fukin funny"

03-01-2015 to Enel rapes

02-28-2015 to Oklahomo

02-25-2015 to BOZ Raditz

02-24-2015 to Thar
thumbs-up "Hmm..who might you be?"

02-23-2015 to L.OU.D
thumbs-down "Gotta follow Kawaii"

02-22-2015 to Bjarne
thumbs-up "Gokuu"

02-22-2015 to UnyoN
thumbs-up "#Geecku"

02-21-2015 to FavoriteSonicMember
thumbs-up "Dont get banned now (:"

02-14-2015 to God Castiel
thumbs-up "Gokuu"

02-14-2015 to sonic2fast
thumbs-up "people be hatin"

02-13-2015 to -Rorschach-
thumbs-up "Now you're a jerk with 1 green rep."

02-13-2015 to Cum at me Bro
thumbs-up "u cant have me, i can have you, but u cant have me"

02-13-2015 to Tokusatsu
thumbs-up "#100"

02-12-2015 to PIKACHUS R KEWL
thumbs-up "pikachu a fake, fukin super saiyan wannabe"

02-12-2015 to Tactician
thumbs-up "quality!"

02-10-2015 to Komikku Tai Anime
thumbs-up "#Gokuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

02-08-2015 to Beyonder

02-08-2015 to FurryL.o.v.e
thumbs-up "I wonder who this is? :-"

02-07-2015 to DemonBane

02-06-2015 to the blue ranger
thumbs-up "alt"

02-05-2015 to Terumi
thumbs-up "150! Also a good user"

02-04-2015 to Itome
thumbs-up "#Peace"

02-02-2015 to Hell no
thumbs-up ":-D"

02-02-2015 to Nappa stomps
thumbs-up ":D"

01-31-2015 to Deadman

01-28-2015 to Fatalsoul
thumbs-up "cute"

01-26-2015 to Abel Nightroad
thumbs-up "You are good, so far I liked your posts."

01-25-2015 to E.G.G.M.A.N
thumbs-down "bye"

01-24-2015 to Trevor Trolltard123

01-24-2015 to Lord Death
thumbs-up "Amazing"

01-24-2015 to Squark
thumbs-up "That set is such aww <3"

01-23-2015 to Mitt Romney
thumbs-up "You'll never be a president : /"

01-23-2015 to Blocky
thumbs-up "I like your set. Also you dont seem like a shituser"

01-21-2015 to Eternal_Father

01-21-2015 to Master AIDF
thumbs-up "~~"

01-20-2015 to Phobetius
thumbs-up "Told me in pms that I am greater than Goku, <3"

01-19-2015 to Flamelord
thumbs-side "bye"

01-19-2015 to The Librarian
thumbs-up "Derp level over 8000.. ^^ :D"

01-18-2015 to Ariana Grande

01-18-2015 to Master Danny

01-17-2015 to The Merchant
thumbs-up "dbz ftw ~~"

01-16-2015 to Luke Skywalker
thumbs-up ":D"

01-13-2015 to Syd

01-13-2015 to Hei Long-Black Dragon aka Almighty Tian

01-13-2015 to The Twin
thumbs-side "Psycho indeed (:"

01-10-2015 to Jet

01-10-2015 to Mucho
thumbs-up "You still got those 2 alts that haven't negged me, why dont you go do that now little boy?"

01-09-2015 to King bo the sheep
thumbs-up "you seem a bit insane tbh"

01-05-2015 to beated by dre
thumbs-up "u can join me and kawaiis next picnic, if u wear bikinis"

01-05-2015 to -Jade-

01-04-2015 to Eternal Gally12
thumbs-up "how dare u neg dallavalle"

01-04-2015 to Large Testicles
thumbs-up ":D"

01-01-2015 to clacker-volley
thumbs-up "siims laik a decent poster so far"

12-31-2014 to The Millennium Tyrant

12-31-2014 to Ruckas World

12-27-2014 to ssjglaunch
thumbs-up "Oolong and Krillin, The true Gods of DBZ Verse!!!!!!!"

12-26-2014 to good u.o.e.n.o
thumbs-side "inb4 ban"

12-23-2014 to Lelouch Lamperouge VI Britannia AKA Zero
thumbs-up "One of Doctors best alts tbh"

12-23-2014 to He Who Licks The Cheerio Slowly

12-20-2014 to Augustine Yuu
thumbs-up "Sex is normal thing, we maybe have some, we maybe dont, but probably we will"

12-20-2014 to JOHNTHEBEAST
thumbs-up "Has very good vision about the strenght of DBZ characters"

12-19-2014 to True Havik
thumbs-up ":)"

12-19-2014 to Dash Berlin
thumbs-up "You are....!!!!!!!!!!!!!wonderful <3"

12-17-2014 to Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "you dat niqqa that started the dbz dscussion thread, well done boy!"

12-16-2014 to Retro
thumbs-up "full retard boi"

12-13-2014 to Unbound

12-13-2014 to 3ds4mii.
thumbs-up "sup u.e.n.o"

12-12-2014 to Messenger of Peak
thumbs-side "Zlatan is shit"

12-08-2014 to Goku Strife

12-08-2014 to The Monkey King
thumbs-up "u good"

12-08-2014 to berzeliusburst
thumbs-up "ure that u.e.n.e guy.. who got banned for spamming (:"

12-05-2014 to SiWang YenShen
thumbs-up "aaaaaand green."

12-04-2014 to Macho

12-04-2014 to Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "lol"

11-28-2014 to Mister Teal
thumbs-up "Pure Quality so far"

11-27-2014 to pakalu papito
thumbs-up "The Legendary Dragon?"

11-25-2014 to Cock
thumbs-up "magikarp"

11-24-2014 to Clementine
thumbs-up "Can we hold hands?"

11-23-2014 to Dragon Ball Zeed - Friendship Is Yaoi
thumbs-up "I've had my dick inside Jjba"

11-22-2014 to illuminatus
thumbs-up "hmm"

11-22-2014 to Suspect
thumbs-side "did u kill jfk?"

11-17-2014 to PussylickingHighIQbadasswithADD
thumbs-up "Look at all you nerds checking his profile"

11-14-2014 to Giga
thumbs-up "most herero member ever"

11-14-2014 to House.
thumbs-side "fag"

11-09-2014 to LaharFanNr1
thumbs-up "This page is filled with faggotry"

11-03-2014 to Dr Z
thumbs-down "woah, mistake there, gafve u green first, fucking retard retard, RETARD"

11-03-2014 to Sheko a hero
thumbs-down "usually if I see mass negs i give green, but ure a huge faggot :/"

11-02-2014 to Cooliest
thumbs-up "ure a bear!!"

11-02-2014 to -Shard-
thumbs-side "I like your set"

11-01-2014 to - White n Neurdy -

11-01-2014 to demon Taylor s
thumbs-side "Proof that youre the real taylor Swift? thought so.."

11-01-2014 to Fenrisle
thumbs-up "calm and nice tbh"

10-31-2014 to PG15
thumbs-up "that niqqa set"

10-31-2014 to Masashi Kishimoto

10-30-2014 to BuroriReturns
thumbs-up "Hilarious, keep making the stans mad, hahaha!!"

10-28-2014 to Yami Marik Sebastian Ishtar
thumbs-down "u askd for it"

10-27-2014 to Ezaru
thumbs-up "Lahar repped u coz he is a repwhore"

10-27-2014 to Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Krillin &gt; ur favorite verse"

10-26-2014 to Nazi Spy
thumbs-up "Are you.. stronger than Goku?"

10-26-2014 to JDBallZ

10-25-2014 to Crayons

10-25-2014 to vs troll
thumbs-up "Where the fuck are you faggot?!?!?"

10-25-2014 to Son Goku a.k.a Kakarot
thumbs-up "Krillin and Goku, the best."

10-24-2014 to Armstrong Justice
thumbs-up "Keep being rude to maggykarp and everythin will be fine"

10-24-2014 to The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Gratz"

10-24-2014 to GoodGamerSambo
thumbs-up "Obviously has a good taste"

10-23-2014 to Trigger.
thumbs-down "Cocksucking fuckface"

10-23-2014 to UP DOWN UP DOWN
thumbs-up "Motherfuckers afraid of this guy?"

10-23-2014 to AnimeFan22

10-23-2014 to Fuck Fuck

10-23-2014 to Anime18
thumbs-up "u great, dno why people diss u"

10-21-2014 to Pre-Crisis Superman

10-21-2014 to DBZ King

10-20-2014 to World Dictator
thumbs-up "#120 / Metal kicks ass"

10-19-2014 to Applejack

10-14-2014 to Amorphous

10-11-2014 to YuNarukami
thumbs-up "lmao"

10-11-2014 to Bruce Wilson C.
thumbs-up "Save us bruce!"

10-11-2014 to Shadow Lord
thumbs-up "That set, lmao."

10-07-2014 to Wobbuffet
thumbs-up "Captured"

10-06-2014 to The True Shinigami

10-05-2014 to koolguy16
thumbs-up ":D:D!!"

10-04-2014 to Vance Prime
thumbs-up "Ahaha I probably repped you before, but ure hilarious from time to time :D"

10-03-2014 to Jurassic DIO

10-03-2014 to Celestial

09-30-2014 to Saffron
thumbs-up "Let me tell you, when you're about 900-1000 posts your rep counts goes to 25 atleast."

09-30-2014 to Louay
thumbs-up "Mirana >;> your set"

09-30-2014 to XxCool_Diego_Brown_1997xX
thumbs-up "Great guy, much amigo"

09-30-2014 to Purple Haze
thumbs-up "Take good care of doctor."

09-29-2014 to Hazard
thumbs-up "Krillin whoops whis with his bald head while schoolin raditz on monopoly."

09-28-2014 to The Almighty Saiyan
thumbs-up "Goku is Love. Its that simple."

09-28-2014 to PGl3

09-28-2014 to Swaniero.
thumbs-up "Whos the chick in ur avi"

09-25-2014 to The Avenger

09-25-2014 to Crazy Bitch Zinnia

09-25-2014 to Almighty Uchiha
thumbs-side "stop bumping old threads"

09-24-2014 to Man of Sin

09-24-2014 to Tyrant

09-24-2014 to - Tripn x Dubz -
thumbs-up "Weird how your reps suddenly went up when you got to 1000 comments. :J"

09-22-2014 to Roelito
thumbs-up "Mad that I didn't rep you back?"

09-21-2014 to Wooper
thumbs-up "Fatboy irl"

09-21-2014 to RAS
thumbs-up "RIP # old member of 55 club."

09-21-2014 to Return of Attack of the Giant Bewbz
thumbs-side "inb4 ban"

09-19-2014 to Gyarados
thumbs-up "Shut the fuck up and stay away from me you stupid fucking faggot."

09-18-2014 to Crest of Life
thumbs-up "STOP NEGGING!! REPS NOW REPS REPS REPS GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

09-15-2014 to Crimson.
thumbs-side "Eat shit"

09-15-2014 to Princess Mu
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

09-15-2014 to ReadThisIfYouLoveItBallsDeepInYourAnus
thumbs-down ":) :) :)"

09-15-2014 to Alexander.
thumbs-up "Fu doctor!!!!!!! He is out of the club now :("

09-15-2014 to TheKaiserKnight
thumbs-up "#55 Club still!"

09-14-2014 to Kezzy-Wezzy
thumbs-up "lol"

09-14-2014 to Crismon123
thumbs-up "#55 club, wud totalli bang"

09-12-2014 to Foppa Forsberg

09-12-2014 to heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey

09-09-2014 to Slayer
thumbs-up "Can I hash you butt?"

09-08-2014 to Yoshikage Kira
thumbs-up "Welcome to the #55 club, wud u like to fuk?"

09-07-2014 to Vampirelord
thumbs-up "xd"

09-03-2014 to I am Necessary Evil
thumbs-up "dont rep sephi"

09-02-2014 to Vegetto1089
thumbs-up "ignore the fags below and above me"

09-01-2014 to Munsu.
thumbs-up "it this : alt"

09-01-2014 to Byakko
thumbs-up "Dont rep the thirst of magikarp / lahar."

08-31-2014 to Adam Blade
thumbs-up "we're all maggykarp"

08-31-2014 to Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Goku, one of the greatest heroes ever!!!"

08-30-2014 to Niggerhigger lemons back
thumbs-up "nice alt magikarp"

08-30-2014 to Babbages
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

08-29-2014 to Bleach Solos All
thumbs-side "Seems like youre an faggot, now I gotta decide which kind of faggot u are."

08-29-2014 to hi am new
thumbs-up "#55 Club, also magikarp is dangerous pedophile pls call 911"

08-24-2014 to Shu-ulath
thumbs-up "seems faggot enough to have a rep"

08-23-2014 to DBZ IS LIFE
thumbs-down "Goku is barely mach 3 and gohan cant survive even planet bust, lmao shit dbz verse"

08-21-2014 to Xennotraun

08-21-2014 to spencer the king
thumbs-up "One horny badass fegit"

08-20-2014 to Fistbeard Beardfist
thumbs-up "#55 Club, beatiful member now that the ugliness has been taken off."

08-20-2014 to Sir Babatunde
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

08-20-2014 to Mister Atlas
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

08-20-2014 to That One Dude
thumbs-up "#55 club"

08-18-2014 to Frenzy.
thumbs-up "lmao, did that maggot just call you a great debater? lol'd"

08-17-2014 to BIastoise
thumbs-up "This is me obviously."

08-17-2014 to GOD of GOURMET
thumbs-up "dont rep him below"

08-16-2014 to Negative Supremacy
thumbs-side "You dare to neg ori? Stupid faggot."

08-15-2014 to Eiyu O

08-12-2014 to Steelo

08-12-2014 to Real Nigga On The Dtreets

08-11-2014 to Trolling In The Deep
thumbs-up "mr.detective"

08-11-2014 to Wynaut
thumbs-up "Both boys with flame in their name suck."

08-11-2014 to The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "Badman is better than ryan in everyway tho.. So obviously Im gonna green u"

08-11-2014 to PG13
thumbs-up "nigga how much do you post on this site"

08-10-2014 to Glast
thumbs-up "Dont rep that guy below me"

08-09-2014 to moar krabs
thumbs-up "lol"

08-09-2014 to DJackalz

08-08-2014 to Hal Jordan

08-03-2014 to kittenswithmittens

08-02-2014 to Scuba Steve
thumbs-up "lmao"

07-31-2014 to Need to Slimfast
thumbs-up ":( U da bestest"

07-29-2014 to Tezcatlipunka
thumbs-side "the fuck now"

07-29-2014 to Albert Weskerr
thumbs-up "Lahar hates ryan :/ Ryan the genius."

07-27-2014 to RyanBumTheHairySonOfABitchRetard
thumbs-up "rofl"

07-26-2014 to nevermore

07-25-2014 to Tezcraplipoca
thumbs-down "no"

07-24-2014 to War God Kratos
thumbs-down "it gon be all red from here"

07-23-2014 to Black Goku
thumbs-up "Solo whis"

07-23-2014 to pronyer
thumbs-up ":)"

07-22-2014 to Bo Dallas
thumbs-down "dbz isn't ftl till bog btw, goku is planet + and wolverine rapes frieza"

07-20-2014 to A retard

07-19-2014 to Rey Mysterio
thumbs-side "u sux men, real men like butter pete kil u with 1 hit fegit"

07-18-2014 to Tornado The Dragon - a.k.a Big Brother
thumbs-up "Gokuism, the true religion!"

07-17-2014 to Roman Reigns.
thumbs-down "no."

07-16-2014 to Pool.
thumbs-up "u wanna sex?"

07-14-2014 to Saber
thumbs-up "You're good. me likey"

07-13-2014 to Seven Lions

07-13-2014 to PrinceMontana
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

07-13-2014 to Captain Redfists
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

07-13-2014 to Agent.
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

07-13-2014 to Mondo
thumbs-up "#55 Club"

07-12-2014 to I need a diet
thumbs-up "Everyone is a great person in their own way."

07-11-2014 to 0omni0
thumbs-side "So much hate here.. the fuck he do?"

07-08-2014 to Kal - El

07-07-2014 to Fuji
thumbs-up "I like you. Also we had some good wc3 icon battles!"

07-06-2014 to Excalibur
thumbs-up "I lol'd"

07-06-2014 to Cirno
thumbs-up "green on top"

07-06-2014 to Yaoi God

07-05-2014 to Raizen
thumbs-up "Cute as hell picture! also seems reasonable"

07-05-2014 to tiki1999
thumbs-side "oh boy oy boy"

07-03-2014 to Read This If U Fap To Gay Porn
thumbs-up "dbz is strongest verse, goku kills all"

07-03-2014 to Insaiyan
thumbs-up "tbh ure pretty smart even tho u eat honey with ketchup.."

07-03-2014 to Eren Swagger
thumbs-up "I dont know what it is with u badman but u justmakemesmilelikeapuppythatjustgot grandmas meatballs"

07-02-2014 to BImet172
thumbs-down "u suk"

06-30-2014 to Banned from All Forums Broli
thumbs-up "oy boy"

06-29-2014 to Rich-616
thumbs-up "You're not that bad!"

06-29-2014 to AlDS

06-29-2014 to Kisama Hoe-She-Got-Key
thumbs-up "The fat racism.. smh mvc, SUPPORT EVERYONE"

06-28-2014 to Optimus Prime a.k.a Orion Pax-Optronix

06-28-2014 to Megatronus
thumbs-up "lol sig"

06-27-2014 to Zemoco

06-27-2014 to Silent Survivor
thumbs-up "Your set is smokin hot"

06-27-2014 to Joeystar
thumbs-up "Mika H&auml;kkinen => best mclaren racer in f1."

06-27-2014 to KaniNanda

06-26-2014 to Bidder damois
thumbs-up "I'll save you from the fiery fires of mvc!"

06-21-2014 to Coldsteel the Heggest
thumbs-up "Member of the big butt clan"

06-18-2014 to Huntergirl123

06-08-2014 to Snap
thumbs-up "that set lmao"

06-07-2014 to Master Red
thumbs-up "turles is fukin boss"

06-01-2014 to Brolys Number 1 Fan

06-01-2014 to Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "Wow, seems like a decent guy"

06-01-2014 to SonGokuIsHere
thumbs-up "l0l"

05-31-2014 to HeteroLord
thumbs-up "I guess oolong must find something else to eat!"

05-28-2014 to Redx

05-25-2014 to SoD_
thumbs-up "I hate when parents are fighting :/ keep strong"

05-24-2014 to Spector

05-22-2014 to znjfl
thumbs-up "good"

05-20-2014 to -Lightning-

05-16-2014 to Ryan Burns

05-16-2014 to PuarTheOmnipotent

05-13-2014 to Based Man
thumbs-up "funniih"

05-09-2014 to Ori

05-05-2014 to SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "69696969"

05-05-2014 to See You Space Cowboy
thumbs-up "oldie"

05-04-2014 to Gallavant123
thumbs-up "hahaha"

05-04-2014 to Kurosaki

05-04-2014 to Nerd
thumbs-up ":D-"

05-04-2014 to Kaka Carrot Cake

05-02-2014 to Broli
thumbs-up "broly smash"

05-02-2014 to Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-side "marvel wankah but likes warcraft"

05-02-2014 to The Ancient Apocalypse

05-02-2014 to Munsu a.k.a Legendary General

05-01-2014 to The Dan Hibiki

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