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Name: Beholder


Last seen: 07-02-2018

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Registration date: 11-25-2013

Posts: 12,337

About: goku solos

Hobbies: sports, life in general.

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Previously known as

Creeping Death until 04-11-2014
Beholder until 10-17-2014
Baldie The Brave until 11-01-2014

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-The Author- wrote: It’s easy to figure out who is and isn’t Beholder.

If you look into his eye and see beauty, you’ve found him.


'' Canít blame him.
His parents were born on a vegetable with supreme hatred for
a talking dildo. '' - Badman about Gokus parents =D=D=D!!

Spiral wrote:

Slade Robison wrote: shut up, you think muscle alone can put fear.

Intense. shocked

Lahar wrote:

Beholder wrote: Looks promising

Beholder confirmed whale fucker.

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist ReMix wrote:

Spiral wrote: I don’t think Zeed’s a fan of this thread.

Because we raped him like 10 times a day lol

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist ReMix wrote:


Dont worry zeed ive evolved from that age

Hellfighter wrote:

Nena wrote: I’ve cried over raging in video games.

haha what a faggot

lahar loves me

Based Free Lahar wrote:

Feel My Mind wrote:

Beholder wrote:

Psychopeth wrote:

Scratch wrote:

Psychopeth wrote: Making fun of a member....

Come on, that was funny

sir you’re being a nuisance to the rest of the forum.

Continue your douchey behavior and I’ll be forced to stop you.

Wow, your superiour work is almost as good as our true savior, gokus.

Why did you bump this?

It’s cos he’s a feg. Trust me.

Yaksha wrote:

Hellfighter wrote:

Crimson. wrote: I don’t know if you’re seriously asking or just taking shots at Helly.

It’s pretty obvious that this is all extremely discriminatory hate speech, tbh. I’m surprised he hasn’t been banned

I’m surprised they let you on the internet.

Shinji Ikari wrote: Light Yagami is such a fag his last name backwards is even imagay

Cid wrote:

GOD of GOURMET wrote: I was worried for my dick.

Oh, I’m gay. So your worries shouldn’t end here.

This is golden

Magikarp. wrote:

Kamen Rider Soul wrote: Give me a guide book or statement by Araki himself saying Cell was going to blow up the SS, and I’ll take it 100% no more questions asked

Kamen Rider Soul wrote: I don’t really care if it’s approved by Akira

GR8 reasoning skills M8, real mod material right there, srs

Amph wrote: toaa is fodder, was in the second class in Whis academy, he isstill learning how to solo

Lahar wrote:

Beholder wrote:

Flame Saber wrote:

Beholder wrote:

Flame Saber wrote:

Doctor. wrote: User above me should leave this site.

This edit is so damn true.

My feelings

IDC about feelings.

Yet you hurt yours everytime you talk with magikarp


Bruce Wilson C. wrote: LOL the last few posts was hard to take serious.
Krinlin DD ignores Durability that is why he warned Nappa vegeta, plus DD could slice even Cell/Frieza. is just that Krinlin is a pussy is afraid of everything.
I wonder how he got laid, maybe android 18 raped him, and he like it.


Flamelord wrote:

Beholder wrote:

Pool. wrote:

Flamelord wrote:

Agent. wrote: Beholder lays the wrecking on Flamelord until he negs them out of butthurt. Like a certain “Flame” member I know :^)

I know you love Beholderp’s cock.

Are cocks all you think about?

Well he is homeschooled... by his dad.

What a faggot.

Oh lahar.. u’re <3

Lahar wrote:

Izayoi wrote:

Lahar wrote:

Izayoi wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Bwahahahahaha wrote: Flamelord just gave you all anal pounding LMAO. He was obviously baiting you, dumbasses. How could you be that stupid?

saying the same time but in guest form doesn’t make it true FL

Aaaaand FL is wrecked.

He’s taken wrekt up to eleven.

His wrekt is the wrekt that amused the heavens.

What you’re facing now is a normal wrekt

This is a super wrekt

Flamelord nli wrote: Fuck, i really hoped it won’t end like this. I feel myself baited and humilated as fuck now.

Doctor, go shoot yourself. Idgaf if i get banned, but you just backstabbed me. You kept on bringing these quotes up again just to mock me even though i kept asking nicely not to post it again. It was a dick move. I thought you’re a nice guy, but was deadly wrong. You basically stabbed my heart.

And this, this is known as super wrekt that has acsended past a super wrekt. Or you can you just call it super wrekt 2

Vampirelord wrote: Looooooooool. You actually took this post seriously. Bwahahahahahahaha! I pity you faggots, lol.

Let’s clear this up: i was serious when i typed that PM to Souls, no doubt. When Shehoe made this thread i KNEW what will happen. I’m not that stupid. I even said on the first page what will happen. At first i thought of posting a popcorn gif, but typed that one post to increase drama. Thank you, you just gave me attention XDDDDD

However, i apologized to Doc in case if he took that post seriously. Now call me face saver or some shit like this. I kept stalking this thread to see how many drama i made. Now you revealed your true colors and i’ll consider that. And thanks again for helping me in increasing the drama, i appreciate that, homies smiley

Flamelord wins. Flawless victory. Fatality.

And this is to wreck EVEN FURTHER BEYOND

Bwahahahahaha wrote: Stay salty, Lame Gayber. It was an obvious bait lololololol. You can’t accept you all were baited as fuck.

And btw, you bunch of dumbasses could do nothing, but bring up his old quotes. Your brain is so small that you can’t do anything other than this.

The Merchant wrote: Ok guys I need help. I’m trying to find the name of this Hentai I saw a loooong time ago. All I remember was some Devilman looking Demon slice up a bunch of people and then grabbed some girl and his penis was like 20 inches long and started to rape the girl until it split her in half. It was gory and the animation was like Yu Yu Hakusho/Cowboy Bebop style. Also does anyone know the name of this one manga that had some loli walking her poodle and ended up getting raped by Doberman Pincers?

Flamelord nli wrote:

Magikarp. wrote:

Flamelord nli wrote: i really hoped it won’t end like this.

humilated as fuck now.

You basically stabbed my heart.

Still dying at these

Then go ahead.

Tomie wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote:
Are you saying Bills is galaxy level?That might be possible,but he lacks feats,so for now I say he is just multi SS level in a very higj scale.

At full power yes. He might be.


Zemoco wrote:

The Smoking Mirror wrote:

Zemoco wrote: DBZ has some FTL to at least Releavistic feats. I have some examples if someone would like to see.

Show ANY ftl feat.

Piccolo shot a generic sub relativistic ki blast to the moon and destroyed it casually.He watched it fly to the moon.

Raditz dodged a more powerful, much faster SPC.

A MUCH MUCH stronger Piccolo could not even comprehend the speed of Frieza’s Death Beams.

Goku casually reacted to them.

Vegeta reacted to a blast clearly heading quickly to space. Goku and Vegeta we’re several times stronger than Raditz and Piccolo

Goku reacting to Cell’s FTL KHH

Humanity Extermination Attack
First Appearance: Chapter 487
Category: ki manipulation
People: Majin Buu (evil)
Special Characteristics: A technique brought out by Majin Buu after he came to Kami&#146;s temple following Piccolo and the others&#146; ki. He fires countless bending ki blasts from one hand, which wipe out the humans at the Earth&#146;s surface. The only ones to evade this attack are Tenshinhan, Chaozu, as well as Mister Satan and Bee. Not understanding what he is seeing, Mister Satan says &#147;Fireworks?...&#148;. The currents of light that rained down upon the Earth are that intense.

Buu spared Hercule and Satan because of his previous affections for them.

General Marcusius wrote:

Beholder wrote:

Jet wrote:

Awesome sauce wrote:

Jet wrote: Marvel Expert tounge

Nice avatar bro. Is that sonic? lel jk

Lord Gokuu will not tolerate this blasphemy

Bless you son.


I will twist my beard around your neck and whisper in your ear the ways of Gokuu

Fap material for giga

Magikarp. wrote: Time to blow up my E-penis

All the images are large so open them in new tabs idk

Couldn’t find my black belt so meh, has my name on it anyway so kinda wouldn’t of posted it anyway, these are from back in my Taekwondo days anyway, when I used to fight n shit

My regional championships, was told to join the squad and travel the world etc, had potential etc, but got bored and wanted to be a bodybuilder instead, lol

Proof because I’m a good boy

And now for the E-penis part (Need to shave my belly, my abs are hiding)

No homo, srs

Yes I am in love with myself btw

Zeroextra wrote:

qwewqe wrote:

Zeroextra wrote: ITT: Hitler wasn’t so bad after all, he thought he was doing the right thing. Kinda like your favorite anime villain.

Broly was doing the right thing huh?

He was the real Hero.

Magikarp. wrote:

Louay wrote: I always sleep in religion classes ( Yeah we study religion in school, even if you’re an Athiest. smh )

My Religious teacher back in school was an atheist, lol

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