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The MvC News: Everyone Is an Admin??[[APRIL FOOLS]] Bjarne you crafty bastard.
Yugioh Discussion Thread

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AM I DA BADDEST wrote: Broly was just oozing with character. Every step that he took, every energy blast that he threw, it just made me wonder why he was taking those steps, why he was throwing those energy beams. In each of the three movies that he appeared in, his character just kept progressing and getting more deep (sounds pretty unbelievable given how deep he was just in the first movie, but it’s true). Bio Broly may as well be the best and most developed character ever created.

Mu wrote:

RAS wrote: When will it stop?

Zeed wrote: If that government thing is spying on my internet I hope they like gay fanfiction because that’s what they’re getting.

Snap wrote:

Kal - El wrote:

Magikarp. wrote:

Doctor. wrote:

Magikarp. wrote:

Snap wrote: I came, I saw, I lost interest.

Oh well.

I lost interest less than halfway through reading the article tbqh

You actually read the article instead of searching for the link to the nudes?

Expected better from you, tbqh.

Why would I care about links to fake nudes of girls I don’t care about?

This I see no reason why people can’t go outside and see actual naked girls to fuck Instead of fapping to virtual images

Does your neighborhood have naked girls just lying on the ground with their legs spread open or something?

ssjgbulma wrote:

Yami Marik wrote: Suggsverse.
Ichigo is a cock sucking homo.

putting him far above suggsverse in quality

ProGamer13 wrote:

Snap wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Snap wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Maximum D wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote: There’s no one above you, idiot.

>Pulls out cock.
>Cant find a unit of measurement small enough to measure it.
>Had to use a fucking calculator to find out how small that shit was.
>Answer was in the negatives.
>Holy shet.


Someone has a vagina.



Broly raped Gohan, so that is not a legit argument.

>what is a strap-on

>Something you would use on your pillow.

God Crusher wrote:

Maximum D wrote: Twatlight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle gets killed by wuxi finger hold


Sir Phantom wrote: Aye Yo Kagami

So it’s pretty clear that you have a lot of negative thoughts about women. I’m sure you’re probably doing nightly cootie checks under your bed and in your closet too. This is a perfectly normal part of life, where a boy becomes...well, still a boy, but one who actually has opinions in regards to the opposite gender. Let me give you a talking to and help you through this difficult time.

Now when I was a little duckling nigga like you, my old uncle Festus (god rest his soul) would make me sit on his lap after hitting me whenever he’d visit. Sometimes he would make me play some weird games with him that I didn’t quite understand and it made me feel funny. Other times though, he would give me advice and life lessons from his own personal experience. One of the things he told me about were women.

He said “There’s only 2 things womens is good fer. Cookin' a man’s meals, and spendin' his money. Asides from that, they ain’t nothin' but trouble. You give yer women one little black eye, and suddenly yer a monster. Suddenly yer bein' cleaned outta cash over a divorce. Suddenly yer under a restaining order. Suddenly, you have to cook for yer own damn self. Fuck womens, I tells ya. Buncha backwards functioning hussies.", after that he would go back to hitting me. But I always understood what he was trying to say.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I sure hope it helped you, Kagami.

Yami Marik wrote:

The 69 Player wrote:

Yami Marik wrote:

The 69 Player wrote:

Yami Marik wrote:

Baal Raam wrote:

Infinity Flux wrote:

Quality Natsu wrote:

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: Infinity Flux female?

That’s up for debate.

I am not a male for the record.

If this is true then you know where I lay... no shame in my game.


thats what she said......last night.weab

When she found out your dick was too small.
My bitch.

My dick is as big as Ichigo’s sword

Good, Ichigo’s sword isn’t real, so neither is your dick.

Demi wrote:

Maximum D wrote:

Snap wrote:

Maximum D wrote: Im bored :/

Demi wants to be ravished by you.

Go to her.

Grade A Homosexual.


Random1234 wrote:

Zemoco wrote:

Maximum D wrote:

Zemoco wrote:

Squark the majestic penguin wrote: Proto dude you’re becoming the next Ophanim mah nigga, you always flame people.
C’mon man ease up, it’s just VS.

What makes me mad is he is incredibly obnoxious about the way he debates. He rarely provides proof, takes things out of context, uses iloogical powerscaling.

And even if the debate was never decided, he will act like he won and talk behind your back.

you can take Proto’s cock out of your mouth now.

So he can feed it to you?

Executor wrote:

Cupid wrote:

Maximum D wrote: Cupid~
Who would you recommend for me?~

*Giggle* That little boy Zeed


Proto Dude wrote:

Zeed wrote: Anyways, I guess I guess I like 'golden showers', assuming you guys know what that is >///<

I think I said that once here many months ago.

When everyone here wasn’t a giant douche ¬¬

I would not mind pissing on you Zeed

The Gunboat Diplomat wrote:

dbz truth wrote:
It’s not peer-reviewed yet, but assuming it’s accepted, how does this affect vs chats?

Also assuming that it would be somehow proven that black holes are easy as fuck to bust, how would you deal with fictional characters busting black holes???

A renowned cosmologist and theoretical physicist proposes a highly controversial paradigm-shattering theory, and you’re wondering how it’ll affect VS debates?

Stay classy, MvC.

Hotter than sun Amaterasu wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote: People wear anime shoes.......

I have lost all hope in humanity and Snap really he is beyond help.

You wear these to school, nigga thought they were real Jordans.

Hotter than sun Amaterasu wrote:

Baal Raam wrote:

Hotter than sun Amaterasu wrote:

Baal Raam wrote:

Hotter than sun Amaterasu wrote:

Baal Raam wrote: Red Ape wearing asses

Lmao, fake ass Red Monkey. You wear dem good city trend shirts, don’t you?

Rin Kagura wrote: Aeropostale that bull bull. Polo only

Whatever nigga, AP for casual wearing, Polo when you tryna flex. Don’t wanna wear Polo shirt everyday, you feel?

Lol hell nah, Chams wearing ass nigga

Don’t try me, Protoge wearin' ass nigga, I also wear RL Chaps when I want colorful-like Polo shirt, Polo shirts aren’t as coloful as Chaps imo.

lol boy stop flexin for the pecka woods. You know you rock that coogi like no tomorrow, coogi down to the socks ass nigga.

Wtf, nigga don’t try me. You know you got one good polo shirt in yo' closet and it’s from the thrift store. Nigga wear Sean John on a regular basis, lmao

Molly wrote:

Cirno wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote:

Cirno wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote:

Cirno wrote: I vote we just send Kagami to mars as it is now :3

You are making it hard for me to think you dont care about me.When my existence clearly rustles your jimmies.

I just don’t like annoying thirsty boys on my planet :L So you’d be one of the first ones to go in my book.

Aw you care about me enough to wish death wish on me instead of just saying something.I love you platonicly :3

I care about the gene pool and any woman who is unfortunate enough to catch your eye. I know what it’s like. I’d feel bad for my worst enemy if you were thirsting on her the way you do to me.

I’m a bitch. But not that big of a bitch to want that to happen .-.

Ooooooh myyyyy....

That’s cold...

Fatalsoul wrote: :/ Uhh seeing that Spongebob is immoral he solos. Although he can’t fight. He has trouble picking up a straw. But on the other hand he can pick up a car so...

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote: YO! ya-yo, ya-yo

Fappin', don’t give it up Jay
Fappin', don’t give it up Clit
Fappin', don’t give it up Kagami
Fappin', don’t give it give it up give it up give it up give it up give it NO!

Here’s how the story goes we find out
About a treasure in MvC
Theres no doubt, The thirsty nigga who’s eye on it
He’ll sing I’ll be King of the thirsty niggas
I’m gonna be king

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, ho-ho

His name is Jay
That’s Man I want the D. Jay
Gonna be king of the thirst niggas!
He’s made of condoms - (female singers) how did that happen?
Yo-ho-ho he took a bite of Cum Cum
Ya-yo, ya-yo

His name’s Clit, He’s just like a black samurai
And a F-A-G-G-O-T Kagami not shy
The thirst crew coming through, doin' their thing,
With the king of the thirsty niggas, he’s gonna be king!

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, hoo-hoo

Set sail for pussy, it’s the name of the treasure in MvC!

Ya-yo, ya-yo

Set sail for pussy!

Linkofone wrote: Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the world
Not a creature was stirring, not even Gusto Squirro;

The Tribes were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of Naturia Cherries danced in their heads;


Every Who down in Duel Terminal liked Christmas a lot
But the Worms who lived in another galaxy did not!

Meanwhile in outer space ...

The Worms hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that their hearts were two sizes too small.

The Worms: We must stop this *whole* thing!
Why, for thousands of years we’ve put up with it now. We must stop Christmas from coming... but how?

Then they got an idea! An awful idea!
The Worms got a wonderful, awful idea!

And they chuckled, and clucked, “What a great grinchy trick!
We’ll invade their planet and kill them all. :argh


The Worms began their attack on the planet.

“Muwahahhahaha” the Worms laughed. “Christmas will not exist if you all are dead!"

The tribes got out of their bed, attempting to defend their Christmas with all their might.
However, it wasn’t enough. Many were slaughtered, many were dead, some even fled.
There were explosions and booms as the eyes could see.


Then on that foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to say, (ho ho ho)
Trishula with your breathe of Ice,
Won’t you kil these Worms tonight?


And she did by killing everyone. The end.

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