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Profile: Aizen Sosuke

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Name: Aizen Sosuke


Last seen: 05-04-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-09-2013

Posts: 372

Age: 666

Location: Soul Society.

About: I am Tite Kubo.

Hobbies: Trolling.

Reputation: 18thumbs-up


Official Trance & Techno Asylum: EuroTrance, EuroTechno & other epic music (READ OP first please!)

12-04-2014 from President of a Country

11-22-2014 from ZongHeng TianXia
thumbs-down "A good for nothing betraying his own kin."

11-22-2014 from Sun Wukong a.k.a.  Monkey King
thumbs-down "You have betrayed soul society! You have betrayed justice! You scum!"

11-20-2014 from Jurassic DIO
thumbs-up "Gokusolos"

11-20-2014 from red line
thumbs-up "Aizen Sosuke~"

11-15-2014 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "too damn weak :)"

09-30-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "._."

07-22-2014 from Kurosaki
thumbs-side "trollnado"

03-27-2014 from Falcon
thumbs-up "Aizen!"

11-13-2013 from NiTian ErXing a.k.a Grand Marshal
thumbs-up "Nah this is Aizen like I'm Gohan."

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Stupid post of the day: November, 10th, 2013
Winner: Kagami-

Chris Handsome wrote: Aizen stop using logic to downplay hax.

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