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Name: Squark


Last seen: 05-22-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-03-2013

Posts: 6,697

Age: 15

Location: New York

About: qt

Hobbies: gurlz

Reputation: 101thumbs-up

Previously known as

Squark the majestic penguin until 08-14-2014

03-25-2015 from Shu-ulath
thumbs-up "ayy fuck those kids with the red"

01-24-2015 from Agent.
thumbs-up "#100"

01-24-2015 from Beholder
thumbs-up "That set is such aww <3"

01-18-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-down "Can't reveal his guest Identity, yet insults me for no good reason, when Idk who he is. No-lifer."

01-14-2015 from Hell no
thumbs-down "Rename yourself to Squark who gets fucked by majestic penguins."

01-14-2015 from Nappa stomps
thumbs-down "Semen-eating rape product"

01-11-2015 from Mucho
thumbs-down "And I'm negging niggas left and right if they ain't stepping right"

12-27-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-down "Cocksmoker"


11-28-2014 from Bloody Panties

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Funny threads

Snap wrote:

Raniro wrote:

Snap wrote: wow I need to get back to fate/kaleid NOW

It’s so plump...


AIDP wrote:

Kinasin wrote:

AIDP wrote:

AIDR wrote:

AIDP wrote: Just cuz I’m poor dat don’t mean shit. I be knockin' niggaz out with that struggle strength.

Your struggle ain’t shit. You grew up in a white neighborhood, bitch-ass.

You should have applied yourself, ese,

You’z a white snowflake lookin' ass bitch talkin' bout “white neighborhood” I grew up in da mean streets of NY, mah niggah. You prolly don’t take struggle showers and eat struggle sandwiches like me.


I ain’t playin' cuz. We gotta eat ice cubes with bread and poke holes in a water bottle.

Cid wrote:

Duck Butter wrote: Every single fucking time I sleep I have a vivid nightmare of my house only there are realistic titans everywhere.Its me and my friends running for out lives from these giant fuckers but in the end its useless no matter how far you run they get you and eat your ass then I wake up.

The nightmares keep getting weirder each night.My house was some magic safe zone from the titans so everyone and me.To make things weirder my mind has started conjuring up realistic version of AoT characters in my nightmares and I fucked Mikasa before she was killed by a titan.

My dad opens the door and a titan comes in and kills him then I run like hell and my friend says we can beat them.I demonstrate by slugging a a titan bending down to eat me in the face.It was like 7 ftt tall.It did nothing so we ran.There as I ran I saw the psychotic crazed look on its face it wanted to eat my ass so bad.I didnt beg for mercy because i knew how mindless those things were so when I got exhausted I got eaten again.

Here is the weirder part I can remember every single detail of these nightmares except the sex part for some reason.So sometimes in the day I see the traumatizing images of giant titans coming over the horizon and then I slapped myself in the face to get ahold of myself.Im honestly terrified of titans now.

Its just so traumatizing make it stop I dont want them to eat me in my nightmares.I cant take it anymore its just I wet my pants too many times and shat myself once.Make it stop plz god make it stop.

Rage wrote:

Crown wrote:

Yeah, no

You don’t fucking get to post my pictures without my permission, lol


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