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Name: Butt Stallion


Last seen: 03-15-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-02-2013

Posts: 6,472

Location: -RESTRICTED-


Hobbies: -DELETED-

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HUNTER: the Roleplay

Previously known as

Maice until 01-08-2015
Timruto until 03-13-2015
Butt Stalion until 03-13-2015

04-23-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Never knew you were Orgy's alt."

03-10-2015 from Phillip left bye
thumbs-up "You too :)"

02-16-2015 from Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Naruto fan. Believe it..."

02-15-2015 from Snap

02-11-2015 from Han Solo
thumbs-up "i learn something too :)"

01-30-2015 from Souls
thumbs-down "Offensive"

01-17-2015 from Kakacarrotcake
thumbs-up "<3"

01-08-2015 from -Fantom-

12-31-2014 from Gats

12-24-2014 from B.J. Titty-Banger
thumbs-up "Argues well and pisses of Mata."

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Good luck with that. Even if you paid us all, I doubt you'd get the regularity you're looking for. I want to see it recover too,...

The two headed down the ancient-looking stairs one after another, each step groaning under them. The guard rails were long gone, with o...

That was an easy thread lol

Kedra chuckled a bit and distanced himself just a bit. The pair walked on for miles, and the terrain went from being flat grasslan...

"...No, not really," Kedra politely declined the offer. He was significantly less excited about seeing the world at this poin...

"The name's Kedra," he said just a bit hesitantly. Hunter's introduction unnerved him just a bit. "If you've slain be...

Telekinesis. You can use it the same way as invisibility, but you have an alibi because you're standing over here when shit happens ove...

Wtf is that set?

Kedra sighed in relief, then bowed back. "That's the spirit!"; He said, grinning like an idiot. He packed up his iron-tippe...

User Page

Cid wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Cid wrote:

Executor wrote: Be careful Ran

They’re probably conspiring against you, like Cid and Kinasin did with Sheko

Watch your back, wherever you go

Everybody knows I want Raniero demoted, banned, and blacklisted.



Han Solo wrote:

Zemoco wrote: If Harry was lightspeed, then why did he have trouble with the Dragon at the Tri Wizard tournament? How are the spectators during Quiditch able to see them? How come their bodies don’t spontaneously combust?

And why would it take so long to find the Hocruxes if they have MFTL brooms?

And even if Goku got hit by Avada Kevara, while he was having a stroke and his head was caved in. What’s to stop Goku from using IT to return to the living world and slapping Voldemort across the face with his dick?


Based Sheko wrote:

AIDB wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

AIDB wrote: I give my heart and my pics only to hardened moose-riding Canadian men who own a modern igloo mansion. Who qualifies?

ayo gurl i got dis hardened moose DICk aaaaaaahhhh haha where da party at?! #CanadaSwag #SnowThugs

How big is your igloo, handsome?

shiiit i live in ma mommas igloo but u still b beggin for dis KLONDIKE D know what ayum sayin?! yooooo get dis!

-Sheko- wrote:

Maice wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Maice wrote:

Les Matadors wrote:
Sure thing, I’ll take your opinion over professionals.

What’s the point in debating if you’re just gonna pucker up your asshole every time someone makes a point you can’t refute?

His uncle dropped the D-bomb on his anus.

And then a second one before he could do anything to stop it, apparently.

3 days later. His pride kept him from surrendering.

Cid wrote:

Lord Xehanort wrote:

Sid the Blob wrote:

Lord Xehanort wrote:

Cid the Blob wrote: I would eat each and every one of you if I could actually move around.


Sephiroth >>>>>>>>>>> Haloverse

Megatron? Is that you?

You suck at this. straight

B.J. Titty-Banger wrote: Two hours ago i would say “no." I an considerably drunker than i was two hours ago.

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