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Name: The Exorcist


Last seen: 05-03-2015

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Registration date: 10-27-2013

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Age: 16

Location: Wisconsin

Hobbies: Reading Manga and playing video games

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beelzebub64 until 12-27-2013

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What the hell are you doing on my page!?

Manga top ten:

10.The God of Highschool
9.Kongou Banchou
7.D. Gray Man
6.Yu Yu Hakusho
5.Jojos Bizarre Adventure
3.One piece
1.Katekyo Hitman Reborn


10.Hunter x Hunter 2011
9.D.Gray Man
8.Fairy Tail
5.Yu Yu Hakusho
4.One Piece
2.The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Other Manga I like:

12.Medaka Box
11.Fairy Tail
10.Busou Renkin
9.Nanatsu no Taizai
7.Gonjiki No Gash Bell
5.Rave Master
4.Cage of Eden
3.Houshin Engi
2.Eye Shield 21
1.Shaman King






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D.Gray Man



One Piece

Yu Yu Hakusho

Shaman King

Kongou Banchou

JoJos Bizarre Adventure

Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Fairy Tail

Bleach (I use to but not anymore, There’s also a lot of Bleach wank on MvC)

Medaka Box (When Medaka Is involved)

Kinny cakes wrote: Right, because some goofy fucking faggot who busted a small ass mountain is taking on people who can destroy whole islands and basically make over one hundred lightspeed kuma paws are gonna lose to some blond bitch with no speed feats.

Crayons wrote: I dont wank

I Dplay and the bait happen!

and when it happen

the result

would be

multiple pages

E.O.S wrote: Oh, all the “this is just too deep” and the “you just don’t understand it like i do” kids are here. I can literally feel the angst coming through my computer screen.


Because I have to copy and paste this [b][u]ALOT

juniorsworld wrote: Watch closely.

First time Itachi used Amaterasu.
Next time we see it, there are no trees.
Closer view.

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