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Name: The Beast Within


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Story of Cid’s life

Cid wrote:

The Beast Within wrote:

Cid wrote:

The Beast Within wrote:

Cid wrote:

The Beast Within wrote:

Cid wrote:

Hey, guess what? I’m a moderator. I get to make the call whether or not the thread’s current conversation is worth keeping in the main forums or not.

And guess what? That thread had a better subject than yours.

So fuck off.

#2 - Flaming: Try to stay civil.

6 - Flaming)
As with 5, avoid excessive flaming. Flame-battles between two people that last for more than 1-2 pages are highly discouraged. This generally translates to 10-20 posts for one user, consecutive or in close proximity.


Ok good to know you’re still breaking your own rules smiley

I told you to fuck off once in one post, kiddo.

Now fuck off. (that’s twice)

Cussing people out is fine as long as it’s not flaming LOL

I’m just going to be completely honest with you here.

I’m Cid.

That’s important. Because I’m Cid that means you’re not going to get me demoted, you’re not going to get me banned, and you’re not going to get me in trouble. In fact, any attempts to do so will essentially just lead to your own permanent ban by the hands of an admin.

Choose your battles wisely, this is one that’s impossible for you to win. Many have tried, all have failed kiddo. You won’t be the exception.

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