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Had to post this lol. wrote: Welcome Naruto fans. This message is in anticipation of your visit to this comment section.

Now that your series is concluded (at least for the time being), many of you are probably searching for new series to read, and that search has brought you here, to the comments of the latest Bleach chapter. This post will serve as an introduction to this community of commentators. While I am unfamiliar with the culture in the Naruto comments, we here at Bleach have a rather unusual and complex society of readership that might be confusing to newcomers. I will highlight some of the unusual traits and nuances of our community.

First, everyone here hates Bleach. You probably think that’s a typing mistake, but I assure you, we all DESPISE this series. In fact, many here go out of their way to be among the first to comment on each week, so they can tell everyone else what they hated most in each chapter. While this might seem contradictory, I assure you it makes perfect sense and that these people are normal and in no way are in need of psychiatric evaluation on the grounds of lunacy. They are just more devoted than the rest of us and should be held in the highest regard as haters whose dedication has in no way made them slaves to something they supposedly detest so greatly. They inspire us to continue this great circlejerk of animosity.

Speaking of which, circlejerks. This comments section is basically one big circlejerk of hatred. What this means is that all your comments should be devoid of originality. If what you are about to say has not already been said, stop. If need be, you can go back to the comments from previous chapters and copy/paste, replacing character names and events where nessisary. Basically, when I view your comment, I should say to myself “boy, I feel like I’ve read that before”. If you really can’t find an appropriate comment to reuse, you may have to improvise and make your own. Common complaints you can use are:

the art is bad
the writing is bad
this character is too strong
this character is too weak
this character is too strong again
this fantasy series is unrealistic
the science in this fantasy series that features soul eating monsters and Shinigami is screwed up
the series is moving too slow
the series is moving too fast
the series isn’t over

There are plenty of other examples you may come across. Feel free to shamelessly use them. If you find yourself in a truly desperate situation, you may resort to comments devoid of not only originality, but also intelligence. Perhaps the most common of these is “Why am I still reading this?" Other examples include “I’m not even really reading the chapters anymore”, “why do I do this to myself”, “I’m just waiting for the series to be over”, and “at least we aren’t paying for this”. You can also make a prediction about something that is obviously going to happen. Generally, these should be what you would expect in almost any shonen manga and should follow the general fighting manga formula. Make sure you word these in a sarcastic summary form that, at a glance, makes you seem more clever than you actually are.

Speaking of summary form, we will now discuss one of the pride and joys of our community here: Alternating X/Y summaries. These are the pinnacle of our techniques to demonstrate our distaste for this series. X and Y usually represent characters or events from the chapter. These summaries generally follow this formula:

X does something
Y doe something
X does something
Y does something
X does something

an example:

Ichigo lands a hit
Byakuya lands a hit
Ichigo lands a surprise hit and lets his guard down
Byakuya lands a hit and prepares a final attack
Ichigo urns the tables

Basically, this is a standard summary done in a way that is as convoluted and perplexing as possible, but feel free to try and come up with something even more ridiculous and unnecessary. Formatting can vary greatly with these. An alternative is WXYZ summaries. These are as follows:

W happens
X happens
Y happens
Z happens

Again just a basic summary designed to help weasel your way into the ongoing circlejerk. Make sure you are as sarcastic and condescending as possible when using either of these summaries to mask your lack of competence. Also, be sure to pretend that these tropes only exist and Bleach and are found nowhere in the other manga you read.

Lastly, let’s discuss author Tite Kubo. Be sure when you bring him up to talk about how he’s “given up”, or “not even trying anymore”. Be sure to poke as many holes in his story as possible over analyze very detail. Be mad when he kills characters, and even more upset if they come back to life. Basically, hold a grudge against him for forcing you to come here each week and read his manga. If anyone questions your motivations about this, you can try responding “I’ve already gotten this far, I might as well finish it”. Ignore anyone who points out the lack of common sense in investing further time in something you hate.

I hope this will be of help to you new readers, and know that we’re happy to have you. In closing, while I know the way people here act may seem illogical and sometime downright moronic...............

Ozymandias wrote: “Haschwalth, you take Naruto. Uryu, you take One Piece.“

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