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03-01-2015 from Atheist
thumbs-up "Don't worry we're all freaks for miss Monae."

02-28-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime

02-27-2015 from jonnty6
thumbs-up "Janelle Monae lawd"

01-26-2015 from PrinceMontana
thumbs-up "gimme sonic dx cut D:"

01-25-2015 from Hell no
thumbs-down "lol"

01-18-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Rephresh"

01-15-2015 from Blocky
thumbs-up "The guy who give rep 2 years ago. Maybe."

01-09-2015 from Nappa stomps
thumbs-down "Shitty set"

01-09-2015 from Mucho
thumbs-down "Cooler is shit"

01-06-2015 from Eiyu O
thumbs-up "Are you an ass man?"

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Han Solo wrote: o i concede guess i got own sad

The Nerd wrote: Jenny has the strength of million and seventy men.

Farmer was a below average human, so we’ll just go with his pl of 5.

5 times 1,000,070 would be a pl of about 5,000,350 shes Frieza saga strong.

Magikarp. wrote:

Zemoco wrote: I’m experimenting.

That’s what guys say right before they let their girlfriend play with their ass a little during sex

Then before they know it their regularly being tied and and dildo fucked

Save yourself now

Zemoco wrote:

here’s proof on why I think he is:


Vegeta displayed gigantic power, capable of destroying the Earth

This was simply powering up, and before his Galick Gun was even unveiled.

Goku hadn’t even used Kaioken yet. As soon as he did, he handed Vegeta his ass, so most likely Vegeta wasn’t at full power when he powered up.

Next is the Beam Struggle.

Goku’s attack overpowered a planetbuster

Goku then says:

So Goku said that if all it took was his own planetbusting KHH to beat Vegeta, then he wouldn’t have had too much problems with Vegeta.

Finnaly, Vegeta tanking the SPirit bomb in combination with the other damage before.

Spirit Bomb confirmed to destroy the planet:

Genki-Dama [Spirit Ball]
First Appearance: Chapter 212
Category: ki manipulation
People: Son Goku
Special Characteristics: The Genki-Dama is a technique that gathers the energy held by grass and trees, humans and animals, objects and the atmosphere, and then fires it. A Genki-Dama gathered from only Kaio Planet had the destructive power to smash a super-speed brick. From this, in the case of a Genki-Dama made on Earth, if you consider the Earth’s size plus the ability to make energy from the sun your ally, it would certainly have the force to destroy a planet. However, it has the weakness that it makes you defenseless until fired. (Daizenshuu 2, p.211/Daizenshuu 4, p.111)

Here we go again

1.) he used the Kanji for lightning ( Kaminari雷 )
2.) Lightning was mentioned frequently by Goku and Popo
3.) he mentioned the air, sky, and the atmosphere as well
4.) Popo hasnít been known to exaggerate or use similes before, not to mention heís speaking Japanese, so why would he use English similes?
5.) Master Roshi real electricity, which gives credibility that he wasnít talking about magic lighnting, something never mentioned.
6.) He works for a person with planet level awareness
7.) Popo has a carpet that can move at sub-reletavistic speeds, so why would he exaggerate about lighnting when he physically owns something that could leave it in itís dust thousands of times over?

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