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Name: See You Space Cowboy


Last seen: 09-30-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 01-06-2006

Posts: 82,324

Age: 25

Location: Alabama

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What's For Dinner?

Previously known as

Cid until 06-24-2012
See You Space Cowboy until 09-09-2012
Cid until 03-28-2013
Legends Never Die until 10-30-2013
Cid until 06-30-2015

03-09-2016 from Renna
thumbs-up "401th :)"

02-21-2016 from Dessy Spy from hell

06-19-2015 from Madoka
thumbs-up "#400"

06-19-2015 from Wooper
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06-19-2015 from Gyarados
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06-19-2015 from Wynaut
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06-19-2015 from Wobbuffet
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06-19-2015 from Gats

06-19-2015 from The Danger
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06-19-2015 from Sephiroth
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Nue Houjuu wrote: `Be that word our sign of parting, shank or fiend!' I shrieked upstarting -
`Get thee back into the tempest and the Night’s Plutonian shore!
Leave no knife as a token of that shank thy soul hath commit!
Leave my heart unstabbed! - quit the bust above my door!
Take thy knife from out my heart, and take thy shank from off my door!'
Quoth the Tonberry, `Nevermore.'

The Butcher wrote:

Raniero wrote: Being a bit more humble would be nice, Cid...

You don’t know Cid it seems >.>.

Squark the majestic penguin wrote: Me and Cid are gonna get all da bitches yo

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Shower wrote:

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Speed of crusading Darkness wrote:

Lord Edgar.. wrote: LOL SOD’s thread just got Debunked with lack of caring from Cid. that’s hilarious...

Fuck you.

Pfftt Suck my dick and drown from the waterslide. smiley

is that a death threat?

Hey, its his throat, its whether he lifts his head up or not.. So its not my problem he might risk his life.

Cid wrote:

Kuja9001 wrote:

Cid wrote:

Kuja9001 wrote: It says “Special Arts” for SN and since when did it mean the same thing as a summon?

Since it behaves in the same way as every other summon in the game.

Stop with the petty arguments, Kuja. I would hope you’re at least better than that to regurgitate the same debunked ones over and over.

That doesn’t really mean anything.

Kuja’s logic

> looks like a summon
> acts like a summon
> Official description says it’s summoned

> Obviously not a summon

And you say my logic is flawed. Lmao

Mengsk wrote: ITT:

Cid wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote: -random stupid shit that no one cares about-

KIlluminatic wrote: His Majesty is the greatest anime-related creation Japan has ever produced, yes, but at the end of the day he’s Japanese. Being the sweetest-smelling piece of shit in the toilet doesn’t mean he’s not still just a piece of shit.

Creation of All Things wrote:

Broli wrote:

Zeed and Cid trying to get me smiley Not going to happen

Cid getting you smiley

Broli wrote:

Cid wrote: And then you said something that wasn’t utterly cancerous to human beings as a whole.

Well Sir that is a hell of a dream, But sorry it would never become a reality smiley

The Doom wrote:

Broli wrote:

Getting rid of Cid has become much harder

Cid is evil.

I’m a Sith Lord now.

Yoda Doom wrote:

Mace Broli wrote:
“Getting rid of Darth Cid has become has become much more difficult than we imagined.“

“Hmmm. Right you are. Evil the Cid is.“

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