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Name: KankerHomo


Last seen: 06-03-2015

Account type: Regular

Banned permanent from VS. General Chat

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Registration date: 08-01-2013

Posts: 7,131

Age: 19

Location: The Netherlands

About: Im rockin rolliez

Hobbies: ur GAYO

Reputation: 90thumbs-up

Previously known as

Chakravartin until 08-28-2013
Kyouka Suigetsu until 04-27-2014
GanjuDaGanjaMasta until 11-01-2014

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03-06-2015 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "Sinbad >;>>"

03-05-2015 from znjfl
thumbs-up "Welcome back."

03-05-2015 from Tokusatsu
thumbs-up "Cool dude"

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Raniero wrote:

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote:


Han Solo wrote: Fall of Ophanim

one time was boy call rafman love dbz and broly

he join mvc to debate and insult people family

i let go for he seem harmless

but eventual become total consume by darkness

now only empty shell where soul use to be

harbringer of hate and black coffee

please pray for person i speak of is Ophanim!

dbzstan path he trod and now left worse than gollum...

so let lesson be warning to all

play with mftl goku and surely will Fall!

by Han Solo

Ladd wrote:

GanjuDaGanjaMasta wrote:

Aoi Kunieda is a shit character wrote:

Kurosaki wrote: When I watch Bleach and hear Ichigo’s background music, I become soooooo full of energy that I literally feel like swinging my sword around and fighting like him

Face it. Bleach is so good that even haters of the series like you and TSR read it grin

Wow. Thats gotta be one of the faggiest things I’ve ever read. lmao.

holy shit I missed that

I was right about BL spazzing.

Holy shit, I missed that too.
That’s fucking great. Lmfao

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