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Name: Jigga


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Uchiha Sharingan Itachi wrote:

what would have happenened if he he were alive, rus

Snap wrote: Unrelated to anime or manga, I just became vice-president of my college’s brony club.


Magnum Bookworm wrote: He just shot himself in the foot :/.

Now he’s a black lolicon who has a fetish for rainbow ponies bugeye.

Raniero wrote:

Snap wrote: Unrelated to anime or manga, I just became vice-president of my college’s brony club.


HayIias wrote:

Snap wrote: Unrelated to anime or manga, I just became vice-president of my college’s brony club.


Snap wrote: In hindsight, I should’ve kept that to myself.

Hispanic Overlord Jarred wrote: He stared at Goku and Goku looked back at him.
Ran licked his lips. “Ah, right. Well—that was—.”
“Ran—” Goku claimed his mouth again.
This time the kiss lasted a lot longer, and soon they were sprawled on their nest of blankets, knees and thighs interwoven, hands moving feverishly as they explored each other’s mouths.
“Christ, you’re so hot,” Ran gasped. One of Goku’s hands was down the back of his pants, the other cupping the back of his head, fingers woven through his hair.
Goku groaned as Ran wormed his hand between the buttons of his shirt. “I thought you’d finally left me,” he murmured between kisses. “I thought I’d lost you.”
“No, nope.” Ran deepened the kiss. “No. I can’t believe—I can’t believe you want me.”
Goku nipped at his lips before whispering against them, low and harsh, “Don’t ever leave me, Ran.”
“No, no. Won’t,” he assured, drawing his mouth down over Goku’s jaw and throat. “God, I want you. Can I have you? Can we have sex? Do you want to?”
Goku groaned, “Ran,” and rolled Ran onto his back in one swift movement, bracing himself over him and taking his mouth again.
It was messy and clumsy and Ran found himself blushing more than once but then so did Goku, and they fumbled at clothing and bumped knees and jabbed elbows but what they lacked in finesse they made up for in enthusiasm. It was a new experience entirely, Ran discovered, to have Goku’s mouth map your body with heated, needy kisses. It was a new experience altogether to be able to run your hands over Goku’s slim waist and hear him groan as you sucked a lovely purple bruise onto his throat. And it was yet another new experience to have Goku Son’ deep voice begging against your ear as you fucked into his fist and he fucked into yours.
“Please, Ran, please, oh—more, yes, oh—don’t stop, don’t, don’t—Ran—”
“Oh God, Goku—”
Afterwards, they both lay panting in front of the fire. Goku, breathless and flushed, looked like a sodding painting with the firelight painting his skin golden, his nude body a picture of recent debauchery. He gazed at Ran unashamedly.
“That was brilliant,” Ran said, unable to hold back a grin. “You’re brilliant.”
Goku ran his knuckles along Ran’s ribs and his lips twitched into an answering smile. “My Ran.”


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