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DBZ vs Games
This thread is so dead .... WEEK !!!!!!!!!

01-19-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "You were hilarious. @Phob he's never coming back. He left on his own."

01-06-2015 from Ryan Burns

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thumbs-up "Feel free to return. ^^"

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thumbs-up "Castlevania"

10-13-2014 from Marnie
thumbs-up "well farewell, you've been fun. Sad you had to leave. :/"

09-30-2014 from Frenzy.
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09-30-2014 from Crimson.
thumbs-up "Green on top :o"

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Hey there

Best thread in the lands
Hah hah hah
Gay sex orgy or something
Han Solo is incredible:
FMA has an omnipotent:
Oh Kagami
Do not fuck with Peth
Another anus wrecked
Best thread ever or greatest thread ever? You be the judge
Why is Superman so bawse?
Oh, Shiro
So heartwarming:
Why is Eien such a fucking retard?

My past sets for them:

You Should Show Me Some Respect

Truth, Justice, & The American Way

[b]Eye Of The Tiger

The Best There Is At What I Do

I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me

Cyrus' Hopes And Dreams

The Humanoid Typhoon

#Pizza Girl

Storming High In The Sky

#Reaper Chop!

#Red Reploid

#Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru


#Tiny Miniskirts!


#Say My Name

#Don’t forget me!

My theme song:

Champion Lance wrote:

Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star wrote: A short story between Tez and Ran. Might edit it later.

It was a hot Summer day. Tired of their constant flame wars on the internet, Raniero and Tezcatlipoca decided to settle their differences like men. By meeting at a junkyard and fighting to the death. Now, Raniero didn’t know it, but Tez was a master at Muay Thai and Boxing. So when Ran attacked, naturally, he got his ass handed to him.

Slowly, but surely, all of Tez’s attacks were blowing off pieces of Ran’s clothing, until finally, Ran’s virgin bootyhole was exposed. Tez grinned. “My, my. What is this?" It was at that moment when lightning from the sky struck Tez. Raniero couldn’t believe his eyes. Tez was now wearing a Thor costume, complete with all of Thor’s accessories. Tez then whipped out his 20 foot penis, covered in electricity. Tez then bent Ran over. “Are you ready?"

Tez then plundered into Ran’s anus. Each thrust made Tez feel like he was in Asgard. “By Odin’s might! I have never felt an anus so tight!" Each thrust also made Raniero feel good. The electricity surging through his prostate. He thought he couldn’t take it anymore. But then, he remembered about his favorite female Animu character, Revy. He remembered how Ravy got buttraped. He remembered how he promised his Revy love pillow that he wouldn’t suffer her fate. That promise was now broken. Raniero was pissed.

At that moment, some thing snapped inside of Raniero’s head. Before Tez could finish, Ran grabbed Tez by his 20 footer and slammed him into the ground, causing the universe to shake.

Raniero said, “For too long you’ve molested the anus' of men. No more. It ends now." At that moment, Raniero revealed his very own 20 foot penis. Covered in ki. “Let me tell you something about us DBZ Fans. We’re the greatest. None of you bitch-ass faggots can handle us. We’re gods." Raniero began to power up. “As you’ve seen, my penis is 20 feet in my Base Form. Well, this is how big it gets when I transform. AAAAARRRRRGGGG!!!" Tez couldn’t believe his eyes. Raniero’s cock grew 50x it’s normal size. It was now at 1000 feet. “This is a Super Dick Level 1. But that’s not all." He powered up again. “And I can go beyond even that.AAAAARRRRRGGGG!!!” Raniero’s penis now grew again. This time it was multiplied by 2. Giving him a 2000 foot penis. “This is a Super Dick Level 2. AND. THIS. IS. WHEN. I. GO. BEYOND. EVEN. THAAAT!!! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” As he powered up, the entire multiverse began to implode. The last transformation is finished. Ran’s penis size multiplied again. This time, by 4. Giving him an 8000 foot penis. “Sorry for the wait. I’ve never used this transformation before. Anyways, this is a Super Dick Level 3."

Tez was terrified. “Now, shall we begin?" Tez gulped. Raniero smirked and then lunged his 8000 foot Super Dick inside of Tez’s asshole. The anal pounding continued for days. Each time Tez got tired, Ran gave him some ki to keep going. Tez had multiple orgasms, but Raniero hadn’t had one. Oh no. He was saving. It.

Finally, Ran reached his breaking point. “Tez, I’m gonna cum!" Tez’s eyes widened. “Please don’t! Please, spare me!" Raniero’s penis began to power up.

Ran: “"

Tez: “No...."

Ran “"

Tez: “No, no, no."



Tez didn’t get to finish. Ran’s Kamehamecock sent Tez flying at MFTL++++++++ speeds. Out-speeding even the Flash and Sonic. Tez was then wounded, floating in space, when the Kamehamecock finally exploded. Destroying 1213523 quadrillion Omniverses.

Tez said in a raspy, weak voice, “I’ll be baaaaack."

Raniero looked up into the sky, smiling. “I’ll be waiting."

Raniero then walked off into the sunset.


Extra Zero wrote: “Alright, Mr..... Ether? What the fuck kind of name is that? You’re such a loser, anyway, your prison sentence is up. You’re free to go."

“NAH NIGGA, my name is hella fresh, peeeeeeeeeeeace”

Ether walked out the door to his cell as Bubba glared at him from across the hallway. He made his way past the numerous jail cells as the stench of old shit and dried semen permeated the air.

“free at least, nigga nigga nigga niq” he quickly reverted to his native tongue as he stepped outside into the not so fresh air of the ghetto. Little did he know there would be someone waiting for him.


“Shut the fuck up, Tunnels, fore I punch your head off a thousand times in a nanosecond”

“That’s my line bitch” Tunnel Snakes was obviously angry; he waited 4 yours for Ether’s jail sentence to be up and this was how he repaid him? Unbelievable

“n e ways lil niqqa were u wanna go now?"

“we can head back to my p-place and watch FATE ZERO THE GREATEST ANIME OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!"

“Nigga fuck that shit, lmao, ur such a weab, bby gurl”

“I’m not a girl, bitch” Tunnels was fed up with the insults

He tossed Ether to the ground in a Herculean feat of strength, wrestling Ether’s clothes off in the process

“I waited for years for your dumbass, it’s about time I get a lil sumthin sumthin”

“niqqa noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Ether pleaded for mercy as Tunnels ripped his pants off

“Baby I’ve been waiting so long for this”

He took his eleven inch shaft and forced it down Ether’s throat as he squirmed in pain, the asphyxiation already starting to take place. In and out and in and out, each time the massive cock going deeper and deeper into Atheist’s ashy throat. You could see a bulge as it went down.

After several minutes of this torture, Ether passed out from the Oxygen deprivation, but TSR just laughed and laughed. Finally, after an hour, TSR came, and Ether’s stomach looked like a damn blowfish by the time Tunnels was through with him.

By this point Atheist was dead, but TSR was a sick fuck, so he just kept going. He tore Ether’s asshole in two after ramming his cock in as far as it would go.

“THIS IS FOR MAKING FUN OF ME ALL THOSE YEARS! WHO’S THE BITCH NOW, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" Tunnels screamed, giddy with pleasure as he kept penetrating deeper and deeper.

Finally he was done, but he didn’t want to leave Ether’s body lying in the street like this. He lifted his cock up and let it smash down on top of Ether’s body, vaporizing it instantly, then crept home to play his precious Fate/Stay Night and watch Zero for the one hundred and fifth time.

Pocket Rocket wrote: The sun was blistering on that tropical afternoon. R3 awoke on an unknown island after being thrown off a cruise ship for punching a guy for saying “bless you” when he sneezed. He gazed around the deserted beach for any signs of life. He wandered the beach until he stumbled upon a cluster of huge rocks. He became alarmed when he saw that shit-caked handprints were all over the rocks, almost polka dotting them even.

“My keen medical instincts are telling me that a very unwell individual lives in this island. Probably a Christian too." R3 remarked. R3 wandered into the jungle along the coastline to vent some anger out while he thought up a way to escape the island. So he did what came natural to him, he started denting trees with his left arm. Tree after tree, punch after punch, it was like a bloodbath with woodchips. Until he looked back and noticed something. All the trees he dented had dropped bananas.

“How very peculiar, most peculiar indeed." R3 examined. He ventured about half a mile further until the banana trees thinned out into a small clearing with a lone cabana in the center. Little did R3 know, he had stumbled upon KoS' fabled Banana Cabana. It was then that R3 heard a pig-like squeal of rage and out of the tree line opposite him, KoS came bursting out. He was wearing a tinfoil hat and running on all fours, a banana peel peaking out of his back pocket.

“Get away from me, you government spy!" KoS shrieked. “What’s the meaning of all this tomfoolery? Who are you?" asked R3. “Don’t play your head games with me, Sheko!" KoS barked back in reply as he continued his wild animalistic charge. R3 cocked his left forearm like a shotgun and sighed as he said “So be it then...".

Who wins this titanic clash of ego and paranoia?

let the wank begin

The Alchemist wrote: Megatron’s Sephiroth maybe a better match.

Want feats?

Megatron wrote: Sephiroth is supernova+ in both attack potency and durability, is a very casual lightning timer, has telekinesis strong enough to move Earth, can absorb life energy of entire planets, somewhat like Galactus, has flight, mind- and soul-rape, intangibility, infinite stamina, all kinds of magic available in his verse and interdimensional travel, at least to some extent. In his final incarnation he’s basically god-tier.

Megatron wrote: Sephiroth’s slashes are supernova+. Yes, he’s stronger than his own limit

ggggggggggg wrote: Yu Yu Hakusho beats dbz.

The tremors from Vegito vs Buu caused some small hills to shake. S class crumbles billions of tons of rock with an aftershock of a casual punch.

Maximum D wrote: I imagine it would be bothersome to have scratchy pubes in your butthole

Duck Butter wrote: Its time we went back to our natural habitat in the ocean and went gup gup mother fucker.

Lets teach those sharks a lesson they were our predators for 200 million years now we will grip them and bend them over and fuck them in the fish ass till they bleed all over the ocean.We will dance and swim in the blood bath and slice holes in our necks to get our gills.

Its time to reclaim our animal side.

Lets go to Africa and swing on some trees my humans.

Lord Lucifer Morningstar wrote: Sora calls Goofy to beat Crono to death with his shield while Donald makes mean faces.

E.O.S wrote: The funny thing is most people are just taking the rep virginity of their own alts. Just like real life the only action they get is masturbation.

Snap wrote:

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: Hi im Chris and im 5’2, skinny, i have infected zits all over my body and i have a large unibrow with tons and tons of back hair. I have a very small penis and im very weak. And sadly i get picked on alot at school. You can email me at

More accurate than him being in med school.

Sir Phantom wrote: No wait, I spoke too soon.

Just imagine what was going through this guy’s head.

“Oh, he called me a faggot for being a part of the rep virginity train. I’ll show him I’m not a faggot by doing the very exact thing I’m being called a faggot for! This’ll show him."

Fucking priceless. lol

ShredGuitarManiac wrote: You can’t even speel outlier correctly.

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

harjapaa wrote: Hype and translation errors allowed for team 1.


Cid wrote:

Rython wrote: Come now, Bloodedge.

Let us have a sporting good debate. Because sooner or later, you’re going to have to come here and...

Deal with it.

Rython wrote:

Mu wrote: Nigga you softer than cotton.

The ladies like their men soft though, I must admit.

Rython wrote:

Mu wrote: Nigga you softer than cotton.

The ladies like their men soft though, I must admit.

Roxas wrote: Snap’s all like

ssjgoolong wrote: hey guys i’m proto
you know what was a bad movie? Drive
you know what was a great movie? Grown Ups 2


The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Wobbuffet wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Wobbuffet wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote: Was there some sort of announcement on a new movie or is this just a circle jerk

It’s a circle-jerk

Don’t listen to anything people say or pay attention to the links they post

All the links have maleware and will cause you to be molested in your sleep

You aren’t doing a good job of convincing me NOT to click them

I meant that you’d get raped by a woman


Lord lash wrote: I say Samus because shes a freaking real women, handled Sexism like a champ, shes the superior bounty hunter even admiral w/e gave her a head shake like “I know the rest will fuck up, so its up to you” , Killed 2 planets and a dimension, has a heart and allowed animals on her quest/Ship that well could have been sneaky X copies, saved the freaking universe, shes a loner, etc etc.....

I think her actions/Balls along with looks is what makes her fucking sexy as Hell~

Bad Man. wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Lahar wrote:

Flame Saber wrote:

Lahar wrote:

Flame Saber wrote: Twatsu whored 2 reps today.

You sound like a broken record.

Rep whore smiley


Roxas wrote:

Batgod wrote: Bleach is a mixed of Inuyasha, Shaman King and YYH.

With an extra dose of faggot stirred in.

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Shu-ulath wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Shu-ulath wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Shu-ulath wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Shu-ulath wrote: If you people want to explain how good FMA is, actually try to explain why that is. Like the themes it tries to get across and how developed the characters are.

I really love the sense of irony the homunculi convey, I mean seriously just look back at each homunculus death and really think about it. Sloth dying from working too hard? Gluttony getting eaten? Fukken genius

Envy committing suicide because he envies human relationships and bonding.

Greed sacrificing his life for somebody else.

What was ironic about Lust’s death again?

Killed by an attractive man
She also represents bloodlust as well as sexual lust, yet she decided to stop right before impaling her finger nail through Roy’s brain, and just let him live rather than taking him with her.

besides her appearance I don’t think she did anything overtly sexual tbh, although I could be wrong about that.

she should have died of AIDS after having sex for the first time, with her husband, at 23 years old - that would be ironic

Casey Veggies wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: Did somebody say jerkle circ?

Calm down Proto. You might be a complete weirdo, a half wapanese, and a walking piece of seething, uncontrollable, hipster-criticism, but atleast you know who you are:

Not a weeab circle jerking bum. An individual wink.

Never change.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Count Alucard wrote: Proto Dude and Pocket Rocket also got butthurt at me because I didn’t feel bad about fucking a younger girl that lied about her age.

You got butthurt enough to make a (very long) thread about a neg rep.

Snap wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: Finished Oreimo. Words can not describe how badly I want to take Kirino from behind.

I want her on her knees in front of me.

So I can split her skull with an ax.

Wade wrote:

Cid wrote: I remember that time when Mario destroyed a star, wrecked havoc across a galaxy, and saved Pimpin' Princess Peach from the multiversal King Koopa.

Mario also saved the world from Wart the Frog’s “Dream Machine” which supposedly turned his desires into reality...

...but then Mario woke up...

-Sheko- wrote: A slow wind blows through my long silvery hair as I approach my prey.

Ooo, what lovely asses to take." He removes the masamune, unzips his pants and charges forward with the lust of 10 Clay Aikens.

Based Sheko wrote:

Roccos Modern Life wrote: Then who is putting the hyperlinks(spyware) in my browser page? This only started popping up when I changed browsers back to firefox. I even used incognito to get away from your hacking and still it pops up. So clearly you’re better than I thought.

Bro I’m gone in a few keystrokes. Here’s what my desktop looks like-

ThatGuyWhoLikesVideoGames wrote:

AIDB wrote:

Zeed wrote:

Anakin Solo. wrote:

the truth goku wrote: Since the same people show up on my threads all the time and for some reason I you hate DBZ and I want to know why

Please give an actual explanation and not just that you hate it for no reason and if that is the case you have obviously never seen it

Because it copied Naruto.



It did. Bills is a dog and Kurama is a fox. See any similarities?

Lumberjack wrote:

Shinji Ikari wrote: I just saw my brother watching an episode where there is a chick named Dirty Boots who gets stronger the dirtier her boots are.

AgentOrange wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote:



Dude. You’re using “The Dan Hibiki” as your internet handle; you might as well call yourself “kick Me”. I mean “Dan Hibiki” is bad enough on its own because of the unmistakable smell of failure and shame that always linger around it, but going that extra length and really emphasizing that you’re the one and only Eternal Punching Bag, the Butt of the Joke, the Dan Hibiki, who is a complete and utter joke to the entire street fighter franchise and it’s fans, and in a totally overt way: the characters themselves are in on it. He was created to be hated, because the joke is always at the resident village idiot Dan Hibiki’s expense, and he knows it all too well, putting a tragic twist on the whole shebang, as Dan Hibiki’s narcissistic splitting is the only way he can survive a universe where he sucks so much as a human being that he’s outrun by E.Honda, outsmarted by Zangief and out-talked by Blanka, and to add insult to injury, his more than obvious raging man-crush on Ryu is constantly met with violence and scorn. He’d seriously off himself if they’d let him, too bad he’s stuck in a video game franchise where he will never be anything but a walking punchline. He' essentially a clone of a clone character but inferior in every way, designed to be visually nauseating as the rotten cherry on top: it’s as if the programmers created him on a dare to make a character who’s every aspect is worse and more unappealing than Ken’s mullet.

Are you even aware of what your username says about you to anybody just scrolling through the forum? Because all people see is THE Dan Hibiki, one of the most unlikable video game characters this side of Dracula in Ghost’s and Ghouls (make me replay the entire first half of the game will you? Motherfucker...). It does handicap you more than you realize, as you kind of do appear as that very same visibly handicapped mongoloid who is proudly walking around in public to show off his new bib. You might think you’re the coolest person in the world, but all people see is a mongoloid drooling on himself.

What on earth possessed you to pick that user name to begin with?
Are you really so pathetically tragic that you can relate to and identify with the ultimate loser? Sad...

Demi wrote: I could see Snap being like this IRL.

Sir Phantom wrote: Perhaps the two absolute worst fanbases on the entire planet go head to head.

The Sonic fanbase is known for it’s share of furries, pedophiles, and straight up autists who want the series to be Dragon Ball Z with rodents and robots. On top of that, they’re known for their endless amount of recolor fan-characters with dark and checkered pasts on Deviantart, their crippling inability to agree with even each other over which games are at least decent thanks to the amount of division Sega/Sonic Team has created by never sticking with a consistent style of gameplay after Sonic Adventure 2, and generally being the most unpleasable group of people you could imagine. This fanbase even has people who will defend the Sonic games that are objectively shitty, like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06, showing that quality is a foreign concept to this chunk of the fanbase.

The My Little Pony fanbase is by no means without it’s following of furries, pedophiles, and autists. Make no mistake about it. Rather than being divided, this fanbase functions with a hivemind cult mentality. Always trying to recruit new potential “Bronies” with their messages of “love and tolerate” while calling anybody who doesn’t approve ignorant haters. This fanbase also infests Deviantart with it’s copy/paste fan-characters, but takes it a step further by sticking their pony obsession into other works of fiction. Think of anything, your favorite show, game, book, etc. and there undoubtedly is a corrupted pony version of it made by some Brony somewhere on the internet. Nothing is safe from the cold hooves of these people. They even created a term for themselves, perpetuating the cult image they hold.

So when the gloves come off and the dust clears, which fanbase is more redeemable?

Snap wrote:

Raniero wrote: Wanting to protect a loli from perverts and the dangers of society =/= lolicon

Ran saving lolis like “Come here! You’re in danger out there! Get right in the van, you’ll be safe!“

Spiral wrote: The bricks you throw in the Last of Us have more character development and depth to them than the Chief does.

Eien no yoru wrote: Go pre crisis Darkseid, IG Doomsday, New 52 Thanos and strongest apocalypse.


The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: Death Note is shit anyways

Better than Code GayAss and Fullmetal Asshole Mist

thats not a bad idea wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Nena wrote:

Hellfighter wrote:
Brain dead people aren’t real

No, not really.
It’s not uncommon to pull the plug on braindead people.

Is your definition of a human based solely on what they look like?

If I was braindead I would want the plug pulled asap.

Then we better pull the plug quick.

War God Kratos wrote: I usually don’t swear, but FUCK this place! I’ll go ask on Yahoo Answers instead! You missed the chance to recruit a great new member, and it’s YOUR losses, NOT MINE!

Zacklaus wrote:

Ladd wrote: Why are the ones on this site so gay?

They’re trying to emulate the characters in the show.

Gremmy wrote: He uses substitution jutsu with Roy’s underwear and buttfucks him until he jizzes all his chakra out, the impact makes Roy implode and turn into a toilet.

WOW wrote: It’s fucking Friday Night, and you faggots are arguing about faggot cartoon characters.

Seriously. Just pull the trigger.

King Smiley wrote:

Rarity wrote:

King Smiley wrote:

Rarity wrote: I want to take a Neutral stance in this Alliance.

What about in the anti-animes alliance?

In my opinion Japan is a superior race in all ways, to America.

Creating an Anti-Anime Alliance is just a way of trying to soothe the fact that Anime is indeed superior to it’s Western counterpart which is trash excluding them portraying people of Asian descent.


-Sheko- wrote:

Professor Scientist M.D. wrote: Sheko what did I tell you about breaking little girls? Hmmm

I told you finish it in three pages or less.


Snap wrote:

Spiral wrote: A nice, innocent and friendly thread ruined by snap in literally one reply.

Cid wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Cid wrote: Why would anyone want Dan banned?

He said that Sephiroth is only an island buster at best.

He also thinks One Piece is quality and that Street Fighter is better than Mortal Kombat. But despite his bad taste, he’s still damn lovable.

Sir Phantom wrote:

Zacklaus wrote:

Shinji Ikari wrote: The awesome Link half cancels out the shitty Goku half, yeah.

You said earlier that Goku was the better character of the two.

ProD’oh Dude.

NearRyuzaki wrote:

PG13 wrote:

NearRyuzaki wrote:

PG13 wrote:

Purgatory wrote: so when can we ban this PG13 for making retarded threads?

Well, that’s not happening.

We can always hope. ¬¬

False hope isn’t a good thing.

Well neither are you so I’ll go with the slightly better option. Back to hoping. ¬¬

Pocket Rocket wrote: Video games can certainly be considered a form of art, yeah.

You got your masterpieces, like Shadow of the Colossus and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Then you have your classroom doodles, like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06.

znjfl wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Nena wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Clesta wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote: Hmmmm...
Their speed and reaction speed?

MFTL x billion .

I wasn’t asking you, Clesta.

Not much in the way of reactions.
They’re mostly hax.

From the looks of it, that seems to be the case.
Do they have good durability? At least, the lot of them? Most em?
If so, how much?

Dude, its a MOBA video game.

You are asking shonen/comics questions about it.

Your character(one of these Universal, time shaping, matter manipulating beasts) is a tiny little collection of pixels that moves around at 3 miles per decade.

Shu-ulath wrote:

Kuru Kishi Chikyu wrote: Hiatus>HxH

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

AK-4Deception wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote: My dad called me a “dirty nigger” the other day

You black?

only in my heart

Tenryunaito wrote:

My boner gets so hard that even she wouldn’t be able to snap it off.

Hellfighter wrote: im going to find ur family in the future irl and eat ur wife and children

AgentOrange wrote:

Beyonder wrote:

AgentOrange wrote: And zero fucks were given.

like your life?

Are you retarded, you stupid fuck? That comeback doesn’t work with what I said, you cock-smoking mongrel. Don’t use sentences which are clearly above your underdeveloped brain. Fuck off back to the ODB you inbred cockrider.

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Bidder damois wrote:

Zeed wrote:

Bidder damois wrote:

Snap wrote: Zeed molests little boys.

I am now terrified of Zeed.

You believe him?

Just one sentence, no proof, no anything?

You fap(ped) to Shota.
You quoted a thing saying you fapped to shota.
You know why people quote stuff without addressing it?
It’s cause they have the same thoughts.

You would touch yourself to tiny boys too if you were comfortable with your sexuality

Ladd wrote:

Aoi Kunieda is a shit character wrote: Ladd is such a doucher.

Clean the jizz stains off your Luffy bible, you dirty pleb.

Sir Phantom wrote:

Niggalo wrote: Autists can’t rap.

Niggalo wrote: 3 Rhymers goin' at it, but I already took out the R3//
Far from me, in rhyme rap and rhythm, I hit hard in the streets// (Damn!)
Nigga Kid KO, we know you got your style from RS//
I’ve been viewin' the battles and you ain’t even the hardest, so more or less, I slaughter the rest!//
I split you in half, won’t even have time for the matrix moves//
These fake tricks lose, I lynch all of these suckas with a stained noose//
You can’t drop me nigga, i’m like Pac, not even 5 shots//
I’ll catch you creepin' when i’m sleepin', one eye open like a cyclops// (Damn!)
Like really, let the Uzi light, i’ll catch a body on movie night//
Pop your corny ass, decorate the house in a spooky sight//
Blood’ll be everywhere, and it’ll be like I was never there//
Shotgun shells in your chest, lay bloody in your leather chair//
You a featherweight (duck), i’m heavyweight so come fly to me//
Don’t even try to flee, or i’ll stuff that ass like it never ate//
Like really, i’ll punk this nigga after what the fag said//
I’ll have R3 so scared, he’ll have piss drippin' down his pant leg//
You on that R Kelly shit, but your bars already shit//
Peein' everywhere, have your drawers all smelly piss//
R3, now I know why you always posin' as a guest//
Pussy ass nigga don’t stand a chance when he ain’t even posin' any threats// (Damn!)
This bullshit you pass as hard, you really passin' this out?//
You must be passin' out, or you have your ass in your mouth// (Damn!)
Stay out of the game, I already have slain the beats nigga//
Piss-poor, forget this dissed whore, he already stain the sheets, nigga//

Peein' everywhere, have your drawers all smelly piss//

It’s like you were literally struck in the back of the head while typing that.

Psychopeth wrote:

Shinji Ikari wrote: do me fgts

wait two years bb.

Bidder damois wrote: Why would anyone want my virginity?

Slayer wrote: >Opens the link
>Gets greated by this


Zemoco wrote: Bruce Wayne buys out Amestris and makes Roy his Secretary, and Hawkeye his concubine.


DonyeleSwagYolo wrote:

LOLStomp wrote:

Sekundes wrote: I’ve already defeated Chew in canon.

I’m a beginner here in MvC so...

Pls, I beg you, give me the thread were you defeated Chew, I WANT to see that.

Wade wrote:

Rython wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: And Ganondorf has no defense against the black hole.

Ganondorf would likely get his attack off first if Magus attempted to use that spell. The spell takes time to cast, not to mention all of those hand signs he has to do, as well.


in Link to the Past Ganon requires preparation to banish anyone, including the 7 maidens, and even then he could only put them inside crystals in the Golden World...which he did basically the same thing in Ocarina of Time. If anything, the Ocarina of Time Ganondorf is actually less powerful than the Link to the Past incarnation. I haven’t played any of the games after that, but the portrayal of Ganon in the first four Zelda titles he appears in is much limited in his dimension magic, basically only between fixed portals...

In the Nintendo animated Zelda series Ganon was defeated by about 1 bee hive worth of bees, and that was in the episode where he had stolen the Master Sword from he had the Triforce of Power and the Master Sword...and a few bees defeated him. The Triforce of Wisdom plus Zelda instructed Link that since they had a disadvantage in magical power, they’d have to find another way to beat him through tricks...

So, some ordinary honey bees defeated Ganon even when he had the Master Sword.

This is certainly the most extremely low out lier, but that’s beside the point. It appeared in Nintendo content, AND if you bring bees to the final fight with Ganon they can hurt him in OOT...

In any case, the claim that Ganon is immune to physical damage besides the Master Sword or Holy Arrows is ridiculous. In fact, in Ocarina of Time when Link loses the Master Sword during the final battle, you can beat Ganon using nothing but the Big Goron Sword or even the basic sword you started the game with; you’re required to do so, but of course you might win with bombs or other items, because Link had to beat Ganon senseless in order to get the Master Sword back due to the wall of flames. The point being he is definitely not immune to basic weapons.

At any rate, OOT Ganon was incapacitated by a basic sword, but later Banished by the Master Sword, but only AFTER he had already been defeated.

Let’s give you an idea of the energy of Crono Trigger weapons.

Let’s take the Sun Stone.

Since it is magical, we’ll assume it is 100% efficient in absorbing the Sun Light.

For the sake of argument, I’ll assume the Sun Temple, or whatever, focuses just one square meter worth of Sun Light on the Sun Stone, which is 1365 Watts per square meter. It’s claimed that the sun always shines 24 hours per day...

Energy = 1365watts * 3600seconds * 24hours* 365days * 65 million years

Energy = 2,798,031,600,000,000,000 Joules

1 megaton TNT = 4,200,000,000,000 Joules

Energy / 1 megaton = 666.198

A coincidence, I swear (maybe).

So the Sun Stone, if it was placed in the focal point of a 1 square meter lens, would absorb nearly 700 megatons of TNT worth of energy during the 65,000,000 years.

This is equivalent to 15 kilograms of anti-matter annihilating 15 kilograms of ordinary matter, and is 3.5 times larger than the Krakatoa volcanic eruption.

However, Melchior combined the Sun Stone with the magical Rainbow Shell to make it even more powerful, and it seems possible and even likely that the weapons, like the Masamune, draw on ambient power sources outside themselves, such as background energy or metaphysical concepts.

And when the Masamune was first wielded we saw a mountains sized fireball and beam of light, and we saw a similar, but much smaller beam of light released when Lucca made the Wonder Shot weapon. Therefore I can conclude that the Masamune is much more powerful than the Wonder Shot, which was made from part of the Sun Stone.

In any case, it shows that the Wonder Shot is an island busting weapon, and the Masamune is the “ultimate” weapon in the game as far as the story goes, so it must be a lot stronger...

Now all of that assumes that the Sun Temple is only focusing 1 square meter of the Sun light on the stone...for all we know, the lens could be tens or hundreds of square meters.

Wobbuffet wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: Was Jet Stingray based off the stingray that “killed” you?

He was based off the child the stingray had after I returned and proceeded to forcefully impregnate my 'killer' in a giant blood ritual/orgy

Ronan O Connor wrote: I was so dissapointed in the yyh anime it ain’t funny. It was straight up cring worry shitcrap. Voicing was making ears bleed. Pacing is one piss lvl. Yusuke was the inferior Ichigo and the villains were all faggots. One was even gay. Too many dumb overused stereotypes. Hieh a try hard bitch kunt. Just phaggy time all round.

Maice wrote:

Zeed wrote:

Maice wrote:

Sunny DEE_ICK wrote:
cool if only you knew
Tsk tsk tsk bby gurl.
Here have a snickers

I’ll just let you go ahead in drool in the corner.

Which one of you other nostalgiafags dares step up to Call of Duty?

I do.

I challenge you with Pokemon. It has been going on for just as long, yet still manages to keep a faithful audience.

Oh, no, no, no. Pokemon is a repetitive piece of shit whose fanbase is remarkably similar to that of my Little Pony- Little kids too dumb to know any better and old fucks too stupid to get any better.

I wish every pokemon fan would decide to go on an adventure and get mauled by a Wild Rattata.

Pride wrote:

Wobbuffet wrote: It’s obvious that the missiles are normal speed, it’s just that Godzilla mistakes them for flying dildo’s

Since we all know Godzilla is a massive faggot, he gets hit by them on purpose to achieve a Gojiragasm

Vladimir Digimonski wrote: Yeah too bad nobody give a fuck about Capcom or Square Enix, i mean, final fantasy sucks dick now, you run around with a girl and shit. Capcom hasn’t make any good game since Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.

It’s about about Call Of Duty now, it’s the best game series ever, no one give a fuck about xenoshitgears, trashzelda, or pokeniggas, how da fak do i qik skope 360 in those gams wen you can’t even rotato ur kamera.

Fuck Fuck wrote: Tbh, iv alwais lieked 2 fap 2 pics of Sandy Cheeks frm Spongebob. I wud imagin miself as teh dominant male squirrel, nd her yelling “No, not my CHEEKS!!!“

Sweet Johnson Williams wrote:

Shinji Ikari wrote:

Sweet Johnson Williams wrote: Giraffe Chokes When It Tries TO Deepthroat, And That Ain’t Even No Joke~Raphael

The profound meaning to this phrase is bringing tears to my eyes. +1 respect

Yea Raphael alway shows us how he’s deeper than the other turtles

Lahar wrote:

Sad times ahead. It’s unclear what happened after what’s been shown. The rep whore in question is unclear however some are sure they’re from MvC. They heard “Goku solos” before they began recording.

Duck Butter wrote: Sometimes when Im in my room I have visions of brutally maiming people I hate IRL(not online).

Usually its me beating them to a bloody pulp

Pouring gas on them then igniting them on fire then burning down their house

Blowing their brains out in a normal public area

Taking them on a skydiving trip then sabotaging their parachute and watch as they splat

Hehehe Im ok guys seriously grin

Crayons wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:
Ur Anus is Jupiter sized

Of course my anus is jupiter sized. that why u all exist inside my anus.

Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Lahar wrote:

Flame Saber wrote:

Lahar wrote: He’s too cowardly to strangle potential rep opportunities.

Thank you, because of this thread I got a rep from bad man cool.

A rep from Bad Man is like opening a Christmas present to reveal coal covered in shit.

Roxas wrote: flirting is a lot creepier than death threats.

GayAssFightingHero wrote: My woman touches me while I watch cartoons, read comics, and play video games, sometimes she actually insists we put on the FFV OST to bang to, when we aren’t blastin dat bump and grind

you mad

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Guess whos back wrote: >THE TASTE!



am l da baddest wrote:

Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

am l da baddest wrote: Niggas be mad Kaguya the baaaaddest fictional lady in existence

dat third eye doe

It looks like a vagina.
Not that I mind, the more holes the better.

Why did you have to give me the image of Ed fucking Kaguya’s head?

Ed and Al would do it tbh. I mean she could give them their bodies back and even return their moms to the world of the living

Tactician wrote: Of how long are neck beards are?

Facteroid wrote: lol so when crustdragon asks for proof it is quite different to what sonic supporters make it out to be. I used to play sonic back when I used to have my atari console shit was awesome.

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: Play with yourself
Right now


SonGokuIsHere wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star wrote: Because it itches like fuck. It also hurts whenever my pubes get caught into my foreskin.

At least you still have your foreskin, my parents made the evil doctors cut mine off out of religious bs

I know a guy that made a living doing circumcisions. It was average money but there were alot of TIPS.

Ladd wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Ladd wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Ladd wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Ladd wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Ladd wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote: Ran still trying to prove he’s a big boy, who enjoys mature plots and clever subtext - in children’s cartoons


Or maybe he legitimately enjoys that kind of stuff? :O
I don’t see why you always bring up “acting like a big boy”.

Convincing myself that he’s a kid trying to be mature kind of makes it less sad

So...enjoying a good story means he’s trying to be mature?
I don’t see what you’re getting at here.

Dan’s hate boner for FMAB is rising again

Stop flip-flopping, Romney.

Wait, who is Romney?

It’s okay, you’re Canadian.

It’s not my fault I was born deformed.

At least your health care is good.

HOTTER than a boiling latte!
More WELL READ than an average mail man!
Able to LEAP tall PBR cans in a single bound!
LOOK! In the coffee shop!
Yes, it’s HIPSTERDAN, strange visitor from another planet
who came to Earth with tastes and opinions
FAR beyond those of mortal men!
HIPSTERMAN! Who can CHANGE the course of underground music,
CREATE indie games with his bare hands;
And who, disguised as Dan Ginger,
mild-mannered straight edge for a great Record Store,
fights a never-ending battle for QUALITY,
And now another exciting episode

Anime18 wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Anime18 wrote: i really need to get one x)

We’d watch movies/anime, drink Starbucks, read manga and log onto mvc together haha.

You can not feed a cat starbucks coffee, lol.

lol yeah i know dude. I' said i’d drink starbucks together (with) the cat.

But i’m sure one sip wouldn’t hurt him/her ^.^

Flamelord wrote:

Astroengineer wrote: Jesus H. Christ was a member of the beard force until he was nailed to a relative of groot...


Zeed wrote:

Eien no yoru wrote:

Nerise wrote:

that post gave me cancer.

If you get cancer from that, how are you not dead from your own posts?

Phobetor wrote: I am very much concerned about the fact that you used the words “mouse," “doughnut," and “orgasm” in the same sentence, particularly as the first is modified by a possessive determiner.

AIDB wrote:

Proto Dude wrote:

Gremmy wrote: Am i the only one who wipes my ass in this thread?

I wipe my ass as well despite it being old fashioned

That’s clean. C.C. would like that in a man

Magikarp. wrote:

Snaps Son wrote:

Magikarp. wrote: Suck my dick you fuckin little bitch


fuck you you hoe, i raped ur grandma last night with my big-ass dick nd she loved it




Nena wrote: Casuals lack passion.
Casuals lack dedication.

If everyone was a casual we wouldn’t have advanced anywhere in medicine, science, or the arts.
“Lel u spend all that time studying the stars, get a life nerd :^)"

They accept lower quality products, and as a result increase the production rate of sub-par products.

Casuals offer absolutely nothing to the world in any shape or form, they’re too insecure in their obsession to be social and “have a life” or defend the fact that they have one.

But luckily, because of this they are no more than a passing trend, most will get bored of the hobby they’re ruining once it stops be in style and the cool thing.

Then the repairs can start to begin once again, and the people with passion, skill and knowledge of the hobby can change it for the better and we can advance in another aspect of our society.

Revy wrote:

Raniero wrote: Im not one for used goods

Mengsk wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Man Of Steel wrote:
>ignoring it’s in vs general

>he mentioned dbz in his op

>you don’t even logic

Using shitty meme arrows totally doesn’t make you look like a major faggot.

This is still about to turn into a DBZ thread. Just give it a few.

I’m not sure why you’re upset that the author intended for Goku to fall in love with me. Get over it. I stole yo girl like Cell stealing a solar system level girl. I penetrated her like Frieza casually penetrating a planet with a casual ki beam and blowing it up and tanking it and being all 'monkeys r dumb like girls'. Then I dated your mom like Super Buu dated dimensional barriers and broke up with them casually causing dimensions to explode casually cause ki.

Ran doesn’t mind used goods.



Forum Weapons

Dat ass
I won an award

Nena wrote:

I can’t stop giggling


See you, Space Cowboys

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