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NearRyuzaki wrote:

Do you think there was a specific moment when you realized that the stuff you do every day was actually changing people’s lives?

I don’t know that there was one defining moment, but the one that was the most powerful for me was several years ago in New Zealand. There was a man who came up to me, looked like a Samoan guy, big with lots of tattoos. He got to the front of an autograph line and said that his son was autistic, non-verbal, and would sit and rock in the corner most days. One day, he went bolting over to the couch, where the TV was on, and just sat transfixed in front of this cartoon show. It turned out to be Digimon, and he was identifying with something my character, Guilmon, was doing. The father said he’d never seen this kind of reaction from him before, so he asked “What’s going on?" and the kid said “Ssh!" He said that “ssh!" was one of the biggest responses he’d ever had to anything in his life, and at that time he was about eight years old. At the end of the show, the kid turned to his father and said “I liked that, Daddy." The father said those were the first real words that he had spoken clearly.

So I’m standing across from this giant man I’ve never met before, and as he’s telling me this story, we started sobbing together. Something about Guilmon had unlocked something in his son’s brain, and he was able to start having conversations with other like-minded people. Eventually, his parents let him start going online and connecting with other otaku. He knew so much about this show at that point that they just couldn’t believe the detail of the conversations he would have about it after being silent for so long. Now he’s fully verbal and his father had actually brought him to the convention, which I didn’t know. He, his son, his wife, and his sister came back to my autograph line the next day, and I see the guy standing at the back, and quickly excused myself to go get him. So we all stood around the table and just hugged and cried together.

Kinda touching.


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