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Name: HopkinsTheMovie


Last seen: 06-04-2019

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 05-11-2013

Posts: 236

Age: 25

Location: United States

Reputation: 24thumbs-up

Previously known as

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 until 07-02-2013
AnthuPatriCanim until 01-01-2014
Zolo Zoll Zolz Zole until 07-01-2014
ReptarZola until 01-01-2015
ReptarZols until 01-01-2016
ReptarZolb until 07-14-2016
OfficerAPC until 01-17-2019

03-20-2015 from Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
thumbs-down "nah brah"

12-30-2014 from Very Rare Versace

12-28-2014 from Dr. Smoothy
thumbs-down "ur ghey lel"

12-28-2014 from Frogstomp
thumbs-down "faggot"

12-28-2014 from Vinnie Gognitti
thumbs-down "your an idiot lol"

12-27-2014 from The Living Tribunal

05-26-2014 from HeteroLord
thumbs-down "Cocksucking faggot :D"

02-06-2014 from Ryan Burns

12-04-2013 from Steelo
thumbs-up "You're pretty cool. You should post more"

11-13-2013 from Helly The God
thumbs-up "Totally my alt. Pls dont ban it yet."

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Shortly after 4 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, OfficerAPC made an Apology Video for Luke2505 for doing poorly in chores on his 19th birthday. Within an hour, Lotsoflogos was unhappy with that cringeworthy video. It is unclear whether it actually ruined Luke2505’s 19th birthday. However, OfficerAPC resisted arrest by causing drama and trying to make Lotsoflogos look bad. As a result, Lotsoflogos had enough with OfficerAPC playing the victim card, in which he banned OfficerAPC from the Film & Television Department on Google+. This ban took place on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 and OfficerAPC submitted paperwork for his resignation from the UTTP. PurpleHelmetAvenger and the rest of the High Council discussed the situation and decided that OfficerAPC cannot resign for two reasons. One, he is not eligible for retirement; and two, there was no other UTTP member worthy of News Director. Due to this week’s scandal, OfficerAPC is now on a secret 3-month probation where one more wrong move will result in his demotion to corporal.

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