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Name: Rainbow Sakagami


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About: If you got beef than you better step up bitch

Hobbies: 'cuz yo boy Rainbow ain't nothing to fuck with!

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Previously known as

Rainbow Undead until 05-02-2013

05-05-2013 from Kurosaki
thumbs-up "Oye! Why is one of my posts on your profile page?"

05-02-2013 from Zlatan
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thumbs-up "You made a death threat? (The rep's not for that, though)"

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Shoblongoo wrote: If the man wants to suck a dick, let him suck a dick.

I bet you all wish you had someone sucking your dick right now.

Bringer Light wrote: My thoughts on why Dangai Ichigo can solo DBZ. Here are 10 solid points -

1. He can lift far far more than 40 tons.

2. He destroyed a small mountain with a shockwave, no one in DBZ has ever destroyed anything as big as a mountain with a shockwave.
Solid evidence is in this

3. The crater that Aizen’s Fragor created is far bigger than the crater which Goku’s super spirit bomb on Kid Buu made.

4. Base ulquiorra is a dimension buster sinc he broke out of the dimension grimmjow trapped him in within 2-3 hours. I wont be biased here since I also acknowledge that SSJ3 gotenks broke out of a dimension within 5 minutes, but keep in mind that SSJ1 Gotenks couldn’t do it at all.
So SSJ1 Gotenks < Base Ulquiorra < SSJ3 Gotenks.
Dangai Ichigo >>>>>>>> Base ulquiorra, so he is far stronger than anyone in DBZ by powerscaling.

5. Dangai Ichigo is a transcedent being. He is so strong and on such a different level that one can sense his power (not even Aizen) while even the weak humans can sense SSJ3 Goku’s power

6. Ichigo is a dimension buster. He busted a dimension 3 times already, once against Yukio, against Kirge’s jail and Aizen’s hado 90.

7. SS arc Bankai Ichigo sliced through 100 million blades flying at him from all directions at supersonic speeds. 100 MILLION slashes in a fraction of a second is clearly FTL and possibly MFTL.

8. Dangai Ichigo has black hole level durability. Hado 90 has enough gravity to warp space and time and Ichigo easily stood it. DBZ characters have only shown 450 G resistance at best.

9. People say that dangai ichigo’s swing which destroyed the mountain is only hypersonic. But this is completely wrong. When a jet flies at hypersonic speeds, it doesn’t destroy anything with its shockwave. So that swing of ichigo’s should be MFTL, and this is what the OP is probably gonna calculate.

10. Rieatsu crush. GG

I guess this is enough proof.
DBZ is weak!!

Snap wrote:

Stardust wrote: Yeah my girlfriend’s parents don’t really like me either.

I thought Naruto was an orphan.

Mein wrote:
you’ll never step up and get on my level


Snap wrote:

DonyeleSwagYolo wrote: ey gumi giv me sum of dat booty

i tok a haverd class on wld sex

ROBOT wrote: i think white people in this forum are the minority

Ptolemy wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote: Have you even posted a pic?
Just a regular pic is fine.

Are you honestly going to walk down this path again? For God’s sake, my dog has more self-control than you. Go jerk off to your folder full of child porn if you’re so fucking horny. I’ll not be whoring myself out as you did.

Ptolemy wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote:

Provide a pic please.

I need an adult, please.

Syduria wrote:

Rainbow Yuzuriha wrote:

Hipstar wrote:
That argument makes no sense at all.

it doesnt have to


The 7th Messiah wrote:

Le Jimmy Rustler wrote: PC >= Nintendo consoles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Other consoles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> frickin' Macs.

PS3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> every nintendo console.

Fuck you nostalgia ho’s cause it’s true.

Monkey D. Luffy wrote:

jonnty6 wrote: -Luffy ain’t winning this as easy people make it out to be
Just look at it Base luffy is physically stronger than base naruto most def and most likely faster
-G2 Luffy simply increases his speed correct well naruto has sage which is most likely hypersonic at best and should be faster than sasuke(Who also reacted to a bomb explosion from deidara)
-Then we have KCM who tsunade mistook naruto as the yellow flash when he dodged a “Technically” bloodlusted charging raikage who is hypersonic
-rasengan planet(Probably the coolest move naruto has lol) which did this

-and to be fair Pre-cog err Haki ain’t always the best you’re bound to slip up sometimes if you’re not careful
-Naruto stamina is probably more that luffy’s BIG MAYBE and can make at least 3-4 clones of KCM naruto’s with equal stamina
-we’ve seen in 615 that a fatigued, bruised naruto with a dislocated shoulder can STILL use sage mode and make a few more sage clones AND spam rasenshurikens
-finally we have BM naruto which can spam mountain busters non-stop (Relentless/Countinuous Bijuu dama)
-in 610(I made a topic about this) Naruto/Kurama tanked the multi-mountain busting Juubi beam leaving only three remaining tails
-BM naruto ALONE can counter a super charged bijuu dama combined by FIVE other bijuu(Which are all mountain busters)

So yeah luffy CAN win but it’s not gonna be easy IMHO

Stop wanking.
Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol.

Supreme Dalek Caan wrote:

DonyeleSwagYolo wrote: di ya nigas go ful retard?

We are capable of retardation on a level you cannot BEGIN to comprehend.

DSA Darsches - Alpha Beta Omega wrote:

Thefuckk wrote: Stop downplaying guys, Im getting tired of this. Law’s room is Omniversal+, He casually shits on the likes of Living Tribunal and TOAA get mad.


Supreme Dalek Caan wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: I claim this thread as my territory.

Come at me, Heathens.

You know how many stuck-up posers think they can just waltz into an empirical thread and claim it as their territory? Many. Do you know how many have succeeded? NONE. It is a law of nature. You could never hope to be an exception.

But, oh, your left nut is a casual omniverse wiper, isn’t it? HAH! It never amounts to anything, EXAGGERATING your power to ludicrous levels, PRETENDING to be some ultra-mega bad-*** mother****er take-no-**** god-killer feared by omnipotents everywhere. YOU ARE TINY. AN ANT FIGHTING THE MILKY WAY. ROLL UP YOUR STOCKINGS, TIGHTEN YOUR THONG, AND GO EAT SOME ICE CREAM WHILE YOU CRY OVER YOUR OWN, INSIGNIFICANT EXISTENCE.

It won’t end well for you if you actually try this. You know what happened to the last guy who tried something like that? He was sheered. Made into a dirty rug no one wanted to buy. And he was a lot more successful than you could ever hope to be. Walk away now and we might act as if this never happened. This war was over since before you said anything. GO.

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