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Name: World Order


Last seen: 10-12-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 04-19-2013

Posts: 3,802

Age: 700

Location: Soul Society

About: Over-whelming reiatsu

Hobbies: Having a good fight

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Sosuke Aizen.... until 06-17-2013
Aizen. until 12-15-2013
God Kenpachi until 06-16-2014
The God Andromeda until 01-19-2015

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User Page

So I took a visit to the Naruto-verse today. I wiped out so many, then I grew bored and came back. Here is some footage Mayuri captured from when I killed pain.....

I had to take off my glasses to see what those big pimples on his face were...

I was shocked and said “My god your so ugly”

Like everyone else who ive killed this day. They looked at my blade when I taunted them.

Then he became confused, heheheh...I really did love watching his facial expression...

I called him fodder then killed him.

Madara told me leave because he didnt want anyone to know there was a greater illusionary power than his, plus I got bored. So I came back here.


Join -->The Legendary Wokame <--

Tinsibishi: Tinsibishi can normally be released through the command “Now Unlock....Tinsibishi” but the command to unlock Sedah’s true zanpakuto is the full command “Now unlock your true potential, Reflect me, Hades”. The same gestures are preformed however this time Tinsibishi glows red, shatters like glass, and reforms as a fairly large book levitating infront of Sedah (the size of a dictionary)

[color=red]New Powers and Abilities:[/red]

High speed regeneration/Superb regeneration: Sedah can regenerate at extremely high speeds and can regenerate from even the most fatal of wounds having being able to regenerate from only having half his head while the reat of his body was disintegrated to nothing.

Hades Law: Tinsibishi’s true power gives him full control of laws that succesfully run over Hades jurisdiction.


Class 1 Material to gain the technique(s) will materialize:

Book of Ancestry Section 3 Class 1: Parmecia

Class 2:

Section 3 Class 2: Haki

Class 3:

Section 3 Class 3: Sword Style

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