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Name: The Ancient Apocalypse


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curstdragon until 12-31-2013

03-07-2015 from Xennotraun
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03-05-2015 from Komikku Tai Anime
thumbs-up "finally a decent mod"

12-23-2014 from Butt Stallion
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12-22-2014 from -Fantom-
thumbs-up "Great VS. mod"

12-18-2014 from -Tyreaus-
thumbs-up "For a pleasant discussion. :)"

12-12-2014 from Zlatan
thumbs-up "so real hes a prototype"

11-29-2014 from Son Vegeta
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11-24-2014 from Saber
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JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote: i legit read the title as broly vs banana

and i was ready to debate against broly

Han Solo wrote:

znjfl wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

znjfl wrote:

Han Solo wrote: mangolorian is how it pronounce they got different accent to america

Its from an AMERICAN game and an AMERICAN franchise spoken by AMERICAN actors and they pronounce it MANDAlorian.

And the MANDAlorians in Clone Wars along with Canderous Ordo in KOTOR pronounce it MANDAlorian.

Attempt, failed.

that what the white man calls it

alien not even from america

The ALIEN calls it MANDAlorian.

Attempt, failed.

yes but they was speak english not basic in basic it mangolorian

Lord Lash wrote:
'Side effects may lead to suicidal actions, thoughts, killing your dog
and spontaneous combustion.'

Sheko the Messiah wrote:
Tell you what, you go break the ice with a Trayvon Martin line and I’ll break the ice with a dick joke. Let’s see how all of that plays out. lol

A Qwertyous Mentlegan wrote:


A Qwertyous Mentlegan wrote: No, I am man of God.

You insult me.

Who is your prophet and messiah?


Gin wrote:
Atheism wins, I’m butthurt. *gets a burger*

Darkforce wrote: Your argument is not viable Curstdragon, it is common knowledge that Hercule far exceeds Cell in power in every possible way.

Your video evidence proves this, do you not see Hercule pressing all the pressure points within Cell’s body, effectively rendering him un able to even move mouth muscles.

Lvl 101 Magikarp wrote:

D.D. wrote: Yeah Goku puts Superman in the Reapers asses

it would be much more painful to put a reaper up supermans ass though

hollywood94 wrote:
That shows proof but not for yamcha , full powered roshi in his prime can kill yamcha
And yamcha has no feats to prove othetwise

Doctor. wrote:

Blitzkrieg guest wrote: Yes, he can destroy it in one casual blast, but only via chain reaction. To say he can one-shot it is speculation.

To say he can only destroy it via chain reaction is stupidity.

Doctor. wrote: Lol’d @ vaporizing not meaning in one shot. That’s as clear cut as you can get.

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