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Morpheus. wrote: Supernatural features the beautiful bond of brotherhood--two brothers who’d die for each other.

Then, we have this: a Norman Bates lookin' ass nigga who thinks his brother should die over a computer monitor.

Hank Crawford wrote: Sticky’d.

And Walt solos GOT.

Misha wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Misha wrote: I think i said I don’t care what people fuck, plus i seen gay porno, doesn’t turn me on, but like watching the guy forced by his boss to get fucked.


all the gay porn i seen on tv involved a hairy boss, demanding “respect” and punishing the younger one.

Jay visiting for a bit wrote:

TiggerLover wrote:
Thanks Jay! That was sweet of you to say.

It was nothing much. SoD just needs to stop trying.
I really do hope he “grows up” some day and learn all the mistakes he has caused.
Plus, he needs to stop being so “thirsty”. It’s pathetic and sad.

Mau5 wrote: Pop pop pop, watch Bitchritters get dropped.


Ghost Planet Industries wrote: Lawl none of you are cool enough to be hipsters, they have friends in real life.

sargent master chief wrote: g2g, mom says i have 2 go 2 bed soon and i want 2 play some call of duty b4 i brush my teeth

sargent master chief wrote:

Zed. wrote:

sargent master chief wrote: y r u guys talkin about this illegal stuff out in the open, where the police can get u?


the title says 'What Illegally Acquired Japanese Cartoons and Comic Books Have You Recently Perused?"

what if the police come on and then track down u guys and arrests u?

Morpheus. wrote: Leave it to Jay to talk about his penis boner in a thread about “infant circumcision."

Goddamn, boy, does your thirst know no bounds?

Lvl 101 Magikarp wrote:

Phantom wrote:

Snap wrote: What happened here

Me and TSR met.... what did you expect?

Sheer unfunny faggotry

And that’s exactly what happened

Based Sheko wrote:

Yaksha wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Yaksha wrote: Why so passive aggressive today anyway?

Do you even know what passive aggressiveness is?

Yup just felt like throwing that term in for god knows what reason, despite the fact it makes zero sense.

Next question.

Orpheus wrote: Lol, been reading through this manga lately... what the hell?

This has got to be one of the worst stories I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing.

Ghosts? Hoooooow originaaal

Hey Kubo, Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo called, they want their story back, rofl

I will give Kubo one thing though, BLEACH is a much better story than Casper, albeit both were pretty terrible so that’s not saying a whole lot.

Like really? The protagonist is a flamboyant, orange-haired motherfucker whose lazier than a stereotypical American. The other mains include other flamboyant ass motherfuckers who are also gho- oh wait, there’s that autist with the bow, sorry, my bad. Not like that’s any better though.

So these flamboyant ass ghosts fight other flamboyant ass ghosts that aren’t quite as flamboyant as the good ghosts (the shinigami? Lol? Way to rip off Death Note, Kubitch) but they’re the hollow which sounds gay as fuck so they aren’t any better. Okay? What’s supposed to be so appealing about that? And then the autistic ghost-ass motherfuckers go to autist heaven and fight the most flamboyant of all the homoghosts, Aizen, who, along with his two cronies, is trying to... what? Be a basic bitch? Because that’s really all it amounts to, the plot in BLEACH really isn’t worth remembering at all; it’s pretty terrible. Oh and gayboi Aizen has a whole army of homoghosts fighting alongside him. Lol man pretty good story lemme tell ya hahaha. Not. And then at the end the bow-wielding quincy autists invade the land of the flamboyant homoghosts??? Lol this manga... just.... lol

The character development is even worse than the story, or at least that’s what I would say if there actually was any. Characters are all bland-ass one-dimensional motherfuckers with swords trying to be deep... and failing miserably. The fights aren’t even interesting, which, in a battle manga, is pretty crippling. Poor fights? Check. Shit characters? Check. Lame story? Check. Man, this manga just has everything! And don’t even get me started on the plot holes... Seriously, why do y’all read this garbage? Lmfao

Honestly if One Piece wasn’t so trashy this would probably be the single worst story I’ve ever read.

Han Solo wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: Also I should be more specific about the age of consent for sex
>Regular straight sex is 16 years old
>For anal sex, it is 18 years old
Not sure why tbh

Uhm, who the hell is gonna check whether it was anal or not?

this why goverment should put track chip in ppl

AgentOrange wrote: Bad Man is such a moronic fucking dicksuck that he thinks people not directly expressing their hate for him is evidence of the complete and total opposite.

How to actually tell if somebody is despised on a site is when 90% of the users ignore every post he makes and the only person rallying to his support is an almost equally despised autistic twat who can’t tell quality from a horse’s ass (reps means absolutely jack-shit in that regard, you’re one of the few people too stupid to have realized this yet PG13), it becomes especially clear when considering the fact that Bad Man comments on every fucking post made in every thread, as if he seems to think people are actually talking to him when they’re posting a random comment.

What a a fucking garbage poster, every other fucking thread is made up of 50% random posters, and 50% Bad Man replying to them all (and being completely ignored by them all), like some attention whore who’s ego is so seriously messed up he actually thinks he’s well-liked despite nobody ever expressing anything but disdain for him.

I for one have fucking had it with having to wade through Bad Man’s fucking shit posts flooding every thread to the point of people simply opting out of commenting all together, and having an actual discussion with somebody, with every other post being fucking Bad Man who somehow thinks he’s part of the conversation despite nobody acknowledging anything he’s written for the last 4 pages. Sure as fuck doesn’t get instantly annoying having a yapping fucking four year old running around your feet when trying to talk to somebody who isn’t brain damaged....

Oh, and this isn’t addressed to you Bad Man, you ignorant retard, so don’t reply thinking I’m talking to you: I’m talking above your head to every sane poster on here, and we’re all laughing at you for being the worst mvc has to offer. You’re actually worse than Robderp and pure fucking cancer in the forum.

In other words: shut the fuck up, adults are talking.

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