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Name: Kashmir


Last seen: 03-25-2016

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Age: 18

Location: Rockbottom

About: I just like to be chill...

Hobbies: Visual arts, casual gaming, reading, Working out, guitar......-ing?, dragon ball shit, etc etc

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ewww21 until 04-22-2013
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02-10-2015 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "Fujimi Lovers is suffering"

01-18-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "#RNS. That aside, how did you almost die?"

01-05-2015 from RottWeiler ll
thumbs-up "Ill remember, so stay alive"

01-05-2015 from Yoshikage Kira
thumbs-down "Too black4me"

12-19-2014 from Impavido

12-11-2014 from Xeno
thumbs-up "nvm Rich if your still at Booker say hi to Michael the Chem teacher"

12-07-2014 from Daddy Cool

11-19-2014 from Son Vegeta
thumbs-up "Reps4Days"

11-16-2014 from Vance Prime
thumbs-up "green"

11-11-2014 from Souls
thumbs-down "who is tomie"

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Snap wrote:

Nena wrote: HAHA


Wasn’t a VS thread.

Oh man
all this over a mistake
my bad


Raniero wrote:

Proto Dude wrote: At least I do not like a pedo bait show.

You admitted to wacking off to Lucky Star porn a few hours ago.

Lahar wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

Lahar wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

Hellfighter wrote: woman


Don’t you know what a woman is?

Where can I get one?

Ether wrote: Who the fuck do you think you??íre talking too? I don??ít know who you are. I don??ít know what you want. If you are looking for attention, I can tell you find any with me. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for faggots like you. If you shut the fuck up now, that??íll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don??ít, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will fucking annihilate you you little piece of shit. Don??ít shit your fucking pants when I get there you little bitch. I will beat you so fucking straight you??íll wish you had a mother to cry to you little fucking faggot. You??íre a bug, a maggot, a fucking festering pimple in the shit stain of a basement you call home. I am a natural born killer a fucking animal that eats pussy little shits like you for breakfast. You a mere piece of shit that can barely walk without going into cardiac arrest wishes he was me. Maybe once I have you hog tied in the back of my pick up some of my alpha finesse will rub off on you cocksucker. Be ready for when I come through your basement door guns fucking blazing bitch cause you can??ít fucking hide from The Black Mamba.

I’m fucking gay

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote: YO! ya-yo, ya-yo

Fappin', don’t give it up Jay
Fappin', don’t give it up Clit
Fappin', don’t give it up Kagami
Fappin', don’t give it give it up give it up give it up give it up give it NO!

Here’s how the story goes we find out
About a treasure in MvC
Theres no doubt, The thirsty nigga who’s eye on it
He’ll sing I’ll be King of the thirsty niggas
I’m gonna be king

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, ho-ho

His name is Jay
That’s Man I want the D. Jay
Gonna be king of the thirst niggas!
He’s made of condoms - (female singers) how did that happen?
Yo-ho-ho he took a bite of Cum Cum
Ya-yo, ya-yo

His name’s Clit, He’s just like a black samurai
And a F-A-G-G-O-T Kagami not shy
The thirst crew coming through, doin' their thing,
With the king of the thirsty niggas, he’s gonna be king!

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, hoo-hoo

Set sail for pussy, it’s the name of the treasure in MvC!

Ya-yo, ya-yo

Set sail for pussy!

Xexubel wrote: look how easily chi chi put that big ass hot dog in her mouth
goku fucked her shit up

Richard cranium wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Richard cranium wrote: What the fuck are you even going on about? I said ranking someone P4P isn’t objective, not combat sports as a whole. Stop with the fail comprehension.

I don’t understand how you’re this stupid. :/

OK, Chrome Dome.

Not a bald retard wrote:
Pound for pound is a term used in combat
sports such as boxing or mixed martial
arts to describe a fighter’s value in
relation to fighters of different weight
classes. As these fighters do not compete
directly judging the best fighter pound for
pound is subjective and ratings vary.
may be based on a range of criteria
including “quality of opposition”, factors
such as how exciting the fighter is or how
famous they are, or be an attempt to
determine who would win if all those
ranked were the same size. In boxing, the
term was historically associated with
fighters such as Benny Leonard and Sugar
Ray Robinson who were widely considered
to be the most skilled fighters of their day,
to distinguish them from the generally
more popular (and better compensated)
heavyweight champions. Since 1990, The
Ring magazine has maintained a pound for
pound rank of fighters. has a
list for mixed martial artists.

Richard cranium wrote:

AgentOrange wrote: I is the Prreferssional

Oh shit it’s white 2 chainz.

Renna wrote:

SuperMegaUltraGigaDrillBreakBURST wrote: INNBEEFOUR

Rougarou wrote:

vs troll wrote: SSJ4 Goku soloes it all

Someone delete this guy.

Sir Phantom wrote: I’ve seen many avatars here at MVC. More than I could possibly hope to count. But I’ve noticed certain specific “types” of avatars used by members. I’d just like to categorize them, for the sake of organization.

The Rapper

The Hentai Face

The Supernatural

The Generic Loli

The Goku

mangafox is gay as shit wrote: fought once over a doughnut

i won the fight but years later diabetes won the war

Duck Butter wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:
Somebody is pissed.
Are you mad Goku Gohan solos?

I swear I would beat you up IRL everyday if I went to your school.

Duck Butter wrote:

Oh you must be a bully’s wetdream

Anyway doing anything for a woman just because she is a woman is white knighting even protecting them from their abusive boyfriends who will probably beat your ass.

Duck Butter wrote: White knights are shooting themselves in the foot because they get the idea you want to be their friend or they are offended you do things for them just to you to expect them to fuck you.

You called her beautiful.Well good oh you expected her to suck your dick.Yh no....

@ProGamer Peth skypes GUMI probably gets nudes from her too but yh he let hers get away with shit.

Kuru Kishi Chikyu wrote: I wouldn’t know
I don’t love these hoes

SonGokuIsHere wrote:

Kuru Kishi Chikyu wrote:

Loseph wrote: Would you believe me if I told you this used to be a guy?


Would smash......maybe.........actually never mind.

Casey Veggies wrote:

SonGokuIsHere wrote:

juniorsworld wrote:

Kuru Kishi Chikyu wrote:

Loseph wrote: Would you believe me if I told you this used to be a guy?


It’s not man. That’s Brittany Renner. I’ve seen her workout videos and those hips moving like that... she’s obviously not been a dude.

Ok then
Would smash


this song sucks wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

this song sucks wrote: as much as u suck my dick man. god that’s awful shit.

The point of the topic is to beat the OP...not express your disapproval of the OP.
Do take your whiny complaints elsewhere.

fine i’ll show u whats better then it. come and deepthroat me if you wanna here it.

Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator wrote: Sexing the gf, then coming back for attempt #3.

Magikarp. wrote: I’ll twist my beard around yer neck

And whisper softly in your ear

The ways of Gokuu

Greatest post so far

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