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Hank Crawford wrote:

Hank Crawford wrote:

Hank Crawford wrote:

Redx wrote:

F-Fuck you guys....

Extra Zero wrote:

Redx wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote: Also, I am very happy to report that tumblr it’self had contacted me, and had prepared a spoiler that I was supposed to give to RedX on the occasion of a “Hitagi arc”

W-wow guys I’m...*sniffle* just gonna go somewhere so I can not cry about this in private....

Redx wrote:

Ladd wrote: But you are the salty one.

I’ve never been salty....about anything. Ever.

Redx wrote: Love isn’t real. Happiness is just an illusion :T

Redx wrote:

Ladd wrote:

Ozymandias wrote: You goddamn rapist!

Rape is how Redx shows affection.

Just think of it as proof that he likes you. smiley


Neither of those claims are correct.

Redx wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote: Red, I need to caution you



That won’t be necessary my friend. I’m sure you are quite adequately aware that I am not in the least bit salty smiley

Aoi Kunieda is a shit character wrote:

Ozymandias wrote:

Aoi Kunieda is a shit character wrote: Fuck you. You’re all worthless shits. Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you.

What the fuck did you just you salty little shit?
Log in like a true keyboard warrior so you can at least retain some dignity while I spank you around.

Shiro. Please. You’d be tied up in basement with a sore anus before you even knew what happened.

Redx wrote:

Vino wrote: Snap you have me Red-level salty >:[


Hank Crawford wrote:

juniorsworld wrote:

Redx wrote: You can’t tell me what to do Bert :T

Shut up, Ernie.

Redx wrote:

Squark the majestic penguin wrote:

Redx wrote:

Ladd wrote:

Redx wrote: Maggs you got some splainin' to do....

If you were a Boondocks character you’d either be Gangstalicious or Tom Dubois.

tbh I don’t think I’ve seen a Boondocks character that was close enough to my complexion & personality :T



Ragex wrote: I don’t like anything

I have become completely and totally numb to all worldly things. I just want to go live out the rest of my days in a cave away from the scum of humanity (basically just humanity). Oh, woe is me

Ragex wrote:

Renna wrote: Ragex...?

I’m joining my blood-brother Red on the road to eternal salvation away from you mongrel folk. The ways of the world do not suit my brother and I, for we hail from a different breed. One that be hella higher than you lesser beings. Only once you burn down all the things crawling in your skin can you cross the new divide and reach bliss.

Redx wrote: ~Logs off

R3 Science Teacher wrote: So you’ve heard that I have the largest left arm, but who can actually confirm that my left arm is larger than any other MVC user?

It is scientifically false to assume that this is true. It is has been proven that when I’m in gay porn it is a stunt to make my left arm look more desirable. You think I am lying? Look up my films.

The man with the largest left arm is a master of quantum theory. All of the memorable porn actors like Steven Hawking are quantum theorists. Why wouldn’t any of those minority porn stars with huge left arms, report to guiness world records about their left arms? --because they are not real.

Just wanted to throw this thread up as I know left arm size is a huge hit on Google, maybe itl get more traffic.

Asians are smaller than average, this is true.

Rage wrote: What do I look like, a buttslut?


On second thought don’t answer that.

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote:

Zackbaatar wrote:

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote:

Zackbaatar wrote: [11:09:05 PM] Kyle Reid: Nigga, I aint gay.

[11:57:43 PM] Ladd: Stop lying
[11:57:50 PM] Ladd: you sucked all of our dicks.

[11:09:05 PM] Kyle Reid: Nigga, I aint gay.

[8/23/2013 11:56:08 PM] David Groghan: Kyle has 20 men a night.

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

BigTurd wrote:

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

BigTurd wrote: Just to let all you guys know..I can still kick your asses.

Come at me!

I’ll cum in you. Bro.

Oh... Uh...

Hank Crawford wrote:

Ice Mike wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: No she loves me get your facts straight Ketchum, or do I have to call Fleece cool

Fight me faggot

He will stomp you like Super Mario, so settle down, Koopa.

red line wrote: Genius runz circels ron’yu kidz
jus toyin wit minds

WANKERS SUCK MA DUNG wrote: Toni’s birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.

Hank Crawford wrote: Ask Robert C., he is a model for Armani.

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: You should ask Genius. He modeled for some pictures for a Japanese magazine while in his Sasuke cosplay outfits.

Crusader wrote: Your grandmother moonwalks over nazi tanks.

Lenzonda wrote: True Aspie superman spartan greek godly warriors never leave a fight.

Zeroextra wrote:

EndOfAllThings wrote: that still doesn’t excuse his actions Hittler was leader of Germany but just because he was leader doesn’t mean you excuse his ations

What the hell is wrong with you? You’re comparing my rep to Hitler’s actions? I guess that’s why you’re in the red.

Shadowhunter Hex wrote wrote:
now the reason why my mother is a bitch although that is the lightest word possible to describe her.

thing you need to know in order to understand what im going on about, is i have an older brother called josh who is now sixteen and a little sister called rhiannon who is now seven. those two have a different dad than me. then there is my mother (im gonna refer to her by fist name. i cant bear to call her mum. her name is quai) oh yh and she has epilepsy. just to let you know the first paragraph is only the beginning. there will be three paragraphs in total excluding this and the one aobve this (if that even counts)

right. now this starts from when i was five, josh was eight and rhiannon, well she had just been born. now my mother is strict to say the least. military strict. but she has always been like ten times harder on me than josh and rhiannon. josh has epilepsy but thats no excuse cuz its well controlled. now when i say harder i dont mean she tells me off more. shes abusive. yes i know what that means. there has been DV in the family since a long time ago but thats another story. now some parents beat their kids. well until you’ve had ur arm broken and your jaw dislocated by your mother not to mention bruised all over you dont know what getting a beating is like. now she would jump on the smallest things and use it as an excuse to beat me really badly to the point where i was bleeding. this one time i was playing pacman and josh and i were taking turns and josh died so i called him an idiot as a joke and mum didnt even say anything she punched me in the face and screamed at me why did you call him an idiot. now the thing is the police never got involved. whenever i called them mum snatched the phone, said i was just being soft and then proceeded to beat me up even more. the worst beating was when i had my shoulder dislocated, my leg fractured and two ribs broken. yes she would beat me on literally a daily basis (not as badly as what i just described but she would go on beating for at least seven minutes) i didnt care about the abuse, at school i just kept to myself and studied. i wasnt very social so i read books and studied material that i only recently found out was much above my level. what really pissed me off was that when i was eight and josh was eleven, mum jumped on josh and beat him. but it was amazingly light compared to what had been done to me. she only broke the spoon over his back and made a handprint on his face. but the police got involved which made me cry literally because they never did for me but did for josh. everything was always about him and nobody cared bout me. then a court trial happened and josh went to go live with his father george. and because josh left, the abuse got worse, she would be breaking bones like its nothing. so i secretly started martial arts classes (still eight at this point) and told mum i was going tennis club. she didnt care so she didnt check but thats not the point. now after three weeks after josh left i couldnt bear it so i got dressed and ran out the house.

Alonzo Harris wrote: Ketchum you ain’t real Billy Smith, a big obesse phony who used to like ponies.

The Real Billy smith would do you worse than Uncle Ketchum.

Molly wrote:

Snap wrote: 2-dimensional girls provide the purest love, 3D is Pig Disgusting.

Alright, Souls. This charade’s went on long enough. We know this is your alt.

I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: Why do black guys have such huge mother fuckin lips? Please.. someone answer this question.

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: Fuck you Fure. You call me a fraud? I saw that shit you posted in that thread. You fucking faggot what gives you the right to call me a fraud? Punk-ass short hairy fat nigga

Rage wrote: How am I a hipster you slut

Time to listen to Sleeping with Sirens and post useless witty text posts on Tumblr. Brb

Pocket Rocket wrote: Faster than a speeding fat chick.

More powerful than the neighborhood watch.

Able to swallow huge bananas in a single pucker.

Look, up in the sky!

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

No, it’s Knight of Steel!

Wank Piece Crew wrote: He makes Robderp look like Socrates

Crusader wrote: Your grandmother jacks off to netflix adds.

Lord lash wrote: Addiction + + Fiction level, greater than Morgan Freemen sort of Entity Mvc seems to be indeed... straight I say no to drugs; but they don’t listen....

Eric On the Tinychat wrote: Amanda you will never suck Devin’s dick like I could.
I’m a man, I know what he likes.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

The Huge Crasher Man wrote: So if you are much of honorable manly man and you find my my existence “insulting” give me your real coordinations about your geographical position in Kentucky, so I can babyshake you to molecular failure, whining slut. :-)

As always you will throw a cheap mother excuse and you will go back to your unwashed shithole as a total coward insted of proving yourself.

Coward...shhhhhh that hurts doesn’t it, coward?

How about this instead?

You go take the biggest and most penis-shaped potted cactus you can find and then just bounce up and down on it for a few hours.

That’s pretty much what we all do to your anus whenever you post anyways.

Marly wrote:

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: You’re actually my idol. At no point was I trying to be offensive or insulting, sir.

y-you too

Acolyte of Rage wrote:

Redx wrote: A Dark Lord? As in: of the Sith? Definitely Wolf. Without a doubt.

That man is wickedness incarnate.

Based only by the exterior, just maybe Wolfy might qualify as a Dark Lord.
However, Wolfy is simply too fluffy in the inside to meet the criteria for being a Dark Lord.

Rage wrote:

Lord lash wrote:

Rage wrote:

Lord lash wrote:

Rage wrote:

Lord lash wrote:

Rage wrote:

Lord lash wrote: Oh you know your ridiculous..

So yes, you are excused~

I’m related to Henry ford with that logic you use, I’m famous for making cars, yes, shit I was also in the white house for being president Washington. Get on my Level. cool

With your logic, your currently the president, shit man how do you plan on fixing our economy??? Its out of control since Bush(me) left office....

You can’t just talk to John Rockefeller like that, George Clooney. My British compatriots and I are finna roll up on yo hood right now. Watch yourself, Blood. Me an me homies gon fix yo economy alllll night long. Ya pheel me?

Dost thou feel me, Sir Lancelot?

Gettin jiggy wit my level, yo~ cool

lol I rarely feel anyone on this site, but sure, I think...

D-do you wanna feel me? Because I might be okay with that, big boy <3

Hop in my Delorean and we can push it to the limit for the entirety of a fortnight, my fair maiden.

Lol I pictured a Delorean sized Dick, shit that’s a death threat. ._. Eheh.... shiiitt...

But what is death but a new beginning? I’m sure if they could harness the power of my love for you, they could garner enough raw energy to put time travel within the realm of possibility. Hell, they could probably replicate the doings of the holy big bang (well, the first one <3), and reset the course of the universe, instigating a total rebirth of the Earth, so to speak, allowing us to fall in love all over again. Ted Bundy, you’re as sweet as a kitten and I couldn’t imagine life without you, my sweet. Even the fires of hell can’t compare to your intensity, and your eyes are deeper than Marvin’s Room . Jeffrey Dahmer, I have never met a man as sweet and kind as you, and as long as this world exists I know that I will love you. So, please, marry me? Give in to that little devil on your shoulder, and be the Robin to my Batman, the Bonnie to my Clyde, the Snap to my Jesus-kun. Pls, pls....

Our Saint Charles Manson would be proud~

A-are you asking to clap my butt-cheeks or something?

B-because I like the abuse, darling

And I suppose you can wear your phazon suit if it pleases you so, my love.

Idk if you still have it though... the moths got pretty rowdy at our last mixer LOL .___.

I just don’t see why you had to invite the landshark too... I suppose quantum theory can’t be shirked that easily; it was necessary, I know

But the corollary to the fundamental theorem of algebra wasn’t even needed to see the in-laws weren’t relevant at all, no clue why you invited them. Mayhaps you intended to slip some Ricin into the punch? Regardless, you shouldn’t have invited them

the house was way too crowded as it was :/

The sacrifice only called for 17 and you invited 22 lmao

Oh well, you’ll get it right next time smiley

Roccos Modern Life wrote: Before I begin I’d like to introduce myself. I can not give you my real name due to hackers and spies and NSA but I can tell you one thing, I am the sentient ideas of a member come to life. I may not be the real thing but I’m as close as you’re going to get without cloning(don’t even think about it NSA.)

Anyways, Don’t read this these are my private thoughts.

February 2nd ,2014

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning and I could have sworn I saw someone looking in to my window. But this could have been the remnants of the dreams about that beautiful girl. Why doesn’t she love me irl diary? Why is she so nice to me in the dream world but not nice to me in the waking world? That bitch is leading me on but I can’t do without her!

Love, The Rocco aka The Chosen One aka Future ruler of the world

February 14, 2014

Dear Diary,

Ugh... Another lonely Valentine’s day. I checked my computer today and it seems I finally outsmarted “Sheko” and his gang of NSA agents. Ha! I didn’t even need to wait till 2016. They said it couldn’t be done! They said I’d never catch them but I’m on the verge oh yes I am! I have lived well within my...limits. But they will see! They ALL will see!

Love, The Enigmatic Olympian

February 17th, 2014

Is killing really wrong? I need to ponder on this immediately

Love or hate me I don’t care, The Chosen One

February 21st, 2014

I’ve decided about my last entry diary, I don’t think it’s wrong. But I need to seriously get laid...Ugh which one is most important? Getting a girl drunk is not an option. I need that girl from my dreams... The girl who follows me online... I know! I will get in the army then she will notice me for sure.

P.S: Still no closer to tracking down the NSA agents that were on my computer. But it’s only.....a matter of...time.

February 22nd, 2014

Dear Diary,

It’s been awhile since you called you dear huh? Truth is, You’re the only gal who listens and let’s me write inside them. I really appreciate everything you do for me. Truly.

I had the weirdest dream last night, and I think it’s a sign the NSA is in my dreams again. It’s really quite scary what the government can do. But you know what? No intelligence agency in the world can compete with a powerful enough super computer. I may sacrifice my Herculean strength when I make the change, but I will gain the power I need to defeat the military and intelligence agencies across the world. It’s funny... If I really applied myself I could compete without needing to become a computer.

Love, TRocco1000(ha! That has a ring to it. Seriously diary. Just call me The Walker. Because I’m going to Walk all over the NSA and any other country who wants to get in the way of my potential)

February 24th, 2014

I think people at work are on to me...Something isn’t right. Going to investigate. If I don’t write back, you’ll know they got me.

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