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Name: Pre-Crisis Toneri


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Cornflakes wrote: Found a great post on another forum that sums up bleach currently nicely lol

“As soon as I defend Kubo this happens. This is like when you were in 2nd grade on the playground and you were coming up with random powers to beat your friend.

“I have a sword so sharp it cuts through anything."
“Oh yeah I make your own blood poison”
“Well I have a friend who replaces all my blood. Now I kill you."
“Well my friend brings me back from the dead with new powers”
“My sword can turn you into anything I want”
-Looks at his black, juice-stained t-shirt-
“And it controls everything that’s black. Haha you lose”
-Your friend turns red in frustration, choking back tears-

These are the kind of battles Kubo has laid out for us.“

In 2015, Scientist ended life as we know it on earth by accidentally colliding the God Molecule with an Anti-Matter. The explosion was so great in enveloped the earth, though it didn’t kill organic life. The explosion erased all traces of man made structures but left organic life intact. Animals and Insects mutated into Giant Monsters, Dinosaurs were brought back to life from their fossils, but bigger, faster and deadlier. Human’s took on the greatest change, some human’s developed the power to use 1 element, some developed telekinetic abilities. Some human’s got smarter with IQ’s ranging from 150-500 and some human’s took on physical changes, super strength, super speed, enhanced senses. For better or worse, the world was changed and Humanity had to survive.

The world governments were no more, and In order to save humanity from ending, 5 people took charge and went around the world saving lives and building up small armies to combat these new terrors. Eventually, after many many years of hardship, these 5 individuals, in the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of people they saved would become known as legends and form the first new government after the event. Their influence spread throughout the world and in 2034, the entire world became one united country and the 5 individuals became known as The Council who in exchange for providing the masses with the opportunity to Achieve “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” for themselves and their families under the protection of their now massive military, got the trust of the people to Implement and Enforce Laws of their making as long as they were Just.

In order to make sure that the Council didn’t go mad with power, One of the members proposed creating another faction in their government that would keep them in check. The other member’s agreed and they chose the strongest worrier in their Military to be the Paladin. His job would be to enforce to enforce the laws on everyone, including the Council, but would work independently from the council in his duties, he has as much command over the government as an individual council member, but a joint decision of the entire Council can over rule his. The Paladin has a small faction of 7 that are only loyal to him.

450 years later, Monsters still randomly attack cities and kill people but the military stops them. A lot of people still don’t agree about how the world is ran by the Government, so a Faction made by the people was created and their goal is to destroy the government because it has become corrupt. The entire world is now on the verge of a Civil War and this is where the RP Takes Place.


Government structure:

The Council consists of 5 people (Humans). Each Individual Member is like a King with a castle that lays in the Capital of their Government (Iceland). Individually they have have as much command as the President of the United States for example. Together, Anything they say goes. Individually, they control 1/5th of the Army and can only do so for 1000 hours. a member of the Council is born from the same family as the current member

The Paladin is like an Unofficial Part of the Council. He holds as much power as they do Individually but works separately from them.

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