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Name: owo


Last seen: 04-21-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 02-18-2013

Posts: 10,322

Age: 18

Reputation: 89thumbs-up

Previously known as

Hipstar until 06-17-2013
Roxas until 06-18-2014
Hiro until 01-05-2015

02-02-2015 from Julian Alpha Granova
thumbs-up "really? i didnt even know i was..."

01-28-2015 from PrinceMontana

01-28-2015 from Helly The God
thumbs-up "fren"

01-25-2015 from The Living Tribunal

01-02-2015 from znjfl
thumbs-up "Thx :)"

12-07-2014 from Yoshikage Kira

10-31-2014 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Cool user"

10-26-2014 from Jurassic DIO
thumbs-up "Spread the Truth,mah nigga"

06-18-2014 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "lols"

06-18-2014 from Yami Bakura
thumbs-up "Damn it, i wanted to be Hiro"

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This made me lol.

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote: Jesus promised the end of evil people. Odin promised the end of ice titans.

I don’t see any ice titans anywhere.

Mein wrote:

Vanilla Iced Cream wrote:

Mein wrote:

Why is he wearing a bra?

Do I have to repost the gif to make it obvious?

Supreme Dalek Caan wrote:

DonyeleSwagYolo wrote: di ya nigas go ful retard?

We are capable of retardation on a level you cannot BEGIN to comprehend.

MERICA wrote:


SaltineCracka wrote:

Ten tailed god wrote:

The 7th Messiah wrote: Worst poster of all time.

Silly I know your just doing an April fools joke.


yuu stoopid mayne xD

ROBOT wrote: Mexicans are stealing all the jobs
Mexican are lazy


Mein wrote:

Decipher wrote: No matter what, you’ll always be a faggot.

PriceofDarkness wrote:

Gallean wrote:

Zimmer wrote: WTF IS THIS

Meth; not even once.

Atheist wrote:

The Living Tribunal wrote:

Atheist wrote: No

no shit sherlock !

So you knew I didn’t believe in god before now?

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