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OWNED! smiley

Note: since then executor has seen reason. yay smiley

making the butthurt go round smiley smiley

lord bills wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

lord bills wrote:

Han Solo wrote: I will be the mature one and ask to stay on topic

if you can prove goku can resist palpatine go ahead tounge

just calm down ok han bolo and i shown they have some resistance to mind rape you just ignoring it.

im just going to accept your concession since you keep ignoring this:

Han Solo wrote: i have said it before and no one has replied because they are too scared to concede

mental resistance:

palpatine >>>> experienced jedi masters >>>> fodder jedi >>>> adults >>>> pure hearted 5 year olds >>>> Dabura and Vegeta

lmfao show me that again the wank is strong with this one a power wanker you will become you are now called han holo.


note: since then lord bills have become cooler. yay smiley

owning them at they own game

Raniero wrote:

Han Solo wrote: no those are ki attacks read the daizenshuu smiley

Their TK and psychic powers are ki dependent in DBZ.

Are you really this retarded?

Daizenshuu wrote: Kiai Cannon
First Appearance: Chapter 308
Category: ki manipulation
People: Son Goku, Cell
Special Characteristics: This attacks your opponent by firing an invisible, gigantic bundle of ki. It is a technique where a super-fast bundle of ki attacks your opponent and sends them flying. Goku used it during his death-match with Freeza on Planet Namek. (Daizenshuu 4, p.111)

OWNED!! smiley smiley

Han Solos wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solos wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solos wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solos wrote: dbz side fail to post proof one again

i wont say i won but

dbz side def lost (again)

You don’t win a debate by talking nonsense. Just because no one knows how to respond to your gibberish doesn’t mean you have convinced anyone of anything.

There are no solid facts in fiction so like it or not vs debates are determined by popular vote.

no a debate is won by the person who uses most logic and not majority

if most people think 2 + 1 = 4 it does not make it right

and if you do not understand you can always ask me to rephrase

but since you are determine to be stubborn you auto lose

gg smiley

Problem is it can in fiction.

You also don’t use logic, again, you spout nonsense and then claim victory.

so you are say if a majority are wrong they are still right just because they majority?

sorry you wrong:

well thought out opinion >>>>> many bad ones grouped together

i dont see how linking to thread that disprove galaxy bust and not getting a reply that debunk it is “nonsense” but you can keep say that to yourself to make you feel better smiley

I told you already, that fallacy doesn’t apply here. There are no solid facts in fiction. Everything is open to interpretation based on artistic style, context and cultural influence.

Also just because you think that your arguments are logical and well thought out doesn’t make it so. I have said this before and I’ll say it again, when everyone you debate with hates you everyone else isn’t the problem.

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

curstdragon wrote: So are you denying that Roshi busted the moon or that neither Kami nor Shenron could have brought it back?

roshi busting the moon was outlier anyway lol

I don�ï�ÿ�ýt give a shit what the vs forum sais about Roshis power, it happened in canon.

OWNED!! smiley smiley

gokumonji wrote:

Han Solos wrote:

gokumonji wrote: Jesus christ.

I ask you to watch the movie for proof and you say concession accepted.

Are you really that much of a lunatic ?

Besides stop taking like an asian.I know you are not.

yah u do not ask someone to prove something u r suppose to so concession accept goku smiley

and to curst that did not happen they prob went to another planet in same solar system like how namek had planets surround it that support life

also broly only had pl of 10,000 that is not ftl

you no what you talk about.

You go mental and you forget everything shown on movie.

you should be troll.

me to talk asian to annoy you smiley

Han Solo wrote:

Ouji Bejita wrote: >says wrong author numbers and feats are valid

Haki Haki no Mi wrote: In his mind he’s above the author.

lmao dbzstans owning themself


curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

gokumonji wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

gokumonji wrote:

Han Solos wrote:

gokumonji wrote:

Nathan. wrote:

gokumonji wrote: I will also show you DBZ anime characters are FTL since namek saga

... You serious about this claim?

that is called pis there are speed feat in the future that debunk this

This is ANIME DBZ twat.I swear to god you should be IP banned.

same feats were in the anime lol

What ?

In anime he was watching the fight.In BOG he sensed him coming.

goku cant even move 20000 km in a second by flying smiley

Using calcs when they suit you.

Hypocritical troll.

if you payed any attention i said i was against complex calcs

this “calc” was given by story

you can concede now smiley

You didn’t say anything of the sort, you were parroting TMK.

You are ignoring feats because of your calcs that have nothing to do with advancing the story.

Your a troll and a hypocrite.

Han Solo wrote: the rules of vs are no complicated calcs so no

and the former admins agree with this, so get off your pedestal thanks

okay you admit you wont bring evidence, then leave

you can concede now smiley

I wasn’t even a part of that conversation dumbass.

dont be mad be peaceful smiley

OWNED!!! smiley

Ouji Bejita wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Ouji Bejita wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Molly wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Molly wrote: So this is about the vs. right?

yea and double dbzstandards

That’s the vs. forum, bruh.

If you don’t agree with the masses then you’re irrelevant or a retard. Common law and knowledge.

Works pretty good to be honest.

well that is part of majority fallacy look it up

Ouji Bejita wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Ouji Bejita wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Ouji Bejita wrote: Stop crying.

ad hominems is getting old

stop bitching.

no need to get upset friend smiley

And you made this thread.

and you replied to it smiley

I just wanted to tell you to stop bitching cuz others dont agree with yousmiley
smiley smileysmiley i can do that to btw lol.

well your comment is noted but i disagree with it

and i use my smiley face for peace not to annoy you

sorry if you felt like that sad

it gets annoying when you make it with every post.
But np.

Han Solo wrote:

Gohan charging up wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

GohanAf24 wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Nli wrote:

Cool as Ice wrote: They have that. It’s called Sailor Moon.

And it was pretty shitty too

Lord Edgar.. wrote: If it were the same but with women, yeah people would freak out and complain. Lol. Even with it being the first time they hear a girl scream, they might still get angry. Uhg silly people..

Mad that men are more entertaining and badass than women as a whole?

undeniable proof dbz fans are sexist

Not really. Unless if you thik female fans of db are sexist to themselves as well. lol.

if they think it would suck if the genders were reversed then yes they are women haters

Wait so female fans of dbz hate themselves? As usual you make no sense.

undeniable proof dbz fans have self-conscious issues

pro dbz stan explains:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote: what dbz stans dont get is what hyperbole is

just because character say “i can destroy wall” does not mean you can one shot it

sledgehammer, pressure points, bulldozer, explosion, scratching it, etc. are all possibility too

but they always go with the high-end because it they favorite universe

We go by high end showings because that’s what everyone else uses for every verse they debate for.

You wouldn’t know that though because you don’t debate for anything, you only debate against DBZ.

appeal to tradition (similar to the bandwagon fallacy): (e.g., astrology, religion, slavery) just because people practice a tradition, says nothing about its viability.

bandwagon fallacy: concluding that an idea has merit simply because many people believe it or practice it. (e.g., Most people believe in a god; therefore, it must prove true.) Simply because many people may believe something says nothing about the fact of that something. For example many people during the Black plague believed that demons caused disease. The number of believers say nothing at all about the cause of disease.

dont care still wrong

This isn’t a sport with rigid scoring systems and rules. It’s a social community that has determined it’s own etiquette and guidelines to attempt to find a common ground for debate. Something you are constantly and purposfully ignoring.

curstdragon wrote: AT doesn’t own the franchise.

LegendaryPhoenix wrote:

gokumonji wrote:

LegendaryPhoenix wrote:

Rich616 wrote:

LegendaryPhoenix wrote:

Rich616 wrote: Even if you don’t consider the anime canon, seeing as how AT came up with most of the filler, the feats should still be usable. Unless you want to argue that the creator doesn’t get to say how strong his characters are

40 tons nuff said

This again? I mean, I thought Goku was catching islands at high-speed in the Namek saga, with 1/10th of his power, but I guess I was watching something else

no i was pointing out a flaw in your post if we would allow the author to say how strong goku is he would only be able to lift 40 tons

SSJ4 getting cut by glass piece and getting hurt by alarm clock.Gogeta’s BBK barely destroyed a building.Gogeta is a building buster,by your logic.just saiyan cool

I am going to leave it at that.



i said if we leave it up to the author the characters would be much weaker than they are supposed to be.

BTW show me goku getting hurt by an alarm clock i’ll wait

Zemoco wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Zemoco wrote:

Han Solo wrote: also that interview from 1995 LOL nice one smiley

DBZ ended in that year...if I recall.

you said toriyama said that while 12 universe was announce but he did not he say it like 18 year ago

he may have changed his mind.


Raniero wrote:

Han Solo wrote: actual do you not need to prove calc is concistent to fiction?? prove me author use math... but you know they almost never do unless sci fi or super realistic

So no link?

Concession accepted.

you need 2 more mod to agree to add that rule mod can’t change rule on whim to suit them

Red agrees with me, as he has no problem with calculations. Cid agrees that those rules are old and since those mods are no longer around, they don’t mean much. That’s why he’s making new ones.

two entry say physical attack separate from ki one say every planet destroy was cause by magma swell and one say ki is chemical attk

There is a difference between a punch and an energy blast, dipshit. Naturally. But both still operates on KE. There isn’t a large difference. And Akira has stated that DBZ characters use ki within their strikes.

Guidebooks have mistakes. And neither agree with the manga. Ki being “chemical” contradicts the manga, which is PRIMARY canon. Sorry.

you explain it a low end. i say even if is it still prove toriyama not think they got sextillion ton strength

Concession accepted.

no feat in manga show planet strength no in anime either

Once again, concession accepted. You can leave my thread now.

he delete all to save face haha!

OWNED!! smiley


Han Solo wrote:

The G wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

The G wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

The G wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

gokumonji wrote: What is rule of cool?

like if a guy get half he face blown up, get stand up then diein reality he’d just dieit not a feat of durability or resistence of vitalityjust a good rule of cool moment

that doesnt even have something to do with gokus feat.And you cant just ignore all feats without a number lmao.This a vs debate just lettin you know.You think naruto beats goku but there was no strength feat from naruto that was with a stated number.iirc.So yh double standards.

yeah it do author ignore calcing rock cause it not important to story what is important is 40 kilo shell cause he wrote itactual iirc naruto hold huge shell much above 40 ton and beside i never say he win wit strength it with speed but this off topic so pls stay on topic thank you smiley

Yh so naruto’s speed is 0 and strength 0 and power 0.Cuz no stated number.This is a vs forum , a vs debate we use feats and numbers but only if they are consistent with MORE feats.GG you shouldnt debate vs.Cuz you cant.

wrong read my prev post where i say it only inconsistent if not line up with stated number

sorry but i cant lie.If i see something than i say how it is-you are slow and shouldnt debate in a vs forum cuz you dont know how to debate vs.Aka you just ignore all feats without numbers.smiley

i can’t lie either you immature and should learn to be more accepting read the bible thank you smiley

curstdragon wrote: I have also reported you for religious baiting.



Ouji Bejita wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Ouji Bejita wrote: Sup han?

hi ouji

you good today?

Spreading stupiditity and shit ?

The G (aka Ouji Bejita) wrote: You make ppl ad hominem:/

comparing whis’s statement with instant noodle

Im you are stupid or a very bad troll.

*1 page later*

Ouji Bejita wrote: Oh and you wont save yourself if you keep posting “ad himinem”
Ignorance fallacy” and shit to sound smart.

You are broken.period.

You must be a good troll or just stupid.

gokumonji wrote:

The Monkey King wrote: Han Solo’s DBZ respect thread:

Krillin scare of sharp tree smiley
Freeza scare of planet explode smiley
Goku is 40 ton smiley
buu is magma bust at best smiley
ki is chemical smiley

You think anyone will comment on that thread?

It will be ignored totally.

lord bills wrote:

Misha wrote:

lord bills wrote: vader is too slow and not that fast bc he lost his limbs.

Movie Vader is slow.
but EU Kenobi could speedblitz a small droid army, while reflect there beams.
EU Vader stepped outside is ship, and speedblitzed dozens of assassins.
EU Vader can react to blasters which are way faster than bullets.
EU Vader also can sense what the others will do.
Vader gives Raditz brain damage.
But this is EU not Movie though.

ok giving him brain damage won�ï�ÿ�ýt stop raditz tho and are you implying vader can take a ki blast from him?

Terumi wrote:

Han Solo wrote: well kratos is really strong more than anyone in dbz and he beat god of lighting so he fast also he surpass hisself where he can own 100000 of hisself and he kill concept of fate so all in all he solo dbz

Han Solo doesn’t know shit it seems no wonder your best friend is bigfoot.

curstdragon wrote: I’ve built up an immunity to Han Solos downplay through lots of controlled exposure. I also have several offensive strategies for him so I should be able to get team one past that round.

curstdragon wrote:

BuroriReturns wrote:

Cool as Ice wrote: Okay. Here you go. Right after Goku killed King Piccolo and he is referring to Popo even

Kami proving he is stronger than Goku

So if he had never seen someone as strong as Popo(even after fighting King Piccolo) and Kami is way stronger than Popo... Pretty common sense here.

Raditz’s reading on Goku and Piccolo when they had weighted clothes

Raditz telling Piccolo’s power level

Since I’m sure you know Piccolo jr defeated Kami pretty easily I don’t think anything more needs to be said

You lose.

Ok, then let’s look at the other side of this. Why would Heaven send an attendant who was stronger than the god? If they weren’t going to be used for fighting, and just for helping out, why would he have to be stronger?

Since the guidebook that has
Popo at over a thousand also has Kami being weaker than Daimao
, I think it makes more sense to assume that these levels are from the Saiyan arc. Popo got stronger through training, and Kami got weaker from old age. The levels include both Dragonball and Saiyan Arc levels, so it fits.

That power level sheet puts King Kai below Napa, be states himself to be above Frieza.

Han Solo wrote: o i concede guess i got own sad

Zemoco wrote: Did...Han just concede?

Quality Natsu wrote:

Han Solo wrote: o i concede guess i got own sad

Paged forever.

gokumonji wrote:

Han Solo wrote: o i concede guess i got own sad

OMG.There is still hope for humanity.

Han Solo wrote: DOUBLE BLUFF OWN!!!

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote: actual that wrong dbz not know to be subtle if broly have weakpoint it would at least mention it in guidebook so yah why goku head not weakpoint??

also if sun not important why broly look scare of it and why camera pan to it and why goku goten and gohan aim at it? gg smiley

Neither of these movies were written by Toriyama, his straight forward writing style has nothing to do with this.

It doesn’t need to be said. He gets stabbed in the heart as a child and it explodes and kills him under duress. He didn’t burst into flames or melt or boil away, his heart exploded out of his chest.

toei mimic toriyammer and they not subtle either where this weakpoint mention in any material? nope

If Toei puts in so much effort to be just like Toryiama then the anime is canon.


curstdragon wrote:

gokumonji wrote:

Misha wrote:

Amph wrote: Bills effortless

So obvious, U like being Obvious who U like.

You related to Han solo,bro?

I’m starting to think that Amph and Han are the same person.

Han Solo wrote:

gokumonji wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Truths wrote:

Raniero wrote: Naruto destroyed planet Saiyan?

What even is planet Saiyan?

good scan where did you find this

final prove frieza special not canon

You’re such a retarded cunt,that’s not even real you idiot.

pls stop use rude offense or i will be force to report thank you

gokumonji wrote: There is only one han solo and you can never match his idioticity PMP.

Zemoco wrote:

Hakaishin Son Goku wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Hakaishin Son Goku wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Zemoco wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Hakaishin Son Goku wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Hakaishin Son Goku wrote:

Han Solo wrote: well i don’t believe in calc but for anyone should be obvi he don’t got anywhere near planet durability even frieza was hurt by piledrive to ground

Um Han have you ever been piledrived into the ground from the troposphere at massively hypersonic from a being who could move mountains.

actual i meant vegeta and it was only from a hundred feet not the stratosphere which is more than 15000 feet

not matter what speed he got hurt by rock what happen to being planet durable??

Thats 1898542.57 Newtons

pls no calc also they was mach 2

Based on what?

well less than also mach 2 gohan

Gohan is only mach 2 what the hell are you talking about?

it take him 20 min to cross 1000 km in buu saga

When was this again been some time since i read the manga.

See, Han just makes up arguments on things he’s never read or seen. I never take him seriously, but one of these days I want to put him in such a corner that he can’t talk his way out of it.

Zemoco wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Zemoco wrote:
You’re the one who brought it up. Are you now going back on you’re own arguments?

If Buu saga Gohan is mach 2, then how come he was outspeeding someone who could react to a MFTL Gotenks?

Also, if Gohan is Mach 2, how come he casually dodged bullets while fighting crime during the Saiyamen Arc?

Is this really the best argument you can make?

Did it ever occur to you that Gohan was cruising? lol

I don’t understand? Cruising? He doesn’t have a car.

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote: what so bad about me sig it just the truth

Exactly. People who love something, especially something subjective based on interpretation of subjective media, don’t find a place where other people like it and do nothing but attack it non stop for as long as they can get away with pissing those people off. You know who does that? Sociopaths.

i am not attack dbz i just spread the truth i think you have attachment issue curst pls see therapist thank you

And I just hope someone locks you up before you move on from small animals to people.

Han Solo wrote:

curstdragon wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Jin-Kun wrote:

Yuki Nagato wrote: What’s with Han Solo’s unhealthy obsession with DBZ downplay/hate?


everyone say thy but no one can prove it

No one can ever prove anything to you, that’s the point.

prove it

Ouji Bejita wrote: Funny how when it comes to dbz ppl act like feats feats feats jsjfjeiyjxjj!!!!

40 tons in dbz=/=40 tons in real life.
Prove me wrong.

Raniero wrote: I can report you for power abuse btw.

Log in nigga (aka ouji bejita) wrote:

Han Solo wrote: it funny how in ten page no one has post a speed number toriyammer give except me

goku can’t fly 20000 km in second

dbzstan ignore it or say something like “can only go mftl for ten meter” lol!

And you are the only 1 who uses that shit.

Its like you need to move 7 times around the earth in 1 sec to be faster than light.
Stfu its fiction.

Raniero wrote:

Kurosaki wrote: Though he’s a troll, he has arguments sometimes.

I guess Adolf Hitler had good arguments about why they should kill off the Jews too.

random lols

Snap wrote:

HAN SOLOED wrote: han solo is a troll.

I laughed so hard at that guest name.

It’s embarrassing, how hard I laughed.

Raniero wrote:

DFOs Strongest Disciple wrote: Instead of reverse gender versions of established characters, let’s just go with entirely original female characters who carry the same type of style and class of the Z fighters.

So, instead of a female Goku, you’d have some friendly, easy going chick who gets serious as hell when it comes to fighting. She’d carry an entirely different look than the Goku we know, but she’d have similar traits. I’m gonna use 3 Kill La Kill females that I think help give a good idea.

Goku: A Mako who likes to fight and doesn’t mind shedding blood.

Vegeta: A meaner, more ambitious Ryuuko.

Freeza: An Evil Satsuki.

And continue on with females who share similar traits to the Z fighters and villains, from whatever other series.

It would absolutely work, and we’d have hardcore babes who’d tear shit asunder with their physical attacks, in the most stylish ways possible.

It would be Sailor Moon for men.

That’d be hot.

DFOs Strongest Disciple wrote: Also, we’d have well toned females, they wouldn’t be all soft and fluffy like Sailor Moon girls, nope.

A DBZ female would still be feminine as a model with curves, but she’d ripped.

Android 18 only gets a pass because she’s a robot, and Videl was garbage.

Fit chicks would be a major theme of DBZ.

In a hentai crossover, Sailor Moon would be getting her shit taken by an aggressive, sexy fit female.

Cid wrote: Broly shot first.

And he paid for it with his life.

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