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Name: Demi


Last seen: 07-31-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 01-12-2013

Posts: 36,111

Age: 26

Location: California, home to waay to many fucking Wineries.

About: I've got some pretty good Engrish skills.

Hobbies: Playing SMT, reading old literature.

Reputation: 198thumbs-up


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Previously known as

Leviathan until 03-20-2013
All the Good Names are Taken. until 03-27-2013
BEST.NAME.EVER until 03-28-2013
Levi-kun until 03-28-2013
Leviathan until 04-28-2013
YHVH until 04-28-2013
Demiurge until 12-02-2013

02-22-2016 from Hanbei
thumbs-up "If you're here again sometime when I'm not, come to T5 or email me. I miss you."

02-27-2015 from Alexander.

02-06-2015 from Mitt Romney
thumbs-down "You Mexican mom"

01-10-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Anybody who leaves clearly has sense. You're one of them."

12-24-2014 from Glast
thumbs-up "She won't come back guys, give up"

12-18-2014 from The Millennium King

12-01-2014 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "come back soon pls"

12-01-2014 from RAG
thumbs-up "Demi :["

10-05-2014 from The Living Tribunal

09-15-2014 from Flamelord

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Psychopeth wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote: I was doing absolute value problems. Or problems with absolute values. Problems as in, the math problems, sense.
So, there was this point where an absolute value for some number was this: |0|
You know what this means?
It means math has a sense of humor!

It does... but apparently you do not

* Ring Ring Ring *

“Finally, class is over." Magnum sat back in his seat and took a breath of fresh air. Saying his school was normal would be a massive lie. Each class had 26 seats, his class being the “MvC” class. It had 5 rows with 5 seats in each row, and finally, the grandmaster seat which was right at the back of the class. A student who’s name was not known sat on the grandmaster seat for every subject there was. The students just called him TSR. The worse you was in a particular subject, the closer you would sit to the Teacher. They just finished taste class at the moment, meaning it was not unusual for his younger twin brother Butch to be sitting in the front row. Everybody except Magnum and Butch left the classroom. Butch slowly got up from his seat and walked towards Magnum.

“So, why did you tell me to stay behind Maggie?" Butch seemed rather impatient, but Magnum did not care. Today, nay, now was the time he was going to do it.

Magnum pulled his desk drawer open while Butch watched on with slight interest. Butch’s eyes widened when he saw Magnum pull out a gothic lolita dress, along with all it’s little accessories.

''M-Maggie, what the hell are yo-" Butch immediately stopped talking out of shock, the reason for this being Magnum somehow managing to rip off Butch’s school uniform and replacing it with the outfit that he just took out of his drawer at MFTL+ speeds. Magnum did not waste any time as he powered up into his Super Saiyan form he kept as a secret for so long. The force of the transformation caused his clothes to be ripped apart, ( something he would come to regret later ) and revealing his 14-inch manly dong which was covered in tattoos and scars. Where he got those scars from, Butch did not want to know.

Magnum walked towards Butch who was cowering in a corner with slow but well paced steps.

“D-Don’t tell me you’re going to..."

“BUTCHIE-CHAN! I CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER! RAERHARHERHGAAR!" Magnum immediately pulled down Butch’s frilly knickers which was covered with the faces of shitty characters, and lunged inside poor Butchie-chan’s ass so hard that it made a Supernova as a side-effect. Butch screamed, cried and struggled, but whatever he did he could not even get Magnum to budge. Magnum did not notice Butch’s futile efforts as he continued to drill his manly dick into Butch. Butch immediately let out a scream of ecstacy.

“Heh... Found your prostate, Butchie-chan!" Magnum continued to hit the exact same spot continuously, to the point where Butch couldn’t think straight.

“I’M GOING TO CUM INSIDE YOU TILL YOU’RE PREGNANT!!! RAAAAARRGGH!" Butch felt something warm and sticky go down his tunnel, which he came to figure out was Magnum’s sperm. Magnum came so much that Butch’s stomach bloated into one comparable to that of an eight-month pregnancy. Some of Magnum’s sperm leaked out of his asshole, and he could have sworn that each one of his sperm cells had a face that looked exactly like Kenshiro’s. The sheer manliness of each individual sperm cell caused Butch to ejaculate seven times, causing him to pass out. Of course, this did not make Magnum stop. In fact, it only fueled his erection.

By the end of the day, the entire classroom was colored white and Butch managed to give birth. More than once.


Cant Kill Death wrote:

Alpha wrote: people insulting me sad

Stop crying about it, you little bitch.

Snap wrote:

Demi wrote:

Snap wrote:

Demi wrote:

Snap wrote:

Zeed wrote: VN or anime?

did you seriously ask me that

I belive he did.

I bet he isn’t even reading Zaregoto. :T

He’s a liar and I’m going to beat his face.

But zeed has the gate of Babylon.

I’m black.

I broke into the gate last night and stole all the treasures.

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote: Gen 1 Mewtwo does not get confused. He gets stabbity. Then stabbitys all the Arceuses.

DFO Zealot wrote: Did you read that guro anon posted in that Nui hate thread?

Made my dick diamonds. I’m not even into guro, but I’d absolutely ram it through her eyesocket, right into her brain, repeatedly, until release.

And while finishing I’d scream “ASK NOT THE SPARROW HOW THE EAGLE SOARS!“

Crusader wrote: If my mom ever threatened to ground me.

I would brag about being SoD and threaten her with fucking here grandmother and tell her that I’ll parkour all over her fucking house.

Snap wrote:


What the fuck wrote: i can speell whatever i want

if im drunk id dont care 2 spell

i would beat tearous in a fuckin sober speellling b

Duck Butter wrote: Every single fucking time I sleep I have a vivid nightmare of my house only there are realistic titans everywhere.Its me and my friends running for out lives from these giant fuckers but in the end its useless no matter how far you run they get you and eat your ass then I wake up.

The nightmares keep getting weirder each night.My house was some magic safe zone from the titans so everyone and me.To make things weirder my mind has started conjuring up realistic version of AoT characters in my nightmares and I fucked Mikasa before she was killed by a titan.

My dad opens the door and a titan comes in and kills him then I run like hell and my friend says we can beat them.I demonstrate by slugging a a titan bending down to eat me in the face.It was like 7 ftt tall.It did nothing so we ran.There as I ran I saw the psychotic crazed look on its face it wanted to eat my ass so bad.I didnt beg for mercy because i knew how mindless those things were so when I got exhausted I got eaten again.

Here is the weirder part I can remember every single detail of these nightmares except the sex part for some reason.So sometimes in the day I see the traumatizing images of giant titans coming over the horizon and then I slapped myself in the face to get ahold of myself.Im honestly terrified of titans now.

Its just so traumatizing make it stop I dont want them to eat me in my nightmares.I cant take it anymore its just I wet my pants too many times and shat myself once.Make it stop plz god make it stop.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: I intend to stretch KIlluminatic’s pussy so lose Hellfighter won’t be able to fill her up anymore.

Rin wrote: Ssj3 Goku is casually multiversal

dancing wolf-thing-man

Snap wrote:

Leviathan wrote: You do realize that is me from an alternate reality that is unusable in a fight. pick from my main bio silly ^_^


Snap wrote:

Giygas- Universal Cosmic Destroyer wrote:

Giygas- Universal Cosmic Destroyer wrote: Alternate reality me consumed and fused with a multiverse.

It was delicious.

Does everyone just not care that I ate a multiverse or something?

Not in the Army of Eden, where people use omniverses to blow their noses.

Rython wrote:

Xexubel wrote: fuck swag and class
shine is for godly gentleman like myself

Just look at that Shine.

Kagami wrote: My cousin did try to touch my dick once when I was 13.

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote:

PriceofDarkness wrote:

You can’t handle him.

Paging both

Hellfighter wrote:

i would totally shove mai cock balls-deep in erry one of Lopunny’s warm holes. js, bros, js.

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote: Anywho, yeah, boners at school are a pain.

It’s just like


Molly wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

ssjgbulma wrote: To be fair, Nikki is hotter than lady gaga

Gaga seems to be a bit less frightening looking at the end of the day.

She look like she just popped a molly and drank 6 bottle of ciroc.

G shit I wouldn’t even approach her. She scary as fuck.

The Timeless One wrote:

The Merchant wrote: >Implying most shounen anime isn’t targeted at 7 year old boys.

Happy 7th Birthday Jimmy! I got you a Shonen manga that I heard was very popular. Enjoy!

Jimmy spent the rest of his life as a vegetable caused by the traumatic experience caused by the manga. He died at the age of 34 due to chronic heart problems also related to the shock of reading the manga.

Chris Handsome wrote:

Terumi wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote: I wonder wut GUMI talks about IRL?

Trident flavors.

So penis then.

Based Sheko wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote:

Mau5 wrote:



What the fuck is this.

It’s a new type of ass-resistant plastic developed by the military.

The Author wrote:

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Icelus wrote: Could it be that Demiurge is racist?

Lumping demons and Vampires together. '-' *Cries*

I would never.

Well scratch that, apparently I’m a cow. ._.

I never put vampires and demons in the same race (that’s such a n00b thing to do)

I just said the truth, that many members have jokingly called you a vampire before.

v-v Lol Well if I wasn’t open minded Id think I was as-well if I spoke to me... but judging on just one aspect is understandable. ^-^ But still silly.

I think id rather be a Demon than a vampire, since Vampires seem mentally off(in a lot of media iv seen.)

Pfft. I’m mentally off, too. Been doing just fi-KILL EVERYTHING. Sorry.


Crazy !!!!!!


Gogeta wrote:

Ushu Renji wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote:

Ushu Renji wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote:

Ushu Renji wrote: Oooo! Can we be little furry fox girls that go to high school and ignore icky boys and eat rice balls on the roof at lunch?! So kawaaaaaiiiii~~ ::grinDD


Ugoo~ ;__;

At least be a human, k?


I’m a 12 year old girl named Yakojomi Fushi and I have the curves of a 23 year old. Don’t hit on me silly otaku! ;P

my nose bled after seeing this.

Chris Handsome wrote: Is your reading comprehensive skills terrible?

Snap wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote: No offense but Sheko looks kinda cute in Willow Smith’s body.

I’ll page this.

Raniero wrote:

Man of Sin wrote:
Jackass put the Earth in danger twice.

He probably put your anus in danger too.

That mighty Saiyan girth is a dangerous foe indeed.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

frozenshinigami wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: Blegh, I just saw a Mephiles avatar in this thread.

I think I’m going to be sick.

Mephiles wasn’t that bad. I like how he was a villain that could actually get things done.

He couldn’t get FUCKING SHIT done.

He made that entire complicated ass game-spanning time traveling plot to get a fucking teenage girl to cry.

Mephiles couldn’t “villain” his way out of a paper bag.

Well he DID kill sonic

While distracting him with an emerald and a shot from behind.

That was symbolizing how the game killed Sonic as a franchise, by the way.

Based Sheko wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote:

Based Sheko wrote: omg plz stahp

hater gtfo

Look at what you’re doing right now. I feel like I need to go wrestle a bear after reading this page. Just from posting here I have been subscribed to Oprah’s magazine and my DVR is currently recording every episode of The View.

Nikola Culpa wrote:

King Maizy wrote:

Nikola Culpa wrote: Why would I lie about being high? Who does this?

“Are you high, son?"
(Oh shit, if he finds out I’m not high, I’m fucked)
“Yes sir, high as a kite”.

Is this the world you live in?

It’s obviously the world you live in.

Seeing as that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Oh you. You got me. I’m just sitting here lying about every aspect of my life. I am actually 45. Found these pictures of some kid I’m facebook stalking from across the country. I actually live in my mom’s trailer in a park outside of Seattle. I stay sober and play dungeons and dragons all day when I’m not bathing my mother or masturbating to old penthouses from the 1960’s.
I have 2 pairs of underwear and am a firm believer in Christianity.
I am 4 foot 6 and weigh about 394.
I shower about 3 times a month.
I’ve been lying just to get the approval of a bunch of angsty teenagers on the internet because you’re the only real friends I’ll ever have, other than my uncle Skippy, and I don’t think he’s ever going to get out of prison for what he did to my ass when I was only 13.

You’ve finally figured me all out. After all these many years, you’ve figured out that I’m a pimply old fat virgin that lives with his mother. I don’t know how you could have ever found it out.

Kijinaro wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

Kijinaro wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist wrote:

Demiurge wrote: It’s what I know.

and who taught you this?


You can’t beat his knowledge, now get back in the kitchen before he goes all physics on your bitch ass with his left arm.

You act like he’s some kinda alpha male.

when you fail to realize why R3’s arm is so strong.

But can you see why children love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

because it’s fucking loaded down with sugar and other things like cinnamon that make the fat fucks' brains release chemicals encouraging their behavior of eating an unhealthy cereal.

and their even fatter fucktard parents just keep buying more to shut their god damn mouths up.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Fure wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Fure wrote: Too awesome for French people.

Its a Gourd, Pocket, I know it’s terrible.



I’ll stop being racist when the French stop being pussies.

Pocket Rocket wrote: Claire is such a bitch.

“Y-y-you beat me? Impossibru, my mind rejects it! No badge for you until you go into the Dragon’s Den!“

Ty-Ty wrote:


[perches on the Demi’s head] owo I is a Tyrtle-hat.

Mein wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Mein wrote: Full homo?


Then I’ll only half penetrate.

Leviathan wrote:

TheBravestWarrior wrote: because ludicolo solos your favorite verse

The rape is awaiting you

Leviathan wrote:

Xenosaga Demonbane wrote: Brooke can make you love him and turn you into something else

I would slap brooke and go “bitch undo dis shit before I break out da baby powder” and he does it

Then he goes and makes me a sandwich

Stan Lee is a badass.


gojira4life wrote:

Leviathan wrote:

Giygas- Universal Cosmic Destroyer wrote:

Giygas- Universal Cosmic Destroyer wrote:

Magical High Rapist Memento Snuff wrote: GHAYYY

don’t make me spank you

you can spank me anyday, sugarcube wink

Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote:

Alpha wrote: I dont hate anybody here straight

04-20-2013 from Alpha

“i hope you fucking get hit by a car you donkey shit fucker modo ass dick shit cum on these tits fuck”

That must be your way of expressing love then?

some duden typing shit wrote:

Snap wrote:

some dude typing shit wrote: death: was raped to death by Gumi in 2013




Not a terrible way to go.

.....okaay how bout this:
birth:what do u think?!
death:Saving the world from Gumi
In final moments,Snap defeated Gumi by bitchslapping her.Unfortunatly,she died of cancer..

so what do u think?

Proto Dude wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote:

R34L1TY wrote: To a specific degree when it comes to bi curiosity..its a phenomenon affecting every human being on this planet. There is no such thing as 100% straight. Food and Sexual Interest are different categories when it comes down to these specifics but when you look at it broadly (as in ..your interests)..they are the same.

Looking at it this topic from one angle, you can say “I know I don’t want to fuck a cow..I don’t need to do it to know that I don’t enjoy it." That would be a perfectly valid point however you cannot say “I absolutely would not enjoy fucking a cow” until you do it. Common sense kicks in and you go from there. However looking at just human sexuality, you don’t know for certain until you try.

You should try fucking your own father.
That’ll probably change your interests and sexuality because it’ll feel good.

You never know until you try, just sayin'.


Rython wrote:

Snap wrote: Every young woman is lovely in her own way. smiley

Reminds me of this Quote, as bad as it is, heh.

The Asshole wrote: Donyele is a good member, he reminds me of red line.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

The Huge Crasher Man wrote: So if you are much of honorable manly man and you find my my existence “insulting” give me your real coordinations about your geographical position in Kentucky, so I can babyshake you to molecular failure, whining slut. :-)

As always you will throw a cheap mother excuse and you will go back to your unwashed shithole as a total coward insted of proving yourself.

Coward...shhhhhh that hurts doesn’t it, coward?

How about this instead?

You go take the biggest and most penis-shaped potted cactus you can find and then just bounce up and down on it for a few hours.

That’s pretty much what we all do to your anus whenever you post anyways.

gojira4life wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

gojira4life wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

gojira4life wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

gojira4life wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

gojira4life wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

gojira4life wrote: This morning: Woke up, did my daily Marvel: Avengers Alliance game stuff, went to the market for bread and oatmeal.

Now: reading + being here

Later tonight: watch a movie, read some more, be here some more, go to sleep

Btw, I’m missing your videos man sad

Gojis back on

Yeah, I had to run a quick errand but now i’m back... for a while anyway

You shure love dat sleep.


OrganizationXV wrote: Best demon lord god people thing guy ever

Rainbow Shuzen wrote: i find children very annoying. this one time i almost punched at baby at ihop. fucking annoying little insects

Redx wrote: Yandere and moe make my cock grow.

Just a Member wrote: *cums in eye*

Ghost Planet Industries wrote:

Demiurge wrote: Berserk

I actually just recently reread through it, Levi you should try reading New Grappler Baki, may really give you some new respect for characters under PSYCHOPATHICALLY SOUL RAPE YOUR STRAIN OF REALITY strength.

Sheko the Messiah wrote: You think I won’t drive 5 hours and dent your tree?

This ain’t a game, I have your aunt’s IP addresses and let’s see if she likes my hacker friend signing her up for 'Gay Cowboys R Us'.

Don’t come at me.

Le Jimmy Rustler wrote:

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote: YOU’RE SO COOL AND EDGY TEACH ME TO BE LIKE YOU.


Rython wrote: And Edgar’s just like...

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Lenzonda wrote: Coming from a Kentucky country fuck lululul

Just you wait till I finish fucking my cousin, then I’ll make you regret saying that shit.

My old set(s)

Angel of death:

“There is no fair. There is no justice. There is just me.“

Wednesday Addams:

lol Wednesday

Rin wrote:

Guts wrote:

Rin wrote: My therapist has told me to be honest so tbh I thought about faping to tunnel ladd russo green ninjaa jbnumber1fan ether lady carnage zedkay darsch kos and myself

Why KoS?

KoS is muscle incarnate, and he can make his nipples bounce up and down.

Pocket Rocket wrote: Sometimes I like to stick my penis in those Chinese finger trap things.


Sally Mcnally wrote:

Well, this is me, name is Sally. I am currently 14, and pregnant with Shadowhunter’s baby. Yes, he’s been through a hard time with his abusive mother, so I gave up my virginity hoping it’d cure his hurt and retardation. But, in actuality, I did it because I was turned on because of his martial arts. He has some mental issues, but it doesn’t matter, his personality is what made me love him. Fuck all of you that hate him. All of you. I don’t know why he made that fake ass profile with the google stolen picture of a bitch that doesn’t even look fucking 13. He just did it to make all of you sorta jealous, but this is the real me, his real gf. He is mine, I’ve had his premature sperm swadling in me for months, he branded me his. I’m not going to let you fucktards mess with his head anymore. Fucking faggots.

Shoblongoo wrote:

Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote:

Shoblongoo wrote: I was buying sex toys today, and i found a justin beiber sex doll (PRODUCT NAME: Just-in Beaver). My faith in humanity is failing.


in my defense...the battery life on vibrating cock rings its atrocious. You know they can make one that lasts longer than 40 minutes. But they want you to keep buying more..

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