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Name: SoD_


Last seen: 08-27-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 12-26-2012

Posts: 12,261

Age: 13

Location: Spain/puerto rico/detroit.

About: Hah.

Hobbies: Parkour,read,draw,and study for shcool as much as possible

Reputation: 143thumbs-up


Official Photoshop Resources Thread *
Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko
Graphic Duel - Cid v. Speed Of Darkness Deuce(Voting is OPEN NOW)

Previously known as

Yoyo fred until 12-27-2012
Crusader until 03-27-2013
Chris Jericho Cock Loving Parkourer until 03-28-2013
Crusader until 06-05-2013
Bride of Sheko until 06-05-2013
Bitch of Sheko until 06-05-2013
Crusader until 06-18-2013
Bitch of Sheko until 06-18-2013
Crusader until 12-16-2013
Speed of crusading Darkness until 02-16-2014
bitch of sheko until 02-19-2014
Crusader until 08-20-2014

01-20-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Speed of darkness? How did you get yourself perma-banned from the Vs. Forum?"

12-04-2014 from Impavido
thumbs-up "AHHH!! SoD!"

10-01-2014 from Mister Teal
thumbs-up ""

09-30-2014 from Duck Butter
thumbs-up "can you rep me before you get banned k thx bai"

09-30-2014 from Kinasin
thumbs-down "Lol. C'ya!"

09-21-2014 from RAS
thumbs-up "sod is a grass"

09-16-2014 from red line
thumbs-up "aja"

09-05-2014 from RottWeiler ll
thumbs-down "Don't fuck witcha"

08-30-2014 from Vance Prime

08-29-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "Rep this account and I'll rep you 5 more times."

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