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Prepare to be bullied.

Army of Eden Stuff (the only reason this stuff is still here is because I put quite a bit of time into it, and I don’t want that to be wasted:

Name: Giygas

The one on the left

Gender: Male

Classification: Primal force of destruction

Age: 400

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman agility, durability, and stamina. Can create and manipulate fire, and has telekinesis/Nigh-omni in sphere

Weaknesses: Is completely insane/ Tires out extremely fast/ none

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Island/ Planetary/ Universe+

Range: Country/ Planetary/ Multiversal

Speed: Hypersonic/ Relativistic/ MFTL (can cross a universe in less than a second)/ Omnipresent in Sphere

Durability: Mountain-level/ Continent+/ Universe+

Stamina: Can fight for months on end/ Tires out after five minutes/ limitless

Standard Equipment: The Shadow Reactor (A purple sphere-like object imbued in my chest that glows bright when active. When active, my power skyrockets to planetary in DC, and my speed goes to Relativistic, but my durability and stamina plummet. I cannot take that many hits, and I tire out after five minutes, after which I am completely exhausted)

Key: Base/ Using Shadow Reactor/ Sphere Ruler form

Durability – 4
Intelligence- 6 (I’m completely insane though)
Strength – 2 (unneeded because of telekinesis )
Speed – 5
Energy Projection -7
Fighting Ability-3

Total: 27

Blazing Bolt- I fire a super-concentrated stream of white-hot fire at the target. Spammable.

Pillar of Flame- Exactly what it sounds like, this attack is a pillar of fire about the size of a suburban house. Is hot enough to turn the ground below it into glass. Spammable.

Destruction Sphere- A more powerful attack, Destruction Sphere is a small ball of fire the size of a baseball. It explodes in a sphere about the size of square-mile. Relatively easy to use.

Hydrogen Flames- I keep a completely invisible shield of hydrogen flames around me at all times.

Nova- A much more powerful version of destruction sphere, Nova is is a small ball of fire about the size of a basketball. Upon impact, it expands into a sphere about the size of 20 km wide city, setting ablaze or destroying everything in its path. Takes a while to charge up and fire.

Supernova- Only used in desperate times, supernova is unlike destruction sphere and Nova, despite its name. After gathering all of the flames from Nova and everything it set ablaze back into a basketball shape, I super charge it with my energy and fire it at the target. Upon impact, it detonates in a ~30 km wide explosion hotter than the surface the sun, lasting for up to two minutes. Has to have Nova used before it, thus taking a while to set up and use.

Basic Telekinesis- The ability to lift and manipulate objects with my mind, including people. I can also use this to snap people’s necks, and to destroy others heads.

Focused Telekinesis- Allows me greater control with TK, but needs some of my focus. Allows me to pick baseball stadium sized chunks of rock and throw them, and other things around that size.

Psywave- Uses a concentrated blast of telekinesis to slam the opponent through objects such as buildings and boulders. Spammable.

Psysnipe I use a concentrated shot of TK to snipe the opponent from afar. Spammable.

Psystrike- An extremely powerful blast of psychic power, this can level a mountain through sheer force. Requires most of my attention.

Psyblast- Can reduce an entire mountain range to a crater. Only used in desperate times, as it requires my complete absolute attention.

Alright, so my sphere is made up of 5 parts:

The Main universe- This is a universe that is around the same size as ours. All life and civilization is located in this part.

The FTL universe- When a civilization becomes advanced enough or acquires technology from another, more advanced civilization, they are able to access this part. It is a universe about 1/10 the size of the main universe. This means that if you entered it and walked and one mile in it, you would come out 10 miles away from where you started in the main universe. Hence the name, as it allows you to go “FTL” with advanced enough tech.

The Barrier- This is a universe even smaller than the FTL universe. However, on top of the fact that the technology needed to enter it is beyond anything any civilization in my sphere has developed, it automatically kills everything that enters it that has not been approved of by me. Hence “The Barrier”.

The Land of Shadows- At the center of my sphere lies a a small “universe” about the size of Asia in diameter. It is always night there, and the only things that exist there are things I have approved. It appears as a continent and can be traveled around it like one.

The Center of All Things- This is the castle that I mentioned earlier. It is not a new universe, but it lies at the center of the LoS. It is 15 miles wide by 20 miles long. It’s tallest tower reaches 17 miles up. It appears to be made out of jet-black material, but gives of a whitish glow. A large moon-like object 12 miles in diameter hovers directly above the tallest tower. It is also anchored to six parallel dimensions, to provide added security for the Inner Sanctum.

This next section is for the Inner Sanctum of the castle
Located one floor below the base of the tallest tower, this is where I reside. I never leave (I will get into that in a little bit), and I do not need to eat or drink as a sphere ruler. This section is protected by ten multi-dimensional locks located randomly throughout the castle (their position changes everyday). To unlock it, you need to undo all ten locks in all six dimensions.

Good quotes:

Rython wrote:

Wade wrote: Relm Sketches everyone.

This is so rigged it’s a joke. FF characters win easily.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Cid’s Dad wrote: Son, I am completely disgusted in your behavior. You and I have had our differences(mainly weight differences) and we’ve never seen eye to eye(because of your chubby face), but I did not raise you to act like this. Your mother may have, that whore, but not me. Yes, I was a hard man, but I was a just man. Everything I did, I did for you and your brother. I slipped up a few times, who wouldn’t? Working three jobs to feed you would make any man crumble.

But I kept on. I did what was right.

And here you are, disgracing your family and making a fool of yourself. Shape up or ship out, son.

P.S. You can’t come over for dinner tonight. Your mother only prepared two turkeys and I want some goddamn leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

YOU TWAT wrote:

Alpha wrote: Tori-bot

You say this fucking thing again and I swear god i will track you to your house, and then i’ll fucking beat the shit out of you with a fucking socket full of canadian nickels.

I’ll left you in a near death state, so bad, that you’ll be wishing i had kill you instead.

Cant Kill Death wrote:

Giygas- Universal Cosmic Destroyer wrote: I’m planning on killing death.

Good luck.

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