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Name: Expensive-Discount


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Age: 18

About: I'm a poster on MvC, and a former YTPer.

Hobbies: Exercising, Video-Games, Anime, Manga, Comics, The Internet, You-Tube Poops, etc...

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Shoddragon wrote:
guro... wow. no thanks. by your definition of a fan anyway. then go there and prove them wrong and stop bitching. I do that shit to people in RL ALLLLLLLLLL the time. SIlver surfer turns goku into a potato shoves it up chi chi’s ass, and squeezes her so hard she explodes and the potato hits earth at 9000 times lightsped, killing eveyrthing except surfer. afterwards he goes off to namek and starts fucking them in the ass with his surfer board, then turns Saichoro (whatever the fuck his fatass name is) and starts having a rape orgy by fucking him and nail simueltaneuously at the same time. he then shoots out power cosmic jizz which kills every namek. he then gathers teh dragonballs, summons porunga, slaps him across the face, shits all over his chest, and then makes Porunga give him multiple blow and handjobs. he then sticks porungas tail up its own ass and shoves the balls down his throat. then for lulz he shit in his face and rapes porunga to death.

congrats the DBZverse is now brutally murdered. I can make it eons worse if you wish .

The Doctor wrote: aunt may with a shotgun solos this shit once aunt may with a shotgun solod all of fiction she is beyond omnipotence she found an omnipotent being named The One Above All and titty slapped his ass with her saggy ass 9001 year old titties.he immediately turned into a gay jelly donut.she can curve her bullets like in the movie wanted except when she curves her bullets everyone in all of fiction has a multiple heart attacks that’s right “A MULTIPLE HEART ATTACKS” aunt may with a shotgun is so powerful she says “fuck you” to grammar once aunt may took off her dentures this released all of her power she superseded all of fiction and come into the real world.she looked in this world and through old rotted teeth exclaimed " fuck you ho'
imma bring up ma gangsta shotgun up in this bitch
and she shot her mighty boomstick which caused a giant time space omnipresent scale rupture shaped like the Old SPice guy’s penis she then proceeded to jump 9 trillion universes high into the air she did a super duper ultra mega afro omniflip thereby kicking every deity from Odin to Jesus in the chin, exploding their faces. this including chuck norris who exploded and took out bruce lee with him
the omniflip destroy all of reality and remade it into a reality where all life was made up of tits.

AfterGlowZ wrote: Fucking degenerate piss-drinking whore child.

Robert C. wrote: The asshole as no idea how hard it is to take care of an autism. Not even 4chan would be that incontinent.

Cid wrote: Because I’m 6’4” and weigh 500lbs. Even if Phob managed to beat me up, the chances of me falling on top of him and crushing his rib cage is very high, almost as high as my cholesterol.

AfterGlowZ wrote: You structure sentences like a cockgobbler, chickenshit fag.

AfterGlowZ wrote: Grendle-licking whoremonger.

Dr Scientist wrote: The day you know more about yu yu then me is the day cid makes out with sheko lol silly nobody trying to insult me coming with grade school level insults.

Whats next bro you gonna get your weeaboo stick and try to go bankai on me? aahahaha.

AfterGlowZ wrote: Fucking Arab dickshit of Romania.
Ztard go shit and troll somewhere else, you low life bitch of cokcsroach,

AfterGlowZ wrote: Join me fellow MVCers, and laugh at this butthurt, abortion of a crotchsniffing mongrel.

Denying it doesn’t count for shit.

kos wrote: u will shut the fuck up now, u will never ever ever post again. ur family are bunch of cunts

the person u love the most can eat my shit, so can u, at tha same time

now. my cuntaggot friend. u will shut ur cunter.

u piece of dried donkey sperm.

Luka The Fake Hero wrote: I had a dream where MvC was a school but that wasn’t the weird part.

The Poke Niggas was a school club. and The weird twist is
they were all attractive women. Ketchum was a black chick
and Chibi was a Asian chick. The rest were white women.
They still had there personality and shit.
Idk If I wanted to fuck them or leave them alone.

Hipstar wrote: I once had a dream Stardust was talking to me. Turns out it was my alarm clock and I didn’t completely wake up.

Mein wrote:

Expensive-Discount wrote: Hey y’all... Can’t we all just get along?




JayDragonBallZ wrote: I’ve had weird dreams could even consider it a “nightmare”.

I had this crush on a girl in my high school (long time ago) and I had a dream about her.

We were both having sex together and she lowered her pants and she had a dick hangin' out.

Even with the penis hangin' out, I still had sex with her and it felt “good” in a way.

Then I woke up.
It was like I had no control over my dreams.
My dream was “forcing” me to have sex with a girl who had a penis. The weird part about it is that I was “enjoying” it in my dream.

JayDragonBallZ wrote:

Hipstar wrote:
How’d you use dragon balls?

My balls were saggin'.

AfterGlow. wrote: Fuck off, you degenerate troll.

Nothing you says holds any value anywhere, you’re a dickless twat with a stale turd for a brain.

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