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Name: Heisenberg


Last seen: 06-17-2016

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GlidingwithPride until 10-10-2012
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Cant Kill Death until 10-07-2013

08-13-2014 from Negative Supremacy

07-17-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-up "JJBA"

07-15-2014 from monster lord member
thumbs-up "What did the hand say to the dick? *censored*"

07-15-2014 from SuperMegaUltraGigaDrillBreakBURST
thumbs-up "REP ME BACK"

07-12-2014 from Read This If U Fap To Gay Porn
thumbs-down "READ MY NAME!"

04-15-2014 from Scuba Steve

02-08-2014 from Xexubel The GodFather

02-02-2014 from Squark
thumbs-up "Knock on my door? Please?"

01-17-2014 from Snap.
thumbs-up "I think it's a code- he's checking to see if I'm a fellow member of his anti-NSA group"

01-15-2014 from Nerd

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Hank Crawford wrote: History of SOD
-Started out as racist troll using Dark Rain account.
-Got permabanned more times than anyone can count.
-Kept spamming threads and calling people out.
-Then whines when people respond.


Robert C. wrote:
whatever floods your boat

Wolfenstein wrote:

Ruthless wrote:

Misogi Kumagawa wrote: Well adios. I’m gonna go jerk off in my younger brother’s room.

Ladies toilet full?

Never underestimate Godot. His sexual deviance knows no bounds.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Phresh isnít a language, it’s a force of the cosmos.
Only Derpforce has a direct effect on your linguistics, due to itís corruptive nature.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote: Whatever, faggot. If your set and my set had a fight, I’d win.

Which pretty much means I’m > you in every regard. RL ones included.

Crying in the corner yet? Yeah, you should be :S

Nigga I’ma tweet about how gay you are.

Trollkage Hashirama wrote:

KingBoo wrote:

BausMan 117 wrote:

KingBoo wrote:

BausMan 117 wrote: This thread wins.

You fail.

No, bad noob, go sit in the corner or i’ll send your mom home with a a black eye again.

I have your mom’s dick in my mouth, dont make me bite it of.

You put dicks in your mouth?

Atheist wrote:

Magnum Bookworm wrote: Bring in life?
This is MvC bro! Life doesn’t exsist here.

Only mindless zombies fueled by doritos and shame.

xXStevenTheDragonSlayerxX wrote:

The Knight ELMO wrote:

Deal With It Faggets wrote: FT>Hobo pubes>HST>your pencil dicks

My semen >>>> your mother womb

Deal with it illegitimate sperm.


You owned that noob you are pretty cool to.

(but i dont what you mean by sperm and semen”

is semen like one piece fishmen? Pretty cool lol.

everyone here ship RanieroxCrayon wrote: MvC IS FUCKIN QALITY


i sy, kizaru wins cuz hes fucking real light, and photons never die either... excep that they do. but fuck real phizics, kizaru solos.

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Le Jimmy Rustler wrote:

Jesus Sexum wrote: I just invented a robot that can jerk me off in 108 different ways. It took me about 8 seconds. Anymore questions?

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