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Name: Snap


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About: I'm tired.

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02-16-2018 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-down "Still plays with Hotwheels LOL"

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thumbs-up "Get ready to be dabbed on, fukken nerd"

04-28-2015 from D.A.R.K.O.
thumbs-up "I DO love you"

03-23-2015 from Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
thumbs-up "barely legal avi"

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Sheko the Reaper wrote: You think I won’t drive 5 hours and dent your tree?

This ain’t a game, I have your aunt’s IP addresses and let’s see if she likes my hacker friend signing her up for 'Gay Cowboys R Us'.

Don’t come at me.

HayIias wrote:

Magnum Bookworm wrote: Rebuilds are basically remakes....what’s the point of watching the original TV series first?

You Can (Not) Be Serious.

Rython wrote:

Nikola Culpa wrote: Sorry to say that you’re wrong and I’m right.
But you’re wrong and I’m right.

I could feel how sorry you were from that statement, indeed.

Alpha wrote:

GUMI wrote: Just mail me the money because I’m the book keeper of this site.

Name: Donyele Fake.
Street: 123 Fake St.
City: Fake City
Country: Fake
Zip Code: F1A2K3E

Im not stupid GUMI there is no country named Fake

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: Snap get the fuck back in the kitchen before I quantum physics you with my left arm.


Shiroyasha wrote:

Shiroyasha wrote:

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote: YO! ya-yo, ya-yo

Fappin', don’t give it up Jay
Fappin', don’t give it up Clit
Fappin', don’t give it up Kagami
Fappin', don’t give it give it up give it up give it up give it up give it NO!

Here’s how the story goes we find out
About a treasure in MvC
Theres no doubt, The thirsty nigga who’s eye on it
He’ll sing I’ll be King of the thirsty niggas
I’m gonna be king

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, ho-ho

His name is Jay
That’s Man I want the D. Jay
Gonna be king of the thirst niggas!
He’s made of condoms - (female singers) how did that happen?
Yo-ho-ho he took a bite of Cum Cum
Ya-yo, ya-yo

His name’s Clit, He’s just like a black samurai
And a F-A-G-G-O-T Kagami not shy
The thirst crew coming through, doin' their thing,
With the king of the thirsty niggas, he’s gonna be king!

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, hoo-hoo

Set sail for pussy, it’s the name of the treasure in MvC!

Ya-yo, ya-yo

Set sail for pussy!

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote:

TiggerLover wrote:

The Heretic wrote:

theshadowknows wrote: You suck CID’s dick

Yo, rite hur

Actually, it is MINE that you have to suck ... and I have the biggest one on MvC ... Billy even made a thread about it. So, good luck with that. lol

Kagami wrote: Im a 30 year old pedophile/rapist and that black kid was one of my rape victims which I used to ensnare the populace of this forum.The reason why I pay attention so much to the female members is because I try to find ways to rape them.I also love anime and manga and still live with my mom but we have no basement.

Tori-Bot wrote: No offense but Sheko looks kinda cute in Willow Smith’s body.

Tori-Bot wrote:

Phallastasia wrote:

some one new wrote:

Zackbaatar wrote:

YuNarukami wrote: No, there really isn’t.

Yes, there really is.

Would you like an example?

The age of the Earth according to the Bible is vastly different to what is accepted among scientists as the Earths correct age. Same with the origin of the Earth. Or mankind.

You must be referencing the “GOF”, Gospel of fake scriptures

“And the lord said, 2000 years after I send my son will mark the 6000th year of the Earth’s existence”-Gospel of Fake scriptures 1:1

This book contains more beauties such as, “And the lord said, I will make my son in the image of a Caucasian man." Or who could forget, “After Jesus ascended into heaven, the Apostle James compiled all the scriptures together which would be known as 'The King James' version. The lord commanded, read no version but this one."


Jay visiting for a bit wrote: I just remembered something.

Last night I dreamt about Sheko (not joking either) and he also had a full set of hair.
He was also shirtless and he was pretty ripped (although he isn’t really the “muscular type” in real life).

I don’t know where I was but I think I was at the bar with Sheko repeatedly staring at my eyes from across the room.
I was keep looking back at him and somehow I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.
In my dream, he was really mesmerizing and he leaned against the walls, looked up at the ceiling, then slowly/dramatically looked at my eyes again and walked towards me.

Right after he was in front of me, he sat down next to me, drank a bottle of wine and started to stare at me some more.
Then after that, I woke up and I was covered in sweat.

This really happened in my dream and I’m like wtf? Why did I dreamt of Sheko?
It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen lmfao.

HayIias wrote:

Zimmer wrote: you mad streaming rules

Hmhmhm... A fatal mistake, my silly friend. *teleports behind him* There’s still time to apologize. “FUCK YOU” *he turns around and slashes at me, but as he slashes through me it’s revealed to be nothing more than an illusion as I appear a fair distance away* Hmhmhm... you are no match for my shadow jutsu. Now die! You wasted your chance! *throws a perfectly aimed shuriken at him that cuts his throat and kills him* Hmph... fool. *teleports away*

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote: Anywho, yeah, boners at school are a pain.

It’s just like


Chris Handsome wrote: Gardevoir is one sexy mon bro.Have you seen how big her ass is in mega form.

LORD HAVE MERCY for this sin I be commiting.

Dark Ghost Supra wrote:

Marly wrote: Have fun, bud. :^)

I will tonight with my gay porn links and constant dicks on my mind.

Jin wrote:

Molly wrote:


The Witch of Certainty wrote:

Yuki Nagato wrote: I may be white on the outside but on the inside however, I’m black smiley

No you’re not, shut the fuck up nigger

You’re just asking for it, TSR.

The Butcher wrote: Oh yeah, I got a story about wallpapers smiley. Happened just two hours ago actually.

As you guys know, Mag & I hook our laptops to the TV. So, my wallpaper was plastered for all to see.


Right before we started up Akuma no Riddle our Dad came out of his room to get something to drink. His comment:

“What is this girly shit?"

Me: Dad straight

Proto Dude wrote:

oh my god this guy is so wrote:

You people are what is wrong with the world.
I will have you know that while a large portion of my classmates do nothing but listen to music on their phones all throughout class with their headphones on and act like complete swagfags, I do all my work in school and put full effort into it. I am almost always grouped with complete fucking retards during projects so I end up having to do 90% of the work. I am actually aiming to get into a university, but what happens when there is a Canadian Pride assembly? Rather than talking about important Canadian who did stuff like invent medical insulin, the principal and all the teachers involved go on and on about how we should all feel proud to be Canadian because of people like Drake who make 'excellent' music.
I work my ass off in school, and they feel the fucking need to encourage the retards who waste all their time in class listening to shitty musicians like Drake!!!!! Fuck them!!!!!!!!!
I am not doubting that some of my more retarded classmates will never go onto higher education, hell a lot of them will probably just drop out of high school, and end up more famous and successful than me.
You know why?
Because nobody in society gives a shit if you are intelligent or if you work hard or if you apply yourself, they just care if you can make shitty music or know how to act and shit. So you know what?????
Go Fuck Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felina wrote:


Infinity Flux wrote: Shiro’s Son slips on some casual clothes, some jeans, an overly designed long sleeve shirt with various fabulous symbols on it, and a sleeveless hoody to make your chest appear more stacked than it really is. Today is his final day of school, he’ll be graduating and starting college next semester.

Shiro’s Son enters the kitchen area for breakfast, but unfortunately his father, Shiro, is a weeaboo who loves Gintama, so the kitchen table is on the floor. His father, whom is sitting next to the table on a pillow in unceremonious Japanese clothing, greets his lovely son with a slightly racist “HAI” head nod.

Shiro’s Son looks down on his father, walks into the next room, and pulls a chair inside the kitchen area where he shoves it against the table. Then proceed to sit on the chair and prop his feet on the kitchen table as if it were a footrest. Americans have heavy asses that needs to be supported by finely crafted woodworks, Japs will never understand the pain, or his weeaboo father on top of that.


“Dad. Jesus Christ, you’re WHITE."


“Ugh... Sorry?" The boy reluctantly bows his head and apologize.

“It’s times like these I wished I had a daughter. At least then she’d be KAWAII and respect her father."

Shiro’s son takes a glance over into the other room where his other parental figure is, “Please tell me we’re not having riceballs or some weeaboo crap for breakfast."

Shiro’s wife comes in, whom is dressed in Kimono and stylized her hairstyle into that of an idealistic japanese waifu’s. She is not exactly smoking, a 5/10 at best.

“Guess what’s for breakfast! Riceballs!"


”...He’s a normal guy you can find just about anywhere. Not Abnormal, not Special. He’s a regular guy. He’s weak like normal, he gets scared like normal, he tries hard like normal, he gets upset like normal, he likes people. And wants to protect someone like normal.

That’s why he’s normal cool.“

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