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Name: Stardust


Last seen: 08-02-2013

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 09-20-2012

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Previously known as

Stardust until 03-27-2013
Naruto Jiggalo XXX69 until 03-28-2013

02-18-2015 from The Living Tribunal

01-19-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "@Everyone below: He is never coming back, he has a life."

06-22-2014 from RottWeiler ll
thumbs-up "Come back nigga!"


02-23-2014 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "Should really come back."

12-30-2013 from Mr.Breakdown
thumbs-down "A long time coming."

10-14-2013 from Fag
thumbs-down ":]"

10-12-2013 from 19_kilo

10-02-2013 from ssjglaunch
thumbs-side "hahaha"

08-07-2013 from Raniero
thumbs-up "I miss you..."

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Roronoa GoGon wrote: Usopp hearing this music

while cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

Shoblongoo wrote: 8 minutes of lightspeed travel gets you from the earth to the sun.

8 hours of lightspeed travel takes you past Pluto amd the Kuiper Belt.

72 hours of 'lightspeed' knockback from an attack in OP...sends you to another island...

Sounds legit.

The Dan Hibiki wrote: So this is Kid Madara and Hashirama, right?

Stardust wrote:

The 7th Messiah wrote: So now the HST order is Hash > Madara > everything else.

Now Dangai Ichigo has two sons.

Gotta love them hill busters.

The Retard Smasher wrote: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!This forum is filled up with the most pathetic nerd shit I have ever seen in my life. You little retards are the type of freaks that only leave your dark lonely pathetic room once a year and that is to go to a gay pathetic comic book conventions! Everyone on this forum is going to die a virgin and the ones that donít are only going to get laid if they have FAT RETARD SEX! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the most retarded horse shit I have ever seen in my life! I bet you little fuckin freaks are sitting in your rooms with the light turned off playing on your laptops while hyperventilating like smeagle! You little fat squealing retard pig freaks need to get a life before I beat all of your asses! FUCKIN NERDS! Get laid you pack of wild faggots!

KatanaGoku wrote: -vegeta gets owned by a naked kid
-gets owned by ginyu force like a bitch
-cries when frieza owns him
-whines because goku has higher power lvel
-betrays his family
-sacrifices hisself for family but it was useless lol
-bitchslapped by frieza, cell, and buu

kakashi owns smiley

Souls wrote: Akira being able to live happily re-releasing the same shit over and over for probably the next 100 years.

PandaG wrote:

geargrinder wrote: What’s the fucking point of flirting and shit on the internet.

Because going on the internet is like stepping into the Sahara Desert. If you stay too long, you’re bound to get thirsty.

Roronoa GoGon wrote:

Swaniero the 2nd wrote:

Roronoa GoGon wrote:

Swaniero the 2nd wrote:

Roronoa GoGon wrote:

Swaniero the 2nd wrote:

Roronoa GoGon wrote: Without toonforce? No.

What the hell does that even mean? Youíve never even read DBZ. Go away.

I learned from you senseismiley

Say wha?

Talking shit about something you dont know.

What sensei are you talking about?

The one who is able to lift more than 40 tons

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