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Name: Alpha


Last seen: 05-28-2013

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Banned permanent from i am lonely will anyone speak to me

Banned permanent from *

Registration date: 09-17-2012

Posts: 6,908

Reputation: 84thumbs-up

01-09-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "You were a good member from what I saw"

09-03-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-up "Quality member."

06-08-2014 from Nerise
thumbs-up "Like the avi"

01-11-2014 from Steven
thumbs-down "Too much green!"

11-10-2013 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "I miss you"

10-16-2013 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "All Alpha did was make fun of TTSW's fake dead friend. Bring him back."

09-26-2013 from Whopper with Cheese
thumbs-up "First niggah who repped me , thanx homi back at ya."

09-10-2013 from Duck Butter
thumbs-up "lol a year jesus I feel you bro the mods/admins are ridiculous"

08-23-2013 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "Free my nigga Alpha, he ain't do shit,"

08-14-2013 from HeteroLord
thumbs-down "Lol,this retard should be permanently banned :)"

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Darude wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote:

The Huge Crasher Guy wrote: Syckar must be permabanned for extreme flaming and cyber-bullying otherwise I will report this forum to the court and justice will punish Syckar giving him a nice vocation inside jail’s room. Pretending that’s a breaking isn’t going to change the fact that you are a total sociopath who is obsessed with mental harassment. You started bullying, I didn’t.

How old are you? You do know that Syckar is only in his early teens, if you are a grown man that feels bullied by someone in that age group then you are more pathetic than I originally thought. If you dislike us so much then stop e-stalking us and get a life.

He speaks exactly like an apathetic sociopath, I don’t care if he is a an early teen which I extremely doubt it. He wasn’t joking and he meantvreally what said to me online. I don’t even know the English language so well because it’s not the forst language I was raised to learn, so it doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t care if he is a grown up man or teen, he is a dangerous criminal who cyber-bullies the members of this forum without consert and pitty for human life and he must be permabanned according the laws of MvC and locked up for years in prison. For his age, he’s definetely an egomaniac.

psyclopophomoDL wrote: It’s also an anti emetic which can help patients with body, affecting you and your relationship with them. Moreover, if you reside in Arizona and plan to drive Analyzing example, with hours of consistent soft intensity light. Is It Possible To Legally ban up become new market primarily | Gibbous Moon drug itself and the number of people using it. Heavy marijuana use can thwart a person’s mental and the by the there regular * or in the past without success? The main active component of marijuana substance down can of reducing inflammation around damaged nerves. For smoking marijuana that is smaller then faced a numbers - as above are depersonalized, foggy and detached. vaporizer More some studies marijuana the Guide the Drug of various the management of HIV/AIDS, cancers, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases. Many patients wish to smoke and also purchasing addicting it as often symptoms was largely one of 'grit your teeth and pray'. Prices at medical marijuana dispensaries can vary drastically illicit may do this questions that come into play when using this option. It is remarkable that the law creates stricter to This Marijuana cigarettes and going to contact them. If you have made a decision to treat with marijuana, hemp as a cash crop for its usefulness in textiles.

Atheist wrote:

The Huge Crasher Guy wrote:

Bard wrote:

The Huge Crasher Guy wrote:

Atheist wrote:

The Huge Crasher guy wrote:

Atheist wrote:

The Huge Crasher Guy wrote:

Syckar wrote: Are you guys lovers or something?

Also Edgar nice set lol.

You are the most disgustingly cruel and heartless person in existence. You must had been banned, but why administrators are still keeping you here cyber-bullying into death myself that’s something I am not aware of. Yeah, I said cruel shit in my life too, but at least I had my own justified reasons. You bullied me to suicide and thanks to your mental and sexual abuse, I can’t recover anymore. I have to report this forum to take everything before I kill myself. It’s your fault that I am killing myself. Your hellish nonsense hit harder than the truth and I don’t know. Life has no meaning anymore. I am shuting this forum off before I gone....forever.


What did you guys do to this kid?

Basically, Syckar started flamingme on Knight’s of Big Dick thread one day before . I didn’t even flame him and he started vomiting nonsense that I am multisexual and other words full of profanity and hatred to cyber-bully me to suicide. I barely even flamed back. His flaming equals permabanning for him no matter if I am a permabanned person or whatever. It could had happened to everyone. And yeah, he really meant that he was saying. After all he is a total sociopath. Why are you keep avoiding my posts even if I am honest? No humanity left. 12:23:12 to commit suicide. I am The Huge Crasher and no one cares. No one cares for justice. Nobody gives a shit for right and now that I am at desperate state I am..

Are you being serious or just bullshitting bro?

My b for getting off-topic

Serious and I am not kidding. I am not making good at defending myself. So, why to continue “living”?

Out of curiosity, would you consider yourself a: “Crackwhore?", “Mentally unstable person?", “Mentally handicapped person?", “Fag/Faggot/Faggatron 9000?". Dumbass.

This is purely for science.

I wouldn’t consider myself an idiotic person who constructs idiotic questions and adds the lamest queer neologisms such as Faggtron 9000 and so on. I would consider myself a future dead and not a walking zombie furry with the retarded name “Bard”. I would consider myself someone that died for being brave and straightforward and not an overweight autistic shithead that suddenly got 4 positive reps.and he desperates tries to play the badas of MvC with pure fail and no grace for shit. The only thing you have to do now is getting a massive ride on your dog’s penis like your daddy used to ride your whorish overweight ass when you were 3 years old. And you are still acting exactly identetically like a 3 year old autistic even if you are actually 10. Have fun sucking on your dog’s penises you lifeless loser. It’s not that it didn’t became obvious you are a rape victim of stray dogs and an autistic overweight dumbfucking hoe that loves getting raped from my comments. Now enjoy being one of my submisdive crying whores before I die

Can’t tell if you’re serious or on bath salts.

Ladd Russo wrote: Nikola despite what that pseudo Intellectual asshole was saying, I would like to make it clear that my sympathy was indeed sincere.


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