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What Illegally Acquired Japanese Cartoons and Comic Books Have You Recently Perused?

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Molly wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Samurai Billy wrote:


Purple Stuff wrote:

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: youre cute

I think youre cute too

bro not you i meant billy. you only have pretty eyes but thats about
billy has the whole package except for having a small dick but i dont judge him for that cause i dont roll that way know what i mean young nigga

Do I have to swing on a nigga?

You won’t be swinging your inch dick, that’s for sure.

Sekundes wrote:

Sheko The Reaper wrote:

November Rain wrote: Chibi, you have the right to get anally raped. But if you use that right then it’s not considered rape, but intercourse.

To answer the thread, no. If you get your jimmies rustled each time someone takes a bite of a cheeseburger then that’s your problem.

Oh man, you told KA you could easily leave and never come back. I believed in you. My world is shattered.

He came back because I don’t give him sex. He liked it when I dressed up as Madara and told him I’d turn his imagination in to reality.

Dark Ghost Supra wrote: lmao......funny ass fake mafukas.

Uncle Rafiki Pride Land ass Niggas.

Fumb ass niggas.

12 year old ass niggas.

“Hit me baby one more time!" ass niggas.

Sketcher wearing, Kick ball after schoolplaying, “Im 5’11 I just look 4’8”, “Ewwwwww girls have cooties” ass niggas.

Kinasin wrote: Jay’s Thirst is an uncontrollable quagmire of destruction.

When young black males walk towards him their erection’s literally get sucked out of their pants and into his asshole.

Deepthrota Fanning wrote: THIS nigga called me UGLY?????



Ole Whoopie Goldberg looking ass nigga. Wale and Female gorilla love child looking ass nigga. Lmao that over sized hand-me-down dress shirt hahahaha. Give ya Uncle his Clothes back. Nut ass silver Wal-Mart Watch, Skinny ass old ass “gold” chain, Fake ass “Diamond” ear ring lmfaoooo.

Taking Pictures in McDonalds bathroom thinking he looks good, hahahahahahahaha I cant

Lint on the carpet wrote: i’m furious about this

Alonzo Harris wrote: It’s Mr. Sir Dr. G. Baws to you nigga.

Samurai Billy wrote: I’m the alpha-male around these parts. You can keep talking that false shit, or you can come and get knocked the fuck out.
323 North Locust Avenue, Compton CA 90221
Come on over cool

Already there nigga, and calm down there is no earthquake, It’s just me, Gbustaballa, AIDB and Mau5 in your mom’s room upstairs. cool

Wolfenstein wrote:

Wolfenfag wrote: the parliament must asses when wolfenfag friends the ass.

Just...what...was that?

Tyrant wrote: I donít know. I would honestly eat Heavenly Kingís cum out of my ass in a second. No homo.

Xexubel wrote:

Syduria wrote: Okay okay, before this gets hectic, I would like to remind the masses that I am bigger fan of white chocolate.

Baby bleach aint nothing but 3 dollars
i can be as white as you want me to be gurl

Dr Scientist wrote: Absolutely the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

She sat down next to me and then on the bus ride home proceeded to let
loose a burp that would put truck drivers to shame.

She looked at me and laughed stood up and bowed to everyone else on the bus.

I think I’m in love, is that weird?

The Gunboat Diplomat wrote:

dbz truth wrote:
It’s not peer-reviewed yet, but assuming it’s accepted, how does this affect vs chats?

Also assuming that it would be somehow proven that black holes are easy as fuck to bust, how would you deal with fictional characters busting black holes???

A renowned cosmologist and theoretical physicist proposes a highly controversial paradigm-shattering theory, and you’re wondering how it’ll affect VS debates?

Stay classy, MvC.

Extra Zero wrote: We all know I’m gonna hate on it again then anyway, regardless of whether or not I like it.

Lenzonda wrote:

GUMI wrote:
Black guy = Supra
White guy = Kinasin

And SOD, Ether, and Sheko are in the background like:

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: I used to get boners when I killed mosquitoes for some reason.

Ether wrote:

Dishonorable Tampon Bitch wrote:
Why the long face?

If I could get my hands on you I’d beat six pints of blood outta your body. Don’t fuck around with me tonight, Joe. Shut up and go away.

Shiroyasha wrote:

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: Give it to me Shiro.

I’ll take it off now.

Snap wrote: Okay Ladd. As far as I can tell.

You seem to be pretty chill, one of the chillest on the site. You ain’t afraid to let loose on a nigga but rarely choose to. You’ve got some kind of humorous charm about you that just makes you likable, and you like most other people too. You don’t try to start stuff or act like a retard, so by default you’re also one of the most mature members of the forum.

That’s all I got tonight. sad

Extra Zero wrote:

Ladd wrote: Someone try me.

Sure thing, buddy

ddaL ossuR - Bitter Mexican adult who refuses to accept his heritage and often opts to “be white” so as to appear superior to those around him. Anxious of the future, Ladd chooses to live in the moment, often shirking his responsibilities for American television, which he only watches to further embrace his pseudo-white man persona. A kind and caring soul overall that’s always there for those he cares about; he wants to be successful in life for the sole purpose of securing his family’s financial stability for the years to come, however is somewhat hesitant to fully commit himself to his goal, due to his innermost fears of failure wrought about by his apparent inferiority complex. Incredibly perceptive in his views on the world, and is very self-aware. Seemingly contradictory to the rest of his character, Ladd is just about the biggest bully I’ve ever examined, often putting others (mainly me) down for absolutely no reason whatsoever; this only adds to his charm, however, causing everybody he comes in contact with to fall madly in love with him.

Conclusion: Ladd’s packing heat

Snap wrote:

The Butcher wrote: smiley


Sekundes wrote:

Knight of_Steel wrote: Unlike glass, steel is shaped, formed by force, forged by resistance. Unlike diamond, it has no shatterpoints. I’m strengthened by my past.

The past of you having to fight for survival on an internet forum against the villains? Yeah that’s heavy duty strength. I’m sorry I doubted your resilience.

Dr Scientist wrote:

Guts wrote:

Dr Scientist wrote: Godot has inherited the “ToJ”

Thirst of Jay

My God, it’s spreading. bugeye


Soon we will all be asking for pics wanting to cyber showing out dicks to other men online.

The women will be the first victims of the “ToJ” then when they have fled it will just be us, gaying it up, for all times.

First MvC, then the internet.

God Help us all.

Lenzonda wrote:

Stardust wrote: 1. Jay Dragon by far
2. Clit Yeastwood
3. Raniero
4. Richard Cranium
5. Expensive-Discount

Is this a list of people you had crushes on? Do you want to stab me in my ass with Ninja knife as well?

Ether wrote: Could be worse.

Based Sheko wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote: Reading Marly’s posts give me a raging boner

no lie

News Flash: Man gives Vinnie raging boner! And at 11, cars go fast! Stay tuned!

Flamelord wrote:

Doctor. wrote:

Flamelord wrote: Zeed is my lovely baby.

And wanna hear a secret?

That you’re gay?

That isn’t very secret.

Liking Zeed only proves my heterosexuality.

*winked, winked.

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Stardust wrote: Shit thread

stop now before i rip ur eyes out, deidara is a guy if u watch the show u can just tell from his voice or in the manga read it noobs and u’ll see when he is fighting sasuke he eventually becomes shirtless so he can use the jutsu to make the mouth in his stoumach and to ur noobie suprise he had no rocks nor tits, undeniable proof.

Crusader wrote:

GUMI wrote: Sorry, I donít listen to anybody with a Naruto picture as their avatar.

Stop or else ima shove your head up snaps ass, and then shove snaps head up dans ass.
And then shove dans head up my ass.

Shiro wrote: I am the veins of my erection

gains are my body and blood is my blood(fucken idiot)

I have erected over a thousand erections

unknown to pussy
Nor known to 2D pussy

have withstood blue balls to create many erections

yet, those balls will never be fondled by Fooj

So, as I pray, go fuck yourself Fooj you greasy asspie

Ragex wrote:

Magnum Bookworm wrote: Well, even shitty characters can like good things cool.

Foreshadowing Butch’s development, perhaps? :0

Roxas wrote:

Snap wrote:

Le Fabulous Loli wrote: I may not be any of those things, but guess what, monsieur. I’m also real wink



Snap’s all like

Snap wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Killer on the inside Autist on the out wrote:

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote: I want to know who the fuck this is. It isn’t funny

I’m The True Sonic Wind, who are you?

He’s Shadow, that fake hedgehog.


Lord lash wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Lord lash wrote:

Professor Eidolon wrote: I can imagine Edgar licking balls.

e_e never again.... So no. Just, lets not even go there, Its bad enough when
I wanted to kiss someone I choked on my own hair.. straight

What in the fucking fuck? This might be worse than Robderp’s semen eating. Lol

Balls don’t have monthly planners.. Some sort of
Heavy duty steel boats for the flows I expect.. >_>

Based Sheko wrote:

Uber Airhead wrote: Lol, where do I begin...

Once I had a dream about the entire 1st season power rangers having this huge sex orgy. But my head replace all of the power rangers' helmelt. So I was pretty much banging myself cool

Another dream where I was having a paintball fight with godzilla. He stepped on me and he won. straight

Then, a dream where I was rapunzel, the prince asked me to let down my hair. He pulled it too hard and ended up pulling me over the edge and I fell on him.

Last dream I had was when I was at a walmart attempting to open up a pack of yugioh cards without paying. An entire swat team surrounded me ordered me to put the cards back on the shelves.

My response “but I already opened the pack”

“Cocking gun noises”

They shoot me.

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote: YO! ya-yo, ya-yo

Fappin', don’t give it up Jay
Fappin', don’t give it up Clit
Fappin', don’t give it up Kagami
Fappin', don’t give it give it up give it up give it up give it up give it NO!

Here’s how the story goes we find out
About a treasure in MvC
Theres no doubt, The thirsty nigga who’s eye on it
He’ll sing I’ll be King of the thirsty niggas
I’m gonna be king

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, ho-ho

His name is Jay
That’s Man I want the D. Jay
Gonna be king of the thirst niggas!
He’s made of condoms - (female singers) how did that happen?
Yo-ho-ho he took a bite of Cum Cum
Ya-yo, ya-yo

His name’s Clit, He’s just like a black samurai
And a F-A-G-G-O-T Kagami not shy
The thirst crew coming through, doin' their thing,
With the king of the thirsty niggas, he’s gonna be king!

Ya-yo, ya-yo, ya-yo, hoo-hoo

Set sail for pussy, it’s the name of the treasure in MvC!

Ya-yo, ya-yo

Set sail for pussy!

Extra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrote:

Light wrote: Gumi! I’ll crush you!
How dare you lock that thread of grounds of “spam”?!?!!??????

I was just about to go fucking SSJ3!!

Stygian the legendary super racist skinhead. Not even LSN can’t hold him back.

Tyrant wrote:

Marly wrote: hey guyz

wer all omnipotent cuz we can maek our own ficztion and be teh author!!!1!!111

dat meanz we can also do omnipotent thingz IRL!!! WHEEEEE!1111

/Logic in this topic

Are you a boy or a girl?!?


Roxas wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Ether wrote: Thanks, brah.

Dat cancer

Gratz to you as well. 1 more year, joe.

No prob, bro. And thanks. grin

Yup, one more year and it’s a wrap.

Jesus, when I first read this I thought you guys had cancer and were celebrating another year being alive.

AIDB wrote: I asked because TSR wanted to post this

what a weirdo

Thugs Bunny wrote:

Shiro wrote: sometimes when i cum in toilet water, i can make out images through the sperm, like clouds, and through that I tell a story

Wtf? Did I actually say this?

Based Sheko wrote:

Ladd wrote:

Race cars, Cid, Pedo R3, a cow... Perfect.

Based Sheko wrote:

Pseudo Intellectual wrote:

Personal opinion wrote:

Science wrote:

R34L1TY wrote:

YuNarukami wrote: I think you and your kind just completely lost all credibility you ever had

I don’t think science cares about your personal opinion.

Please stop. You’re making me look bad...

Science, do you care about me? ;~;

Do not worry I embrace and misuse both of you.

Molly wrote:

Hellfighter wrote:

Molly wrote: All a bunch of psychotic assholes, retards, and dick heads who lack common sense and basic reasoning skills with terrible manners and the aggressiveness of a threatened silverback .

Then I met Hellfighter and thought. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all.

awwwh <3

ily, 2

I think you misunderstood...

Morpheus. wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Speed of crusading Darkness wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Speed of crusading Darkness wrote:

Based Sheko wrote: SoD is a living anime character, actively shunning attention from women so that he can go get sweaty with some dudes.

.....i dont like you.

Now we all know that’s a lie.

If i knew you, id beat your dick off.


Harlequin of Hate wrote:

Syduria wrote: Just throwing it out there that I don’t bruise people, so laddyoushouldtotallyleavethatrelationship
omg, i’m going to die.

O ok. I see how it is. You want my man?
Well no.
He’s mine.
And forever faithful.
I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.

Snap wrote:

Gremmy wrote: I confirmed I was 100% straight by attempting to fap to gay porn.

Crusader wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Based Sheko wrote: Our little SoDomy is growing up. ;_;


Shut up.

Fuck you then, pussy.

Chris Handsomes Father wrote: Nigga what you know about sex Chris?! You only 12 and you one uggly ass nigga. WHAT GIRL GON EVEN KISS YOU? Your MOMMA DONT EVEN LIKE KISSING YOU BABY NIGGA

Freddie Mercury wrote: Everybody knows MvC is a poor man’s jersey shore.

Harlequin of Hate wrote: When I was really young I used to sit at the front door at night and bark at people. *facepalm*

Tori-Bot wrote: gotta be kidding me.

The whole internet is against me:

Uber Airhead wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote:

Uber Airhead wrote:
Since it was so small I had to use forbidden techniques which exhausted my chakra.


You told me it was the biggest you&#146;d ever seen

True, until I saw through your genjutsu.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: You think I won’t drive 5 hours and dent your tree?

This ain’t a game, I have your aunt’s IP addresses and let’s see if she likes my hacker friend signing her up for 'Gay Cowboys R Us'.

Don’t come at me.

Quick Question wrote:

Big Gigantic Black Clock wrote: LOL why are people talking about jaydragon on a sexiest MVC thread. She is pretty not sexy.

Are you a pedo and or rapist? No offense if I’m wrong. It’s just that you postvsome of the weirdst things on here like pressuring the supposed female members into posting pics and you always seem to magically appear when a female member is in a conversation about their gender. This isn’t facebook man take it easy.

Big Bad Wolf wrote:

rage wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

The Merchant wrote: In another universe, Yaoi fanfiction is being written about the 2.

You must mean this Universe.

Right now.

At SoD’s desk.

He’s already finished the first 6 volumes.

I would hardly call 6 works bigger than the Order of the Phoenix each 6 volumes. They are called romantic novels.

everyonebothersme wrote: I am well trained in Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Aikido, and Buddhist Muay Thai.

So, you think you would have any chance against me?

everyonebothersme wrote: Love is for people who are too weak to be independent.

Ether wrote: Nah, I’ve never been around more than a few atheist at a time and they all weren’t annoying. Majority of my friends are religious and they know I’m an atheist. Don’t care cause we never talk about religion and why would we lol? We talk bitches, work, money, schools, sports and whatnot. Normal shit. I mean if you can sit and have a serious religious conversation with your boys and you’re not in your grandmas or church then it’s something off. lmao real talk

Ether wrote: I mean lets be serious who wants to have an actual religious conversation on MVC? :I

We are sick individuals and make no sense 90% of the time we post! grin

Extra Zero wrote:

Mana-Yood-Sushai wrote:

Ladd wrote: Are you a Sam girl or a Dean girl?

Do you mean in terms of who do I prefer more character wise?
Hard to say.......
I honestly don’t know.....

He means if you had to choose one to sleep with, who would it be.

Personally, I’m all about that Sam Winchester. I just want to bury my face in his hair as he ravages me; would be the best night ever.

Champion Lance wrote: Redx touched me in no nos and forced me to call him daddy good touch.

Magnum Miracles wrote:
And I just about submitted my avatar instead of the proper document. Teacher would have killed me if she saw that in her inbox...

Pocket Rocket wrote:

smoothy wrote: bitch ass nigga i’ll run up yo house with my dick and fuck your brains with a rake filled with the blood of 20 mexicans until you quench the thirst of 34546432 hungarian nazis with the fluid of your nipples covered in sprinkles

I’ll have to read that when Funimation makes an English dub of it.

Ether wrote:

Hellfighter wrote: dat 21

I will fucking slaughter you, Hellfighter. You’re on the last straw. Stop fucking around.

Redx wrote: A lot of shit happened today. It all started when I bought some ice cream from a child molesting leprechaun. Anyways long story short I ended up having sex with the walrus.

Han Solo wrote: why would anyone downplay dbz that just wrong dude

Mu wrote: i admit i cant fight if my life depended on it. im very weak and feminine and a mamma’s boy.

Cid wrote:

The Knight ELMO wrote: Why don’t you guys just meet and duke it out?

Because I’m 6’4” and weigh 500lbs. Even if Phob managed to beat me up, the chances of me falling on top of him and crushing his rib cage is very high, almost as high as my cholesterol.

Harlequin of Hate wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote:

GUMI wrote:

YuNarukami wrote:
And why did you say you’d burn me with water if you met me irl?

It would be fun..

You’re just as abusive as Harle.


Morpheus the VI wrote:




tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf wrote:

Stardust wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Stardust wrote:

Raniero wrote: *Stardust not so subtly ignoring PMs I posted.

You obviously ignoring that fact that Buggy>Trunks. Itachi was able to beat Frieza and solo’d the Ginyuu squad along with Kisame.
Watch 0:00-2:49

Fanmade video. lololol

How do you like my sig by the way?

That wasn’t fan made that was canon. Because both Kishimoto and Akira developed those pictures. So what exactly are trying to say? And your sig is PIS.

The Power Within wrote: But seriously if there is anything to be feared it is the gruesome random erection. Why are you there? What purpose do you serve? Will you ever soften down? Do you ever care about someone but yourself? I ponder this whenever I’m watching Sesame Street and my penis finds it is a good time for blood to rush in. Like damn.

The Power Within wrote: What is a phobia anyway? An irrational fear of something. Why does it exist? Maybe we died in our past lives and how we died exist in this life as our phobias.

Snap wrote:

The Butcher wrote: Snap....

You’re too far gone. I’m sorry :'(.

Red can still saved....if he stops raping :'(.


Stardust wrote:

Raniero wrote: Out here in LA, we have the Anime Convention during the summer (went last year). They sell all types of shit. Body pillows, real katanas, hentai, pocket pussies...

Did they have Naruto there?

Deepthrota Fanning wrote:

The First and Only wrote: lol i always knew that..thats why im learning japanese this minute so i can get outta here and leave this place to burn to hell...where it belongs. sayonara amurika!

Uncle Otaku ass nigga...

The Doctor wrote: some mute girl dressed as Desert Punk once came up to me and gave me her deviant art account. After drop kicking her in the face for being a midget, I didn’t go to her deviant art account.

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Ori wrote: I know right? I’m not gay or even bi, but I’m pretty loose about talking about dick and whatever. You probably don’t need to know this but I’ve tasted my own semen just to see what it tastes like. lol.

Robert is that you? o.o

Pocket Rocket wrote: The sun was blistering on that topical afternoon. R3 awoke on an unknown island after being thrown off a cruise ship for punching a guy for saying “bless you” when he sneezed. He gazed around the deserted beach for any signs of life. He wandered the beach until he stumbled upon a cluster of huge rocks. He became alarmed when he saw that shit-caked handprints were all over the rocks, almost polka dotting them even.

“My keen medical instincts are telling me that a very unwell individual lives in this island. Probably a Christian too." R3 remarked. R3 wandered into the jungle along the coastline to vent some anger out while he thought up a way to escape the island. So he did what came natural to him, he started denting trees with his left arm. Tree after tree, punch after punch, it was like a bloodbath with woodchips. Until he looked back and noticed something. All the trees he dented had dropped bananas.

“How very peculiar, most peculiar indeed." R3 examined. He ventured about half a mile further until the banana trees thinned out into a small clearing with a lone cabana in the center. Little did R3 know, he had stumbled upon KoS' fabled Banana Cabana. It was then that R3 heard a pig-like squeal of rage and out of the tree line opposite him, KoS came bursting out. He was wearing a tinfoil hat and running on all fours, a banana peel peaking out of his back pocket.

“Get away from me, you government spy!" KoS shrieked. “What’s the meaning of all this tomfoolery? Who are you?" asked R3. “Don’t play your head games with me, Sheko!" KoS barked back in reply as he continued his wild animalistic charge. R3 cocked his left forearm like a shotgun and sighed as he said “So be it then...".

Who wins this titanic clash of ego and paranoia?

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Redx wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Redx wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Redx wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Redx wrote: Thats not fair.

Why does he get to leave this shitty planet behind while the rest of us stay here and suffer?

He belongs to a race of humanoid dinosaurs. Our world is not his home. mean the humanoid male dinosaurs that participate on dino on dino orgies?

Oh, well fuck that. They can go take his ass back wherever the fuck he came from.

Yes. His species reproduces via anal rape.

How Vile.

However I doubt that could be considered rape seeing as how he’d more than likely enjoy it.

It’s difficult for us to fathom the workings of an alien brain. They instinctively fight back when approached for mating, and the one that loses the physical confrontation becomes the 'mother', so to speak.

Indeed. Such creatures sound horrid sick and twisted beyond redemption.

I hope humanity never “officially” encounters this species.

May God have mercy on our rectums.

ssjgbulma wrote:

Snap wrote:

Hilda is the one true Goddess wrote:

Snap wrote:

I’d let her pierce my heavens

If you know what I mean

And you probably do

Your anus?


red line wrote: should a been a reel man an sent dat syyit ta tig, “crouching tigger, throbbing dragon” aj’pm

phuc tha gay syyit

Crusader wrote: I love you like a brother, ever since we grew up together I’ve been helping you get ahead in life...

When your mom kicked you out of the house, who brought you in???? SOD.

When you couldn’t buy the new CoD for your birthday, who bought it???? SOD.

When you couldn’t find a girl who loved you for you and your big penis, who introduced you to your wife samantha??? SOD.

Like I love you man, but you’re really starting to piss me off and I’m gonna have to shut you down.


BUT, when I can’t go to the gym cause i don’t have a ride, and I call you....WHAT DOES YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASS SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO !!!!!


I am sick and tired of your bullshit.

Based Sheko wrote:

Lenzonda wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Lenzonda wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Roelito wrote: I really don’t know how to answer this question. But I think, at first, that white people disliked black people because white people thought they were far superior. But now, it’s because most African Americans are too ignorant, or “wild." I’m not racist, my mother is black, and my father is Belizean/Guatamalan, I even have a few black friends.

^Best answer yet.


As serious as you when you pretend to be racist all the time.


You DID NOT just out me like that.............

I can’t out you, I’m white.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote:

Ranking wrote:

Stardust wrote: He’ll no. She’s ugly in my opinion.

Not every girl can look like Sakura amirite bro xD

I’m pretty sure he’s more into Naruto.

Orpheus wrote:

Shiro in aisle 8 wrote: I dont think im comin home tonight period..

one of the guys i was fighting for the last bag of Crispers was a nigga and he pulled a knife on me

got me right in the left side, im bleedin out babe..

911 was called but them canadian police aint gonna make it in time....

Since when were you under the impression that was a knife?

*reality falls apart around you*

*dick enters ass*

welcome home

Molly wrote: Guys Marly is a sadistic, obsessive, insane, psychopathic recluse. He needs professional help. He’s a bad case. sad

Don’t feed his need to occasionally deride anything belonging to the human race. Refusal is recovery.

Keep him company with magical girls and underage japanese cartoon porn if you insist on associating with him.

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Alpha wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote: The other moon is a subconscious projection of your sexual attraction to black men.

That doenst even make any figurative sense at all.

Your lack of understanding is a literal projection of my dick in your ass.

AIDB wrote:

Rage wrote:

Stardust wrote:

Shiroyasha wrote:

I come back to see this. You’re such a faggot. Just because Naruto is the most badass in the HST and you decide to post the most dumbest ass photo shopped gif ever. Fucking idiot.

You mad cuz you weren’t there with Naruto?

Loseph wrote:

Kingslayer wrote: Listen Ladd and Loseph

This isn’t me talking to you guys as Mu to Ladd and Loseph.

This is T-Bone talking to Jarred and Joseph. Like a real man. No internet bullshit.

Now you can give me the respect I deserve or else..

E.O.S wrote: I had this friend who felt the need to give me extreme details everytime he had sex. So he is telling the story and goes “you know how sometimes when a chick is giving you head and she starts messing with your ass” I was like “um no”. We sat in silence for like 20 minutes just staring at the TV.

TiggerLover wrote:

Convict wrote: find me sluts to fawk and you’ll have my full gratitude and ill consider you as a good person

No problem ... just go partying with KOS. He seems to be able to find ones who will have sex with anyone. You can even have a threesome with him.

Dark Ghost Supra wrote: Kagami be like, “Ey gurl hop on my big wheel. I got Juice boxes and fruit snacks on deck, wtchu tryna get into?“

Alonzo Harris wrote:

Heartless wrote:

Alonzo Harris wrote:

Heartless wrote: So Peth, when are you going to promote me? Lol

Right after we get meth making section. You already got my vote in advance.

Sweet, I can make glass that would make Walter White blush in pure envy.
I heard I can cook pretty good rock to, btw.

Return of the king!

Snap wrote:

Billy the Mongorian wrote: They don’t look THAT young.

You sound just like me two years ago.

Infy wrote: Infy mocks blacks, as his own tiny penis makes him feel inadequate.
Infy bashes homosexuals, for inside he craves the butt-loving.
Infy hates furries, because calling attention to them draws attention away from his own twisted perversions.
Infy has Oedipal desires, but can only dream and fap to them.
Infy actually faps to everything he mocks.

Knight 0f Steel wrote:

GUMI wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote: Would you tour the world with me??


Looks like I’m going to have to abduct you.

gojira4life wrote: Iíd probably kill everyone here myself if I ever met them irl

TTSW wrote: You know what I have rage issues with? The fucktards on this website.
If it was legal I would personally track down every single one of you and murder you in broad daylight via shotgun.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: I intend to stretch KIlluminatic’s pussy so lose Hellfighter won’t be able to fill her up anymore.

Krystopher Malus wrote: We all have our own perspectives on fairness and shit, there would be cases where Iíd cheer on the suffering or pleasure of others, other times Iíd fuck up someone if they tried to touch an innocent girl...

For example would it rustle your jimmies if Justin Beiber got raped? Or would you smile, chuckle a little, and leave a sarcastic comment on whatever thread put up the news. Lots of people might be like, rape is rape, its messed up, and then turn around and join the crowd of people laughing at dark humor all over the internet.

Honestly, for me, if some stupid, group minded, loose, indulgent, bratty, spoiled, bitch who was no stranger to sex (like Justin, but in this case assume its a girl) got raped at night while being a loopy, sluttily dressed dumbass I would hope it was unpleasant and humiliating as possible, because like Nagato said, ďPain helps the world grow upĒ

Krystopher Malus wrote: Some people need to learn pain and rape is a way for someone to share pain, truth. If no one pisses you off then you must get along with idiots, thus youíre probably a conforming faggot

Krystopher Malus wrote: idk some people deserve to be raped yeah, some people deserve to be erased, some people deserve to be taught a lesson in my opinion. Maybe you don’t think like that, maybe you think I’m crazy and shit, whatever so be it, have fun feeling all moral and righteous and shit. Clearly you don’t believe in vengeance, or hard justice, or using power as a means for change

Kagami on incest wrote: Its only wrong if they are blood related like your sister but if its your cousin then its alright.

Flamelord wrote: Eat shit, bitch. You’re so fucking obsessed with faggots. You insert the word “faggot” in 99% of your posts. You’re even editing quotes to put that fucking word. Seriosuly, shut the fuck up.

Flamelord nli wrote: Fuck, i really hoped it won’t end like this. I feel myself baited and humilated as fuck now.

Doctor, go shoot yourself. Idgaf if i get banned, but you just backstabbed me. You kept on bringing these quotes up again just to mock me even though i kept asking nicely not to post it again. It was a dick move. I thought you’re a nice guy, but was deadly wrong. You basically stabbed my heart.

Vampirelord wrote: Looooooooool. You actually took this post seriously. Bwahahahahahahaha! I pity you faggots, lol.

Let’s clear this up: i was serious when i typed that PM to Souls, no doubt. When Shehoe made this thread i KNEW what will happen. I’m not that stupid. I even said on the first page what will happen. At first i thought of posting a popcorn gif, but typed that one post to increase drama. Thank you, you just gave me attention XDDDDD

However, i apologized to Doc in case if he took that post seriously. Now call me face saver or some shit like this. I kept stalking this thread to see how many drama i made. Now you revealed your true colors and i’ll consider that. And thanks again for helping me in increasing the drama, i appreciate that, homies smiley

Flamelord wins. Flawless victory. Fatality.

Bwahahahahaha wrote: Stay salty, Lame Gayber. It was an obvious bait lololololol. You can’t accept you all were baited as fuck.

And btw, you bunch of dumbasses could do nothing, but bring up his old quotes. Your brain is so small that you can’t do anything other than this.

Shadowhunter Hex wrote: well im sorry but i just came back from pencac silat training that ran over an hour and i see this fucking thread. COURSE IM MAD! would you have a different reaction if ur gf made an account, you read a fucked up thread and everyone claimed she was ur alt and u had just come back from gettin an ass wopping from the head of ur martial arts class. oh and you have some a level math coursework to get on with? bloody hell now that you lot no pretty much everything bout me the reason why i do such complex and hard work is because i attend winchester college. u skipped year five and wwent to year six and took the iq test and interview wen i was 10. so yes. i have martial arts training. sch work thats way ahead of me and now my gf to deal with. so im stressed. now stfu. im gon take a long ass soak in the bath motherfuckers.

Shadowhunter Hex wrote: because kagami be saying im lying bout my mother and shit. i would still be at my mothers if she wasnt a filthy little whore who just couldnt care less about anyone else but herself and as long as they have money shes ur best friend. also she loves to victimize herself for pity. i should rip her arms off and leave her lying on the ground there but luckily for her shes a woman and i dont hurt women. so yes im fucking mad.

Knight 0f Steel wrote: So you’re not the skinny little kid in the pics you post?

This site is fucked up. No one is who they say they are, they change their stories. One time SoD sends me a death threat in PM, and posts pics of some long blond haired dude being him. Then people say he’s from Egypt, then people say that Mau5 is from Egypt not SoD. Then I find out Chibi and dozens of other members have been on my comp monitoring my porn views because they are all apparently anti-heterosexual activists, my neighbor got on here as a member after I showed the dude this site without telling me, this girl I’m crazy for for no reason is member here and on KMC, finally, Mau5 has no recollection of the death threat he made.

Pretty sure Sheko wants to come to my house and make a snuff film using me as the victim because I look at porn.

The fuck is going on?

Neosaiber wrote:

Rage wrote: Waasn’t Neo claiming to have murdered several people in some other thread? Lol

no just stabbing a bitch nigga for fucking with me its common in detroit

Neosaiber wrote:

Ganbatty wrote: Neosaiber threatened to kill me in PM. LOL I broke him so hard.

i said he should die not kill him and im not broke you idiot


this aint a death threat btw faggot mods/members/admins who think so its just a rage comment ok by fuck up i mean Ill just hit him with the iron rod and maybe punch in the face ok

Alpha wrote: Dude im a violent person and when people fuck with me too much I get kinda psychotic if you know what I mean.However because I cant beat the shit out of these guys since I dont know where they are or they live to far for me to give a monetary fuck.So I constantly suppress all this built anger inside me and everytime THAT PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT GANBATTY/JR/BETA/DESTROYER OF BRAIN CELLS INSULTS ME I LOSE MY SHIT NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT TO DESTROY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! BOTH SOCIALLY,VERBALLY,EMOTIONALLY,MENTALLY AND MAYBE PHYSICALLY!!!!!

Batgod wrote: Tigger is a lesbi, i think she might enjoy the pictures.

Batgod wrote: you rap suck.
Just like yo mama.
So get on Your Knee.
and keep on sucking.

Like a bitch ass Nig.
Yo pheel me Nig.
So be a nig.
And get on the blow

Rock the D.
Like a G.
Be a Major B.
Pheel me Nigg.

rhymes are for Losers
Get on My Level.
Punk ass Nigg

Comic Expert-Robert wrote:

Fagottron wrote: lmao lol no you don’t “read” because you can’t spell it properly lol and it’s “prove” not proof(and you even spelled it wrong also), learn the difference between prove and proof and learn how to spell.

Yes i do. and have red more than 20 books. How can you say i don’t, when i do, are you saying your Almighty.
I can say, your a virgin, you parents hates you and your mom is cheating your father with 60 teens/night.
Dude please.
Yep. I type fast. and can’t type slowly nothing i do i do slowly is a something i have since a kid.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: My school was the best, non stop fighting, girls going to pee, followed by a guy, had a 4 min sex, returned, bullies getting owned, by Me. Blood, Cops, chains, knives, rubber bullets, Gangs, Nerds and Sluts. My high-school, more slutty, taxes for Protection, Gypsies kicking to near death a Dude, cops beating the shit out of them, one having a leg broken. Nicknames from famous action actors, Van Damn, Arnold, Norris. and they can kick ass, and know how to trow a high kick and shit, those where the terror of High School, none would dare messing with them.

Victor D. Marius wrote: He know is style

Daffy C. wrote:

Bugs Billy wrote: Your cover was already blown, Sheko. Why are you still at this?

You gon.loose to me. prof me wrong hatter

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: You got trolled at least 50 times by me, your an easy target bitch.
DD is as easy as taking candy from a girl.
All i need is to touch the soft spots, and i did 50 times.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Big deal try surviving Gypsies with swords coming at you, and you only having a baseball bat, and being surrendered.
like 20 Gypsies.

Batgod wrote: Epic Chapter.
Tatsumi sure nows how to thread a lady, all does blushes. Put no woman will ever have Tatsumi as long as Edese is around.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Stick and Stone can’t break my bone, but words can break my hard

Tyrant wrote:
Robderp is the best poster on MVC.
Heís a true animal. He posts on instinct, ignoring all logic. Heíll even post five times in a row if heís really out to get you. What are you going to do about it? Eat your semen? Too late, Robderp already beat you to the punch.
Now get mad.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Buy a dog and complain that the dog is a bitch and cannot do the homework.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: My Teacher was so hot, my English teacher that i had hot dreams in her class and imagine here nude and shit.
And couldn’t understand shit she said, only that she was in my bed wild and shit

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Do what i did, find a nerd and let him do your homework, i did that, still i knew the subject because teacher would test here with questions about homework, I did my homie once, school homework of for school nerds

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Pay him or be is buddy or something, i was to busy being with my school gang and being drunk after school do care.

robert c. lolz factory wrote: why are you love the lolz i stop hatting.

who ever thinks i act like this outside MVC has allot of cellar brains missing

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: My IQ is not low. LOL Luffy solos your favorite verse.
Ur just mad angry and your girl kick you in the balls. be a man and pimp slap her.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: If i watch a mature film, i wanna see pussy, ass, boobs, and penis, because is all natural. if is 18+ than show me everything!!!!

Champion Lance wrote: You can’t derp Robderp,but Robderp can derp you.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote:

lolRobderp wrote:

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Is OK, You must be afraid to watch a show, because is not manly, makes you a scary cat, i can watch girly shows, and still be a man.

Says the guy who eats his own cum and kisses other men and enjoys it.Go back to watching your pony shit, you fat, unemployed, greasy Romanian fucktwat.

Prove i did that. so if i would have said i fuck 20 bitches/daily, you would believe. it
3 wrongs.
1. How is a 85KG/187 pounds fat?
2. Greasy not anymore that was a period.
3. U seem to be super mad, and pissed at a complete stranger you will never meet in real life. Typic Trolling 101, please kid this works only face to face not behind a desk.
Be a complete assfuck, I’m so happy at my life that i will say.
“OMG I don’t care”.

u dun robderpd wrote: It’s funny because Robderp tries to be smart and then fucks up with basic grammar and he don’t even understand math. Look at Nicky’s and Dd’s threads. I honestly would be surprised if his IQ was 60, and I’m being completely honest. If he came back after an IQ test with a paper that said that his IQ was 60 I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.


Leper Messiah wrote: *You said you would and wouldn’t be surprised if Rob had an IQ of 60. u dun robderped

Victor D. Marius wrote:

Joshstarwind wrote: Rate poster’s on this site from 1 to 10 on debating skill.
For example,
Chaos Theory = 8
Comic Expert-Robert = 5
raikagebee = 7.5
Super Perfect Cell Returns = 7.5
Cid = 8

5. i gone beat your ass, i gone find you and beat you, be prepared

Phobetor wrote: Robert C. is of extraordinary genius level intelligence and carefully examines and analayzes all comics that he has read, which is about 99%.
Following, he posts in the true format of English his collective thoughts.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote:

Hokuto Fagken wrote: the best troll is robderp cuz hes ugly

Iím Beautiful and Haters gone Hate.gif.

Tyrant wrote:

Marquess wrote: Ah, how could I forget.
You can not bargain with Robderp.
You can not reason with Robderp.
And Robderp will absolutely not stop, until you get so annoyed, that you will turn off your computer and repeatedly slam your head into a desk.

That’s how he reproduces.
He annoys his opponents so much that they smash themselves into retardation, essentially becoming a Robderp.

king Robert wrote:

Dd wrote: Lolol at Robderp wanking Luffy.
Kaito and Amanuma makes all violence taboo. Itsuki and Seaman bfr the opponent.

dd make why the faggatory threads only to find out the faggatory is him. team has no defense against jet pistol speed and haki knock out them.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: derp why derpy why, herp hur dur i don’t even.

Batgod wrote:

Batgodhomoretard wrote:

Batgodretard wrote: herp derp

LOL. so cowardly, to post as a guest.
Why go on me with such childish attacks.
Are a Man or a kid.
LOL didn’t mommy teach u how to behave, or u where adopted by rednecks.
Bitch u must be really insecure to come at me like this.
U wanna come at me like a man, than do it like a Man.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: I’m called Robderp, maybe they mad i style on them. and somehow I’m king of Derping. facepalm/

Hank Crawford wrote: Robert fucks money and gets bitches, thatís rights he fucks money, he sticks 100 dollar bill on a bitches' ass and he tears a hole through when he does doggy style, simultaneously.

Victor D.Marius wrote: They say i dumb, i say they dumb, prove me wrong bitches.

The Cave wrote: Robert C Transcends all time and space and lives outside of it. He has been the first(in 200 century)to visit the: Cave. A powerful but mystical/magical place like one has never seen before. Whoever can past the caveís test and become a TRUE transcendent being will behold the power of: Derp, the greatest power in the universe. After attaining that power He is now known as Robderp, his derping power is so great that it even breaks the very foundation of reality. Robderp, shall live on and on due to the power of derp&#146;s immortality effect. All thanks to: The Cave.

Call Me Maybe wrote:

Gypsy King wrote: Robert C.

Many fatso would want my weight. U are fat Gypsy King.

Victor D.Marius wrote:

Alucard wrote: Robderp solos

Damn You!!!

Marquess wrote: The fight will go something like this:

Yahoo Answers wrote: Ok i was looking for my 15teen daughter Amberly the other day. I walked to the beach and a saw her in her bathing lying down on top of her best friend Jessica making out. I watched them for about 45mins thinking about what to do about it and i ended up walking home.

I have not said anything to her about it and she dose not know i saw her doing anything.
What should i do about this ?

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Let her be lesbian. is better than be gay.

Robderp wins.
Flawless victory.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Look a cowardly member, nothing new.

Look at this, cowardly Yank, all coward Behind a quest account, smh.
Such a coward, why the cowardly man, I mean, is it that hard to Be a Man.
A man will never hide, you a Coward.

Hank Crawford wrote: We are all figment of Robderp’s imagination.

Call Me Maybe wrote:

Pretty disgusting guys... wrote: Didn’t Robert once say that he ate his own semen?

I did. LOL problem?
Is OK, to see if she gone like it.
Plus is not weird.

Call Me Maybe wrote: Genius you lost your fucking touch, seriously just go back being a pseudo-intellectual wanking naruto, because other than that your trolling skills are weak.


AM I DA BADDEST wrote: You’ve lost your touch too Robert C.; you type in proper English and have good grammar now. I don’t like that one bit bro.

Victor D. Marius wrote:

Mother C. wrote:
Robert eats one manís semen from another man’s ass.

OK mom time to beat youíre ass.

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: I was going at a friend, when 5 Gypsies Teenage, tried to rob me. I told them to fuck off, they push me, and hit me in the stomach, big mistake cause i whoop there ass, it was to easy, but things got worse, the Big Guys came with swords and Baseball bats.I was running so fucking fast, good thing i didn’t had my gun. It would be 2 bloody. Shit. now i will never go in that neighborhood. /thread

Call Me Maybe wrote: Sick mind, you all are amateurs. My sick mind is millions time sicker than what you think in your worst nightmare.
No i wanna see tentacles and lolies. and monsters.

Call Me Maybe wrote:

Leper Messiah wrote: Mostly what comes out of your mouth... mostly.

Are you sure. Now you°re derpping and making this thread lose is porpoise so we both derp.

Mau5 wrote: We already established Rob is beyond comparison.
Let us mere mortals humbly compare ourselves to each other.

Jin wrote:

Based Sheko wrote: #AryanGenes

Shove that Aryan dick up my tight asian ass.

Jin-Kun wrote: I’ve had weird dreams could even consider it a “nightmare”.

I had this crush on a girl in my high school (long time ago) and I had a dream about her.

We were both having sex together and she lowered her pants and she had a dick hangin' out.

Even with the penis hangin' out, I still had sex with her and it felt “good” in a way.

Then I woke up.
It was like I had no control over my dreams.
My dream was “forcing” me to have sex with a girl who had a penis. The weird part about it is that I was “enjoying” it in my dream.

JayD wrote:

Ether wrote: Almost as genius as Justin Chatwin’s acting in Dragon Ball Evolution.

Lol omg, you’re so cute.

I just wanna pinch your chubby black cheeks.

Tori-Bot wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:
Dontcryshekodontcrydontcry... Huuuuunnnggg. ;_;

I love it when grown men cry.
Especially grown men that are handsome. It’s making me horny actually.

Jin-Kun wrote:

Raniero wrote: You too, homie.
I just KNEW it was you who brought up that shit lmfaooooo.

Fuck, I just wanna fuck you anally.

Jin-Kun wrote:

Syduria wrote: Keep dreaming, little Asian boy.

Lol Syd, just stop.

You wouldn’t be able to resist my wet tongue all over you.

Tori-Bot wrote: Cid, would you let me buttfuck you?

Tori-Bot wrote: I’d like a blowjob from a black male please, preferably Raniero.

Tori-Bot wrote: Must be Tigger.
The scarlet red-headed crimson beauty.

Jin-Kun wrote:

GUMI wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote: GUMI, do you have skype or webcam or something?

I’m quite scared now.

How old are you?
Let’s webcam/skype each other.

I want to show you what I’m really capable of.

Jin-Kun wrote:

GUMI wrote: Scruffy hair.

You want to see a pic of me, baby?

I’m pretty thick and got a nice round ass.
That’s the only “soft” part and it’ll be your cushion.
I’m also shaved and clean “everywhere”.

No dirty ass pimples and zits like these other mother fuckers.

Jin wrote:

GUMI wrote: Seriously.. You are creeping me out.

When you’re with me, you’ll have a real man while you cuddle around my arms.

Tori-Bot wrote:

GUMI wrote: Please stop.. I’m under 18. :l

I like it when you beg for me to stop.

I’ma slap you with my yellow cock.
I call it the golden dragon.

Jin wrote:


Syduria wrote: Whaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck?

You’re black, correct?

Yeah, this is her:

That juicy black meat. Oh fuck...

Raniero wrote: Also, Jay is pretty freaky. A few minutes into our conversation, he went on about wanting to suck my dick and how he wanted to fuck a black guy so bad.

Jay visiting for a bit wrote: I just remembered something.

Last night I dreamt about Sheko (not joking either) and he also had a full set of hair.
He was also shirtless and he was pretty ripped (although he isn’t really the “muscular type” in real life).

I don’t know where I was but I think I was at the bar with Sheko repeatedly staring at my eyes from across the room.
I was keep looking back at him and somehow I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.
In my dream, he was really mesmerizing and he leaned against the walls, looked up at the ceiling, then slowly/dramatically looked at my eyes again and walked towards me.

Right after he was in front of me, he sat down next to me, drank a bottle of wine and started to stare at me some more.
Then after that, I woke up and I was covered in sweat.

This really happened in my dream and I’m like wtf? Why did I dreamt of Sheko?
It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen lmfao.

Jin-Kun wrote: Sometimes, I just need Clit’s dick.

Jin-Kun wrote:

MaJeSTiC PuSSy wrote:
Whoa buddy.
Talk about throwing yourself at me.
Stop whacking off while on mvc.

Oh baby...I’ll slap that majestic pussy of yours left and right.

Jin-Kun wrote:


Jin-Kun wrote: I’d be your friend with benefits.


I’ma tie Cid up to a chair, put hot candle wax on top of his nipples while he’s begging for mercy.
I’ll make him watch as I undress and repeatedly shove my fist through that wet, juicy fat box of yours.

Jin wrote:

Heartless wrote:
I’m sorry, you’re just... Not my type.

You’re my type though.

So skinhead-ish
So racist
So white
So supremacist-like

Oh my God, can you like fondle my balls?

Duck Butter wrote:

UpNORTHxLADYBoss wrote:

Duck Butter wrote: Mana

I would do unspeakable things to them.

All at the same time?
Not sure I can keep up.


Heres how it will go

I fuck one
I eat one
I fist two
all at the same time

and whoever is left will get their turn

Actually add in Organized but that leaves two girls unpleasured.

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