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Name: Rython


Last seen: 04-15-2014

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 09-11-2012

Posts: 9,999

Age: 22

Location: USA

About: A True Gamer

Hobbies: Super Nintendo!

Reputation: 146thumbs-up

Previously known as

Rython until 03-27-2013
Rython the Python until 03-27-2013

01-18-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Y'know, if you wanna post on here, do it on your account. GL in life still."

11-06-2014 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "y u no make 10,000th post"

07-14-2014 from Glast
thumbs-up "Almost 10,000"

04-28-2014 from World Dictator
thumbs-up "Almost got 10,000 posts."

04-19-2014 from Kezeroth

04-16-2014 from Yami Bakura

04-13-2014 from Kal - El
thumbs-up "Don't Take what i said in that thread seriously.Best of luck with life bro"

04-13-2014 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "Good luck with life. Hit me up on skype or FB when you want to talk."

04-13-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up "Good user."

04-11-2014 from Y-3
thumbs-up "Good yugioh duelist."

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Welcome to my page, dear members.

Humorous posts:

PriceofDarkness wrote: My shit is about to be flipped. I hope you enjoy the rain of feces that’s about to ruin your day.

Pocket-Rocket wrote: You are fucking retarded if you think this is suddenly going to flash a fucking Batman signal to Bjarne.

Cids Dad wrote: P.S. You canít come over for dinner tonight. Your mother only prepared two turkeys and I want some goddamn leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

The First and Only wrote: just to throw it out there for clarity, shadow is immortal. and not the immortal like “you cant die from sickness” or “you can life forever”. he is the fully immortal that CANNOT BE KILLED. no matter WHAT YOU DO.

Are you like, goddamned retarded?

Rainbow Shuzen wrote: this one time i almost punched at baby at ihop. fucking annoying little insects

Harlequin of Hate wrote: When I was really young I used to sit at the front door at night and bark at people. *facepalm*

Meister wrote: And I don’t mean faggot in a disrespectful way, I just mean it as a general term for a male cocksucker.

Seiryu wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote: I was playing FF9 and realized how cool of a character Kuja was.

Man thongs are cool

Crusader wrote: I love you like a brother, ever since we grew up together I’ve been helping you get ahead in life...

When your mom kicked you out of the house, who brought you in???? SOD.

When you couldn’t buy the new CoD for your birthday, who bought it???? SOD.

When you couldn’t find a girl who loved you for you and your big penis, who introduced you to your wife samantha??? SOD.

Like I love you man, but you’re really starting to piss me off and I’m gonna have to shut you down.


BUT, when I can’t go to the gym cause i don’t have a ride, and I call you....WHAT DOES YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASS SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO !!!!!


I am sick and tired of your bullshit.

Kokurai 2.0 wrote: Why the hell would I accept someone elses opinion?

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: My grammar is better than 15% of this forum on a bad day.

ssjgpuar wrote: Wow. Fuck Archie Sonic. That whole verse can lick a cock. That had to be written by a five year old that spends every single night jacking off to Sonic and writing fanfiction where he casually kills Galactus and LT.

Sheko the Messiah wrote: Try this, Edgar: In 15 words or less, describe exactly what you were trying to say.

Snap wrote: I never understood why Chibi has so many reps.

Professor Eidolon wrote: Im actually very arrogant irl.

I just pretend not to be

Kagami......... wrote: Sheko this injustice wont stand

I filed a complaint to every single admin.

Sure I did some stuff but I was already banned for it BEFORE.You cant bring up stuff from the past and still hold me accountable even when I served the punishment before.No you cant do that.I didnt break a rule I just spoke my opinion you douchebag.

Fuck this

Fuck this

Im sick and tired of this Sheko!!!!!!!!!

Im very angry typing this right now.


Sekundes wrote:

Rython wrote:

Mein wrote:

Snap wrote:

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote:

Snap wrote: The lion strikes again.

Shut up Timon.

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